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Short Review:

MMV Films is a German porn studio that has been making European hardcore since 1994. At their site, part of the Stiffia network, you are able to view full DVDs and their scenes, there are galleries, hot amateur and professional stars, and a pretty frequent update schedule, around one new scene every three days. Your membership also includes a bonus site scheme, and you can end up with access to over 9,000 movies for under $15.00 a month.
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Price Details:

Trial N/A
Monthly 14.95

Current Ratings for MMV Films :

Our total rating: 79/100

Detailed Review:


What we have here is a good collection of well-made, solid, hardcore scenes and DVDs from a top class European porn company. The member area gives you a basic menu, which is all you need, and this leads you to the DVDs, their Scenes and the Stars.

The DVD titles are in German, of course, but if you want to get an idea of what the content is all about then look at the titles of some of the scenes: Busty blonde loves old cock, Lesbian threesome, BBW fuck fest, Amateurs play with teen girls and Naughty nurse fetish were just some of the more recent titles. This shows that you've got all kinds of niche porn in one place from one studio, so you're looking at good variety. There were 392 scenes on the site during my visit and around two or three were being added each week.

Movie scenes come with a good choice of stream and download resolutions. You can stream in low and high standard definition, HD or full HD at 1080p, and you can also download in 1080p (1,920 x 1808 @ 5,000 kbps), standard, plus two versions for mobiles that are smaller. Older scenes may not have the same top HD, but all will be good quality. These are full scene files so some might be large and slower connections could have a long wait for a full 1080p download; but it will be worth it in the end. You can jump through the stream if you want, and if there is a photoset attached you will see the link on the viewing page there is no separate index of galleries.

Images here are also big and clear and excellent quality, and you are not looking at hundreds of unnecessary screen caps, but quality sets of digital stills from the movies. I reckon around half the movies have galleries which you can easily viewing in an online player. They open to 959 x 719 on screen, but if you downloading them you get a full size image at 2,560 x 1,920. Even at these large sizes the images are sharp and clear and obviously well taken on decent equipment.

If you'd rather, you can check out the DVDs, listed in the menu as Movies. There were 74 full DVDs when I was in the site and they are shown with the covers on index pages. Click one to see the full list of scenes. The DVDs come with a basic description plus links to the models, so if you like a girl in one DVD you can see if she has made any other content. You can also find content via the model index where you get good-size body or face shot to choose from. Girls then have their own page of content lists, and maybe some info about them; I didn't see a lot of model info, mainly just dates of birth.

So, that's a decent collection of good quality German porn that covers various niches and that updates pretty frequently. There are then your bonuses. Read on

Features & Navigation:

Stiffia, the network that this site sits in, has a bonus site incentive scheme. Basically, if you have no immediate bonus site with your signup, you can earn one simply by staying as a member for a month. You'll probably do that anyway as there is so much to see at MMV Films, and all the updates, you are going to need the time. But, after the first month, you can select which of the 20 other sites you want to add on first. Stay another month and gain another site while still only paying $14.95 per month. There are more German and European studios represented here, so you can see how soon and easily the value stacks up. Stay the full course and you will get over 9,500 videos a counter on your portal/network page shows you how long to the next additional site.

Meanwhile, back at MMV Films (and the other sites in the network that run in the same way), you find some good interactivity and nice design features. You can put the language of the site into English or German, and there are links to support if you need them. Viewing pages for scenes come with additional linked tag words, links to the full DVD from which the scene comes and links to the models and photos. You can add things to a favourites area, add things to a list to watch later, read brief descriptions, rate and comment on the scenes.

There are some adverts on this member area, but they don't really get in your way as they are at the bottom of the pages. All content can be searched and sorted and there are easy links back to the network pages - it all works just fine here and gives no trouble.


MMV Films have got the word Variety ingrained into their productions; everything from lesbians to group sex, from solos to teens to Milfs and hardcore. You get excellent quality movies, full DVDs, frequent updates, great image galleries, and a bonus incentive scheme to keep you hooked and happy for many hardcore humping hours ahead. Grab the amazing offer price, stay with it and before long you'll be drowning in porn. Perfect.

Pros & Cons

+ Good quality movies
+ Hot European porn
+ Good looking site
+ Functional and interactive
+ Frequent updates
+ Great images

- No immediate bonuses
- Full files only
- Very little info
Click here to visit MMV Films and check out the tour.