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At 17 Video you can indulge in the best of European young adult porn on the market. There are hundreds of downloadable DVD titles available on the site, all starring gorgeous, fresh faced young adults who are curious, and dieing to explore their sexuality. So if you want nothing but cute young adults from Europe, then you'll definately want to check this great site out.
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Our total rating: 84/100

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I'm not entirely sure on why they decided to name the site 17 video, it is a little mis-leading as we all know that the minimum age for a women to star in porn is 18, thankfully all the stars on this site are of legal age, on closer inspection I found that the DVD covers had the company logo of 17 video, so it's more than likely that it's the actual name of the production company, that clears things right up. Apart from the some what strange company name, the site does very well on bringing members some of the best young adult DVDs available from Europe.

17 video has gathered some of the more popular young adult series on offer, all up there's a total of 47 great series to choose from. Across the 47 series there are 279 DVDs available for download, there's also information on future updates, so we're sure to see many more DVDs in the future. As far as DVDs go, I found these ones a little on the short side, as they run for roughly 40 minutes each, either way that's still a fair bit of content to go through. Apart from the obvious young adult niche, the DVDs also cover sub categories such as amateurs, lesbians, hardcore, toys, and many more popular niches.

Given the immense size of their collection, consistency in quality was always going to be a factor. From what I've seen though, they've done a pretty good job on keeping things consistant, sure you'll find the odd video which doesn't look as good as the rest, but these are far and few between. The chapters within the DVDs can be downloaded individually, these videos have been encoded in Wmv format and are available in two different qualities. Apart from being able to download the DVDs, members also have the option of buying them if they wish.

To try squeeze the most quality out of the DVD titles, they have encoded the videos in a very decent bit rate. The highest available is in 2018kbps, with a very nice resolution of 720x540, so yeah I guess you can say they're very close to DVD quality. As I mentioned earlier, the videos are also available in a lower resolution to keep things convenient for all connections speeds. The lower quality videos are in a video bit rate of 604kbps @ 320x240, not the best of quality, but the smaller file size is convenient. Put it this way, they definately won't make your eyes bleed.

Features & Navigation:

I quite enjoyed gawking at the tour pages of this site, because every thing just looks so pretty. At the top of the tour pages you'll find a bunch of lovely looking young adults, and a great flash animation showing shots from some of the movies. Scrolling further down the page you'll come even more thumbnails, and the DVD covers of several titles on offer. Apart from that you can download short trailers, and check out the various series there are on offer.

As you make your way to the homepage, you'll notice that the eye candy just keeps on going, really though, kudos to the site designers for making such a nice looking site. At the top of the homepage you'll find the site banner as usual, and a single link which will take you back to the homepage. Further down the home page you'll come across a section dedicated to the latest updates, future updates, and the most popular series. Just by looking at this page, I can tell that they've made sure the site is easy to browse, as there isn't a whole heap of unneeded areas, and ads crowding up the place. Apart from the home link, there's also a search engine you can use to search via, niche, or movie title.

Down the left side of the page you'll notice a list of links. These links are of the various series on offer, clicking one of the links will present to you with all the DVDs the series has to offer, these are organized in indexed pages. All the DVDs are represented by the DVD cover, and a few small thumbnails of screen captures. Clicking on the box cover will take you to the video download page for the title, from here you can access the various qualities, and individual download links for the chapters. At the top of the page there's a link you can use if you wish to buy the video.


Definitely a site to check out if you have a soft spot for young European ladies. The videos look great, and there's a wide selection of sub-niches to indulge in. Aside from the great content, the site itself looks very nice, and is oh so easy to use. There's not a thing I could bag out about this site, because it's bordering on perfect. What are you waiting for? Check this site out now!

Pros & Cons

+ Tons of content
+ Heaps of sub-categories
+ Site looks great
+ Very easy to navigate
+ Active on updates
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