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Short Review:

It's a little bit kinky, it's a lot of fun, it's a small site growing slowly, it comes with network access, exclusive videos and HD viewing, it's CFNM Teens. The site mixes two genres, the 18+ teen scene and the fetish of having clothed ladies but naked guys. Where's the fun in that? The fun comes from some humiliation, and the sight of seeing full on hardcore where the girls are in charge. This is a Team Skeet site and you have over 20 others to view with your membership.
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Trial 1.00
Monthly 17.87

Current Ratings for CFNM Teens:

Our total rating: 80/100

Detailed Review:


Log in and find your site from the drop-down list on the top right or via the Sites page where you get more info on each of the 25+ sites now open to you. I headed straight for the CFNM Teens content and found 15 videos all marked up as HD. That's not a very large number but the earliest was posted only a few months back, and updates are happening though not very regularly. Some months there are three updates, other months there has been one. You will see all the content laid out on the index page with good sample shots leading to the viewing pages.

These give you goo viewing options. There are three resolutions of stream in Mp4 format and you can go full screen, the medium quality one is fine even at full screen and the movies ran smoothly. There are then six options for downloading the full file, with 1080p HD (1,920 x 1,080 @ 5,000 + kbps) being the top one. There's a small one suitable for phones and also a few mid-range Mp4 options as well. There is one WMV at around 960 x 540 @ 2,600 kbps. So you should be able to find a file to suit your download capabilities and also your streaming preferences.

You not only have the full length, 20 minute or so, streaming movies but you can also watch trailers, take one minute clips and see a Best Of compilation which is five minutes of moments from the scene. The scenes, which are scripted and play out domination and humiliation scenarios, are exclusive to the site/network, good quality and well made. They are also naturally acted out by the cute girls and the, usually, slightly older guys. There's some POV filming in places so you get the impression that you're the naked guy having the fun with the clothes female.

You also have galleries with each scene and these are also found on the viewing page. There are numerous screen caps if you want to flick through and see how the scene is going to unfold, but there are also digital galleries with around 150 pics each. These open up scaled down to fit the screen at 900 x 600 but they also go full size to 1,350 x 900 where they remain clear and good quality. There are slideshows to run and you can easily browse through the pics, plus there are standard and high definition zip file downloads.

So, you've got a small amount of naked guy clothed girl content here and a bit of a hit and miss update schedule, but brilliant viewing choices and great quality exclusive content. You also have the other sites to view and they all open up in the same window and run in the same way. And those sites include a load more 18+ teen porn with cute and nubile, petite and innocent looking girls, there's some big dick content and some interracial as well. Team Skeet treat you well for content with over 2,540 scenes plus regular updates.

Features & Navigation:

The site/network is easy to navigate and you should have no hassles there. You can use the drop-down to switch sites and they open up in the same page with the same design. This does kind of make each site look very similar, though they carry their own banners, but it also means that you don't get confused. The sites are also very interactive and have nice extra features.

There are places to leave and read comments on each scene, and you're able to rate them as well. You can read descriptions of scenes to help the setting up, use linked tag words to find more of the same and also add things to your own collection of favourites. There's even a function where you can dim the lights, which means you can darken down the rest of the page if you want to stream the videos with a dark background. Galleries have those good viewing and navigation tools with slideshows and zip files, and there is also a model index to view with 1,373 girls. The site also carries a category list and other search tools.

You do find lots of adverts and special offers for other sites in the members' area, and here is a cross sale on the join pages which is already checked. When you go to put your credit card details in there's a pre-checked box on the right; un-check it or you'll also be joining another site for $1.00 but then, after two days, $39.97 per month on top of your CFNM membership.


Clothed Females Naked Males and the females are 18+ teens, what could be hotter? Well, a few more videos for a start, but give it time and the team should add some more. And while you are waiting for more of these high quality, HD and exclusive movies, you can view the 15+ other sites that you get with you good quality membership. It's fun, it's horny for sure and it's easy enough to use, but most of all, it's a great value teen-themed network to join.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ HD videos
+ Good viewing options
+ Hot models
+ Bonus site access
+ Interactive

- Cross sale on sign up
Click here to visit CFNM Teens and check out the tour.