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Short Review:

Private Classics is a retro porn collection with huge photo archive from a popular porn magazine Private that has been printing colored erotica since early 1960's. They have digitalized their entire collection and posted it on the site, with Private Classics being a collection of their photo sets from 60's, 70's and 80's as well as some extras that are similarly themed, so if that's the kind of porn that piques your interests, you will have a blast right here.
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Our total rating: 77/100

Detailed Review:


One of the first things I noticed and that I knew were going to bring the overall score of this site down is the fact that this is all about photographic content, there are no videos at all. I suppose that it's only natural with retro porn, but I just can't shake the feeling of being swindled out of my money, the membership fee is pretty close to what the regular porn sites and even top tier porn networks are charging for, and I get access to photo content only. Don't get me wrong, the content is of the pretty good quality and here they posted a lot more things then they could have possibly printed in their magazine, here you can see entire photo sets of the scenes that were printed with just a few photos in Private Magazine, but it's just not the same for me without a big collection of videos to go with the pictures. The fact that you get access to an exclusive archive of magazine issues sweetens the deal somewhat, Private is a Swedish porn magazine that was popular world wide and had tons of interesting content to go with it that you can view on this site. The photos are of the professional quality and they're studio made and 100% exclusive to this company, although not to the site, most of them were printed in the magazine. There's no update pace to speak of, the galleries are not date stamped so there's no telling if the site is still active, but I suppose it is, it only updates very rarely when the current Private issues print some vintage - type content.

Features & Navigation:

Features and design are very important parts of a porn site. As far as Design goes, Private Classics has some good solutions and some not so good ones. The site itself is divided into sections, there's a section for 60's porn galleries, 70's porn galleries and 80's porn galleries respectively, each section consisting of a big string of single thumbnail pictures. A click on the thumbnail takes you to the full gallery page with high quality photos being there for you to view or to download. The photos range from positively huge 3200x2200 photos but the average quality of them is something around 1000x700, pretty good quality but nothing to write home about. There are zipped file archives for you to download, and the download speed is pretty good, every gallery can be on your hard drive in a minute max. Obviously, there are no video sets nor different file formats, all of the content here is in the form of vintage photo sets. There's a bonus section as well, and I suppose that these are photo sets and galleries that never made it into the magazine itself, or are scenes with a fresh date stamp, things that don't fit into any of the categories listed. They all follow the site niche, and make a nice addition, but still, it's all photo content.


If you're looking for a huge collection of vintage photos then this is the place to go to, Private is one of the first fully colored porn magazines that had very professional looks and is still printing strong while maintaining several porn sites. The number of photo galleries is impressive, but the lack of video content will turn some users off. Pretty hefty fee doesn't hurt either, but if this is the kind of content that gets you off, I can't think of better sites for you to visit.

Pros & Cons

+ All exclusive vintage photos
+ Magazine covers and articles
+ Decent photo quality
+ Over 100 pro and amateur models

- No videos, only photo galleries
- Unspecified update schedule
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