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Short Review:

Ever wounder what babes do when they are strapped for cash? Well inside Cash Strapped Babes you'll be able to see exactly what they get up to!

These girls need money desperately and will do what ever it takes to get some quick easy money, even if that means sucking some cock and taking it up the ass.

With 20 DVD quality videos to stream or download, you will see 20 babes who are strapped for cash and will do whatever it takes to make money quickly.

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Price Details:

Trial 1.00
Monthly 39.73

Current Ratings for Cash Strapped Babes:

Our total rating: 81/100

Detailed Review:


Cash Strapped Babes is a reality based website with girls who do whatever it takes to get them some quick cash. Some girls make $200 some make up to $1000. As they say every girl has a price.

Cash Strapped Babes has 20 DVD quality videos to view. Each video is cut up into smaller clips which has been done to help with downloading and for the members who want to skip straight to the hardcore part of the scene. Each clip is around 5-10mins long and will show you everything from how they find these girls to how much its going to cost for them to suck some cock and get fucked in the reamer. The videos are streamed in either Windows Media Player or Quicktime but If you don't to stream, don't worry because you can download them right from the site.

Each girl has a video section and an image gallery. The images are high quality are roughly around the 150kb each in file size.

There's also a major bonus when it comes to this site, the rest of the site network, there's more content inside then you can poke a stick at. With a little over 200,000 images and 1,000's of videos to choose from you will never have to join another porn site ever again. This is the pimp daddy of porn sites.

Features & Navigation:

As soon as you log into Cash Strapped Babes you will find the first 3 videos down the center on the page. Just by clicking on them it will take you to the movie section. There will you find 20 full length dvd quality videos to choose from. Each video will have an image gallery and also a short story of what the scene is about.

The navigation is pretty straight forward on this site. You main buttons that you will need are located on the right side on the site and are clearly marked:
-XXX Videos
-Video Themes
-Live Shows
-Photo Albums
-Porn Mags
-Voyeur Cams
-Whats New
Just click on which link you would wish to view and you will be taken there in seconds, its as easy as that. The videos are very simple to view, all you need to do it click on it and it will launch a new window and the video will be played inside the new window using Window Media Player, Or you can right click save as to download the movie and save it to your hard drive.

They have a cool little feature that's located under the main site logo to the right. It is a Quick Jump To drop down menu with you can use to access the following:
-Members Choice
-Interactive Features
-Broadband Videos
-Bonus Sites
-Video Downloads
This will help you navigate the site a lot easier.


This site is something you really need to check out is you like women who will do anything for some quick easy money. These girls don't really know what they are getting them selves in to.

The video quality is very high and your able to download all the videos to your hard drive for later viewing.
The images are also at a very high standard which is nice to see.

With a 3 day trial price of just $1.00 I highly recommend you at least try this site.

Pros & Cons

+ High Quality Video and images
+ Getting bonus content
+ Very hot girls

Click here to visit Cash Strapped Babes and check out the tour.