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Short Review:

Rodox is a Danish Porn Magazine that has been around for over 40 years. This tells you that Rodox the site is a picture site that offers tons of vintage porn. You know the type of stuff your parents and maybe even grandparents used to flap to. If you've ever wondered how porn has progressed this is a great site for you. If you like big hairy bushes then you will certainly enjoy the content here. If you prefer videos, move along... this is a picture only site.
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Our total rating: 76/100

Detailed Review:


It's been a while since I've seen a good and true to character vintage site. Rodox is not full of early 90's videos or pictures made to look older than they really are. In fact, this site has NO videos, only pictures. The reason for this is because the content inside is from a popular porn Danish magazine of the same name, this site has been around for some 40 years so you are sure to find some real retro porn. They offer these pictures in many different niches, some that are still very popular to this date such as teenage, lesbians and anal although I did notice that some of the categories didn't really make much sense. For example they have teenage sex and school girls but I can't really see a difference between the categories. I thought perhaps it had something to do with uniforms but maybe it made more sense if the original description in the magazine accompanied the set because most don't look like uniforms.

There are around 1350 sets available right now and updates come in once a week. I imagine that with 40 years of content, they will be updating for time to come. Each set has around 20 pics so the existing content alone will keep you occupied for a while. Given the fact that pictures have been scanned from the magazine, the quality is still very crisp and clear. Each picture comes in JPEG format and the dimensions are 800x640 pixels. I was pretty intrigued by the category named Bizar Sex, I know that now-a-days there are not many things that I would consider bizarre but I can imagine that in the days before the internet, quite a few things were. Here you will find a lot of... Threesomes! Tranny Sex! Interracial Sex! The Horror hehe, but then again, there is a good reason why these taboo subjects have become so popular, even back in the day there was a big curiosity for it.

If you must have some video, you will be satisfied with the bonus content. There are two sections, one is called Teen Rodox, but the content here is far from retro, seems they just wanted to put something together to make up for the extremely high price tag. The other section is called Retro Cinema and this one actually does have vintage content presented in WMV format. Although to get full scenes you have to sign up for an additional membership, it does give you a few free scenes as part of your membership.

Features & Navigation:

The navigation on the site reminds me of the early ages of internet porn. If you have been on the internet since it became a household fixture, it will bring you flashbacks; otherwise you will be looking for all the bells and whistles without much luck. But hey, we are after all in a vintage porn site, I would be confused if they had gone with anything different.

Once you enter the members area your main navigation will consist of links to the different niches they cover: Anal Sex, Bizar Sex, Blue Climax, Color Climax, Lesbian Love, Golden Oldie, Rodox, School Girls, Teenage Sex and Extra Serie. This home page is also where you can find current and upcoming updates info as well as links to the bonus content. Other than the updates information, you rarely need to come back here since you can get to all of this from any of the view pages.

One thing to remember is that back in the day navigation was heavily relied on graphics and aside from small variations, they were very similar from site to site. So for example, the link to the home page would be presented as a little house looking graphic and a small box full of little squares would represent a gallery. This is how you will get around here once you click on the niche you want to browse. The top of each page has links to all the niches so you can browse around from any page. Below, there will be a thumbnail gallery of the niche you've chosen, this is called the Series. Clicking on a thumb will take you to that particular set which is the Story. Remember the graphics I told you about, well there are two boxes above the gallery, the left one will take you back to the Series and the right one will take you back to the Story.

The bonus sites will also be listed at the top of the page. Retro Cinema also has a very simple navigation, you can browse by cover only and there are 2 small links for either High or Low WMV download. Once you click one, the page refreshes and then you click on one of two images to start your download. Teen Cinema has more navigation options such as search and category links.


If you are a porn historian or simply miss big hairy beavers and spandex, you will have a blast looking through the pictures of Rodox. Knowing where this content comes from, makes the decent quality of the pictures that much more impressive. The only issue I have with this site is the price. While I understand it's no easy task to put together this content, being that it has to be scanned from print, I would have expected more extras or bonuses as part of my membership.

Pros & Cons

+ Weekly Updates
+ Exclusive Content
- Very Expensive Membership
- Limited Bonus
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