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Short Review:

Enter The Hardcore is a site dedicated to the very best of retro bondage and spanking content. This site is new, and let me tell ya as a guy who knows plenty about the retro niche it is very nice to have a site dedicated to retro BDSM. They don't have too many updates at this point, only about 15 scenes in total. However, with your membership you get full access to the entire All Elite Pass comprised of 59 high quality sites, over 25469 scenes, and 8000 DVD titles! Great value!
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Trial 1.00
Monthly 29.97

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Detailed Review:


Enter The Hardcore presently features 15 scenes. It is a very new porn site, and being dedicated to retro spanking & BDSM is a complicated task, as there is so little content associated with this sub-niche. Each scene has a full movie download option, you may also download the videos in parts. The file formats they offer are Windows Media Video(WMV) and MPEG. You also get Vid Caps to quickly glance through the scene, and the ability to watch the video online using your web browser. The content is quite limited with only 15 scenes, but hey it doesn't end there.

With your password to Enter the Hardcore, you also get access to 59 other great high quality porn sites. These porn sites cover the most popular niches in adult entertainment, and each site is split into scenes that have their own movie downloads in multi-formats (WMV&MPEG), video caps, high res photos, and more. In addition, you get access to the mega DVD vault that has more than 8000 full length dvd titles sorted by niche. All these goodies that come with your Enter The Hardcore pass are courtesy of All Elite Pass, the network you get access to with your membership.

If it wasn't for the All Elite Pass bonuses, it would not be worth it to get a membership to Enter The Hardcore due to its very limited content. However, because you get 59 sites, 25469 scenes, 198210 photos, and 8000+ DVDs it's well worth to sign up if you are a retro bondage fan who wants great value for your dollar!

Features & Navigation:

After passing the age verification screen, I was taken to the main public site of Enter the Hardcore. It is very nicely designed and uses a combination of flash and static elements. The design is bold and straight to the point. The tour features an overview of the great vintage content with retro bondage and spanking scenes available inside.

After getting my membership, I was taken to the landing page for All Elite Pass. It was a nice surprise to get there, as I had no clue with my pass I get 59 for 1 sites. I was a bit confused at first on how to get to the members only area for Enter The Hardcore, but found my way by selecting it from the "Exclusive Sites" drop down. At the members only page for Enter the Hardcore the scenes were in a thumbnail style layout. I clicked on the first one, and it brought me to the scene landing page. Here the site presented few options, Play Flash Movie, Download Full WMV, or Download Full MPG. I was also able to watch "Parts" of the movie in WMV or MPG format, with WMV having both Low & High bit rates. The video caps offer a quick glance through the scene and can be downloaded individually. I was also able to click "Add to Favorites" and it added the scene to my bookmarks/favorites list for later quick access.

The top menu bar is what gives access to all the 59+ sites on the entire All Elite Pass Network. I clicked home, and it took me to the main page that I landed on when I signed in at Enter The Hardcore. The Home page has the latest updates and scheduled upcoming scenes on the main page. Under the latest updates is a thumbnailed list of all the sites I got access to. The top menu has the Calendar option that gives information on what upcoming updates are coming and on what date. The Favorites is where all the great scenes are saved after clicking "Add to Favorites" on the individual scene page. Models lists all of the sexy babes that appear in scenes throughout the network, however they are listed by model name and when you click on a model it will list all of the videos/picture scenes that particular girl appeared in. This is great because it gives quick access to the chick you want when you want! Photos & Movies have all of the content sorted by type there. Bonus DVDs leads off to an other site where we can select by niche, then get a huge long list of movies that can be watched live in the web browser. The browse by category drop down lets us select porn based on the niche we prefer, and the exclusive sites is where we can jump to the members only areas for the 59+ sites we get access to. The left menu bar gives info on the latest top rated scenes, and also gives us a keyword search box, where we may find keyword specific content based on criteria.


There is some great vintage bondage content at Enter The Hardcore, however it is quite limited and if it wasn't for the multi-site access that you get by signing up it wouldn't be worth it. But because you get access to 59 sites for the price of 1, and over 8000 full length DVDs getting a pass to Enter The Hardcore doesn't require much thought. It is great value for the money and there are so many scenes that it will keep one entertained for hours on end!

Pros & Cons

+Lots of porn
+Great value
+Hard to find retro content
-Only 15 scenes
-Confusing to get to the members only page once you sign in
-No updates yet to Enter the Hardcore
Click here to visit Enter The Hardcore and check out the tour.