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Cute stepdaughters and their friends have a bit of a crush on dad. That's the theme of Dad Crush, a fairly new site that takes a couple of niches and mixes them nicely together. First, there's the step-sex niche, then there's the older/younger, and it all works out just fine in exclusive hardcore movies. You've got streams, downloads and pictures to play with plus a new scene every week. The quality is good, the youthful babes are hot, and the fun is all exactly as promised at this smart site.
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Our total rating: 74/100

Detailed Review:


Dad Crush had only been around a few months when I was lucky enough to get in and take a look and, I have to say, I found it easy to use and good to see. It's not the largest site available at the moment, but it is growing, and the home page showed me 'Coming soon' news as well as the recent updates. There were 33 scenes in total, and a new one is added each week.

These are story videos. I'm in favour of them as they give you some set-up and background to the fantasies that are to be played out, and they are well acted as well. There's always a younger 18 + teen girl in the action, and an older guy and the stories are about the new step-daughter, or her friends, and the man of the house. He's often a new stepdad and he's usually pretty chunky and hunky and up for a bit of nooky with his new and innocent charge, and very often, she doesn't object. In some cases, it is the young step-daughter who instigates the hardcore that follows.

Some of that is filmed from your point of view, so we have good POV sections to some scenes. The filming is excellent too, and things play out naturally for a while before the real action starts. From then on it's hardcore and erotic, nicely put together and the quality is fine. Each scene comes with streams, download and images and a short write up. It's actually a simple set up too, as the movies are all featured on page one, which is the home page, and set out over numbered index pages from there. I did find a couple of streams were not playing, they stated there was an error loading the source, but on a previous visit to the site, they were working fine. I expect that was a temporary glitch but there is a link to help should you need it.

But you can always download. The streams were in Mp4, as were the download files, and they ran for around 20 minutes each. The top resolution at the site is 1,920 x 1,080 HD which looks great, but I had no complaints about the lower resolution versions either. There were high and low and the standard, the mid-range resolution was at 960 x 540 @ 2,800 kbps and looked fine at full screen. The smaller res ones will suit your mobiles just fine and files didn't take that long to come down, there are no clips or parts to take, so slower connections may have to wait a while for the full HD files, but they are worth waiting for. In the meantime, movies come with trailers so you can see how the movies pan out.

There are two galleries per scene, a screencaps one which is a good guide to the action, and the digital sets with around 150 pics per set, though numbers vary. You can take these in zip files or view them online where the downloaded size is 1,353 x 900 px. Again, the quality is good, and there were no complaints from me.

There are no bonuses at Daddy Crush, it's a standalone site with 33 movies at the moment, but there are some further sign-up options for you in the members' area that came with discounts. Also, the sign-up price for the site itself is starting off at a low level, only $17.87 per month (only $5.00 per month if you buy a year's access in one payment), and so it's a good time to get in there and get the exclusive content before the sites grows - which it will do - and they start to charge more.

Features & Navigation:

Because these is only the content, you will have no trouble with navigation. You enter (via an advert page which you can click off) to the home page, and there are your first 25 scenes plus news on what's coming soon. The others are on page two, and that's it. There are other pages, actually, like your favourites area where you've stored any scenes you particularly liked and the Help page. The other links are to cam and dating sites in the usual fashion, where you have to sign-up etc. And there are some other adverts around the pages which are a bit annoying, but not overly so.

When it comes to interaction, you can rate the scenes and leave your comments, you can jump through streams and also add scenes to that favourites area. So, all the standard functions are there.

I didn't have any issues as such, but I did find a problem running some of the streams. Like I said, these were fine on my last visit (when the site was smaller, so there's your proof that it's growing) but they showed these errors on this visit. I was still able to download and then view the images, which is why I think that was a temporary glitch. There is a pre-checked cross sale on the sign-up page to watch out for but, other than that, I had no complaints about what I found at Dad Crush.


It may be a standalone site with no included bonuses, and it may be a bit advert-ridden, but Dad Crush holds some very nice, exclusive, HD and sexy movies where older guys get to ball with their younger, 18+ teen step-daughters and their girlie friends. Hardcore, POV, loads of cum shots and close ups and all the fun of the sexy hardcore fair, and very easy to use too. The price is good, the site holds good quality content, and it's expanding week on week.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ HD movies
+ Downloadable
+ Weekly updates
+ Hot, young chicks

- Cross sale on join page
- Standalone site, no bonuses
- Some streams didn't connect
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