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Vintage Erotica is a quite massive archive of porn and erotica that dates back all the way to the early and very dirty 1900s and goes all the way to the gloriously big hair+muff porn of the 1980s. There are countless hours of nostalgic footage on the site, most of which is in pretty good quality. If you're looking for a whole fuckload of old times hardcore fuck scenes and stag films, this just may be your best bet.
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Maybe you're just curious, love the unshaven babes or the dirty black and white footage, or are old enough to remember this stuff; If you're looking for vintage porn, Vintage Erotica has what you're looking for and they have a lot of it!

With your amazing Vintage Erotica membership you are getting access to a total plethora of a virtual complete history of porn from the humble beginnings of the camera. There are over 7000 videos on the site, ranging in years from 1900-1980 and lengths from just a few minutes to full 15 minute scenes. A lot of the video quality has something to be desired, obviously due to the nature of the content and old timey, scratchy, dirty stag videos and washed out 80s video cassette.

All of the scenes are available streaming and MOST of the scenes you can also download and keep on your computer. The streaming videos are in an extremely easy to use flash FLV (640x480). The scenes that are available to download, you can do so in a decent looking MPEG (720x480 @ 1300kbps) which look great so long as the original footage is equally good.

The scenes also come with a bunch of screen cap images, for a better preview of the video scenes, but unfortunately this isn't an old photo archive. The image quality varies just as the photos do and the images are all the same size as the videos, quite obviously. You can only view the images online, not in ZIPS, but that would be pretty damn redundant anyways.

Although it definitely is not needed, you do get a bit of bonus content with the site as well. There are a few bonus porn feeds with a bit of modern porn on them, but definitely nothing to write home about (if you write home about good porn, that is).

Features & Navigation:

Vintage Erotica has a decent looking website that is also quite easy to understand and navigate throughout. The front page takes you on a virtual tour of the site and gives you a few preview images and videos to check out before you go through the easy signup process. Logging into the site is quick and easy using the members area link.

The inside of the site is also nice looking and very easy to follow. Right on the front page you'll see a navigation bar that takes you to the sites various sections: Home, Movies, Photos and Blog. Below this you can browse the content by choosing either a decade, a porn star or a film source.

Click on Movies or choose a decade to get to a listing of the scenes on the site where you can choose one based on its preview image and click to get to its download page. Here you will find a description of the scene and links directly to its streaming video as well as its downloadable video (where applicable) which load up just fine.

The image galleries can be found by clicking pictures up at the top. Now you will see each gallery with a representative image that when clicked, will take you to a full thumbnail gallery where you can click the images to enlarge the full JPG in the browser window.

There isn't much else to this site, besides the self explanatory bonus content section and the blog section. The site loads up quickly with no issues and the streams don't take up too much time buffering, making for a smooth experience.


If you love old vintage porn or are just now curious about it and just want to see every last fucking bit of it, definitely consider this particular site. Vintage Porn is most likely the largest archive of this piece of dirty history and is well worth your hard earned cash to enjoy.

Pros & Cons

+ Huge archives
+ Porn from every decade!
- Some only streaming.
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