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Are you sick of those sites which claim they star barely legal teens though their models look as though they're in their mid twenties? Well here at 18 With Proof you don't need to worry as all the girls show off their I.Ds stating that they're of ripe age before they get down in to the saucy hardcore fucking. Reality porn at it's best featuring genuine teens starring in incredibly high quality videos, that's exactly what you'll be finding on this hot little site.
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Teens at the ripe age of legality what red blooded man could resist? They've got cute fresh faces, their bodies are so tender yet firm and their curiosity of sexuality really makes them adventurous when it comes to pleasing a man, sure they may not have the years of experience which a Milf may have but I'm sure their pussies are a lot tighter! Here we have a site which proves their models are genuine teens rather than starring ladies who are of mid age that can still be passed off as a teen.

Other than the teen porn category the episodes also fall under the reality niche as they all start off with introductions which lead up to the hardcore fucking. Things start off with the cute teens meeting up with the blokes behind the episodes, they show off their I.Ds to prove that they are teenagers and before long you'll see them pumping cock in between their tight snatches, needless to say the episodes can get extremely hot so hardcore fans need not worry that the episodes are timid. The scenes are fairly standard girl on boy outings and it's in the introductions where you'll find diversity in the episodes. Overall the introductions are quite entertaining and at times can get really funny, and to top it off the sex is incredibly hot.

Unfortunately the collection of episodes is very small at the moment but I'm going to give the site some slack because it has only been up for just over a month. The first episode starring a cute redhead was uploaded on the 14th of December in 2008. Since then the site has been filled with 4 episodes, I know, not very impressive right? But give the site time and I'm sure the collection will accumulate a more considerable amount of episodes as the site is updated on a weekly basis and so far they haven't skipped a beat. To give the collection further credit all the episodes are 100% exclusive to the site, so if you're looking to add to your collection of hot teen porn, you can take my word for it that you haven't come across these scenes before.

Videos are available in HD quality so straight up you know you're going to be in for some top notch porn viewing. Video options are a little limited though as members can choose to stream the videos in flash format which is all good and well but the downloadable videos only come in short clips which run for roughly 2 minutes each. It would have been nice if they included a full scene download or even segments which run for more than 1 minute as I'm sure members may find it tedious having to download clip after clip just to watch an entire episode. On a brighter note the videos do look nice clocking in at (2000kbps @ 1280x720) also the fact that they don't have DRM restrictions means members can choose to keep their episodes for as long as they wish. Nice quality however the video options certainly need a few tweaks.

Along with the videos, episodes are also complete with picture content with photo sets containing 100 pictures on average. Now the pictures are great and all but I recommend downloading them to your computer rather than viewing them off the site in flash form as they are way too small. The downloaded versions unfortunately aren't much bigger at (500x700 pixels) however they are very clear and the colors are great. Overall the pictures are a nice addition to the videos though I feel they could be improved in the size department, however if you aren't too fussy with the size of your pictures and are more concerned with the quality then I'm sure you'll appreciate these.

18 With Proof is just one of many sites which make up the Nerd Pass network, including this site there are 11 sites all together and the great thing is members who sign up to 18 With Proof gain access to all the other exclusive bonus sites at no extra cost! As far as videos and pictures go the other sites are pretty much on par with this one, however some of the other sites have larger episode archives. All the sites are still regularly updated and they all cover a specific niche, that being said members are sure to be in for quite the diverse porn experience.

Features & Navigation:

The tour pages of 18 With Proof have a definite cutesy feel to it reflecting on the some what innocent nature of the lovely teen models. You'll find the various models on the tour pages proudly holding up their I.Ds to show the whole world they are still of ripe age. Along with their I.D photos potential customers will be indulged with plenty of sample pictures to give them a small taste of what's to be enjoyed on sign-up. All the episodes even come with a free trailer if you feel the sample pictures just aren't doing it for you. All in all a very eye catching tour page with plenty of sample content to get potential customers interested.

After logging in members are immediately taken to the main members area of the Nerd Pass network, so don't go thinking you've made it to the wrong site when you see the Nerd Pass logo in the top banner. Essentially this page works as a hub and you can access the different sites and updates across the entire network. I've to admit the site does have a strange layout, you'll see what I mean once you see the members area for yourself, but one way or another it's relatively easy to make your way through the network. To make your way to the members area of 18 With Proof you'll have to click on the banner link found within the scroll down panel in the middle section of the main members area.

Once you make your way to the members area of 18 With Proof you'll notice that there's a top navigation menu included though you probably won't be using it much because all the featured content can basically be accessed straight off the members area. The only links you may find use out of is the Browse The Girls link which takes you to an area which includes thumbnailed portraits of the models who star on this site and the entire Nerd Pass network. The first thing you'll come across on the members area is information and a large picture of the latest update. Down the middle of the site is where you'll find the news section in regards to the entire Nerd Network and banner links to the exclusive sites.

I do find it a little strange that there are 2 latest updates sections as they basically contain the same content. One is situated down the right side of the page while the other is situated within the bottom half of the main members area. All 4 updates fit on the main members area, though you'll find that other sites on the Nerd Pass network has the episodes organized over indexed pages, it all depends on how large the collection of updates is. The updates are organized on the main members area from latest to oldest each one represented by a small thumbnail featuring a screen shot taken from the episode. Below the thumbnail is the episode's title, when the episode was uploaded, and the average rating from other members.

The thumbnails which represent the videos are linked to the main media sections of the episode. From here you can choose to download the various segments of the episode, stream the entire episode within the browser, view the photos in flash format, or download the entire set in a single zip file. Having all the different types of media in this one section for the individual episodes is very convenient. Well that's pretty much all that can be said about the ins and outs of the site, the site presentation is great though the layout is a little strange, nothing wrong with it as it's easy enough to browse the site and the network, I suppose it's just an unorthodox layout.


Well there's definitely not much content at the moment but I'm sure their collection of 4 episodes will surely grow in the coming months if they keep up their weekly updates. Video quality is good though I feel the developers could work on video options, also the pictures could be larger. What impressed me most was the high standards of the starring ladies and the reality theme of teens proving their age. A few rough edges when once smoothed out this site will be a definite must see.

Pros & Cons

+ Gorgeous teens
+ Exclusive content
+ Videos look great
+ Weekly updates
+ Good site presentation
- More video options
- Photos are a little small
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