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Sugar Instant is a brilliant idea. This is no ordinary porn site as it comes with so many ways to view the content. You can choose between streaming only at a cheap, regular fee, or PPV, Live, you can view on all kinds of devices and in various ways, such as on your Roku. The movies are studio released hardcore DVDs, there are loads of categories, you control how much you spend, you can rent up to eight movies at a time and the quality is HD and high throughout. there's so much choice!
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You're going to need to stay on top of this as this is a pretty complicated site to get to grips with, at first glance. At second glance, it's actually very straightforward, but you do have to do some of the work.

First of all, you can opt to go for the pay as you go content and/or the streaming only option which is set at a fixed fee: more details in a moment. Here's what I found when I logged in for the unlimited streaming option. I found over 4,000 movies here, full DVDs, and, with the unlimited stream membership I was able to run any and all of them whenever I wanted and for no extra cost. Head to Unlimited in the menu and you find a second menu asking you to choose your device: Roku, Boxee, PlayStation, Google TV, iPad/iPhone, Android, Xbox, PC/Mac and Wii U. There's got to be something there you like to use.

That selected (PC in my case), you then find a list of movies in categories such as Live Shows, VR, HD, Couples, and a cat-list from Anal onwards. There are some hot categories here including BDSM and even Halloween. Simply select a DVD from the scrolling lists and away you go. A pop-up box gives you the movie's rate and some details and then a stream screen opens and starts playing. DVDs are around 1:40 long, that's one hour and more. Screen size will depend on the movie itself, some were smaller than others but all went to full screen. The top resolution was at 1,920 x 1,080 HD in Mp4. DVDs also come with sample screen shots below them to give you an idea of what happens in each scene.

There are loads of titles here and from a variety of good studios, so whatever you taste, you'll find something to suit. This does mean, of course that they are not exclusive (though some may be) but it also means variety and high production standards as Sugar Instant only caters for high class porn.

And then you have the other content options to play with and from here on in you need to have credits or pay up more as you go. You can always just take the PPV road and not have the recurring monthly subscription but as it's only $9.99 per month, there's not too much to worry about there. But, VR, Live, DVD Rentals and Pay Per View in your menu, there's still lots to consider. The rentals, for example, work in a simple way. You select a movie from the list of recently added or the highlighted studio (Lethal Hardcore when I was there) or the category list, and click through. I found rentals at $19.95 under 'download to own' and at PPV - another pop-up opens so you can buy credits and you will need to have the right softwear for this to operate.

Under PPV I found another set of box shots and another hoard of full DVDs, with some 'download to own' at $9.97, so buying DVDs is not expensive, and movies at '2 minutes per minute' which took some understanding, but it meant that I could find movies for as little as 7 cents per minute (so 'two minutes' means 14 cents per minute of play time - prices do go up from there and it depends on the movie as to how much you pay). I had ten minutes free included in my offer.

So, you have various ways to rent, buy or stream your content and that content is a mix of hardcore and lesbian action, BDSM, parody, solo, you name it, whatever you like it will be here and there are now over 5,000 movies to choose from with more being added all the time.

Features & Navigation:

It's not as complicated as it sounds, not once you are inside Sugar Instant and you really can instantly stream or pay to download as much as you want, depending on what sign-up you take. There's a free registration/trial period and then a recurring monthly fee for the streaming option, or you can buy DVDs as you go, or rent them. Some are VR and you will need the right goggles for that, and some are HD.

You have a My Account area which is a good place to check up on the status of your membership and find out what credit you have left, see what's in your rental list and return DVDs you have rented. (This physical renting is only for certain states in the USA.) there are good and clear instructions to follow and a link to Help if you get into trouble; it has a categorised FAQ area.

It did take me a while to figure things out here and I probably didn't get to the bottom of everything, but it's fun to click around and see what each of the things does. The fact that you can choose your platform is a great idea, and now I have a streaming membership I can sit in my sitting room rather than at my PC and view the videos on my Roku. Take some time with Sugar Instant and you find a kind of TV channel where you have 100% hardcore porn in loads of categories to stream, rent or buy.


Sugar Instant is very innovative and gives you plenty of variety from solo chicks to gangbangs and these full DVDs are available in a variety of viewing ways: Roku, PlayStation, on your Mac or PC There are ways to buy and own full DVDs, to rent them for a while, to instantly stream them and to watch them as PPV titles. It's got a good, though initially complicated, members' area and some more guidance would be good, but it does have over 5k of movies, many HD, some VR and all right there.

Pros & Cons

+ Loads of full titles
+ Many ways to view
+ Many HD movies
+ Reasonable prices
+ Free live cam shows

- Not sure about updates
- More detailed help would be good
- No advanced search function
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