Defloration 7429 Defloration The beautiful 18 + teen babes who appear at Defloration have a few things in common; they are not yet deflowered, they are 'hymen in intact', and inexperienced in sex.
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Short Review

The beautiful 18 + teen babes who appear at Defloration have a few things in common; they are not yet deflowered, they are 'hymen in intact', and inexperienced in sex. At least they are at the start of the 600 + movies/galleries, and there are close-ups to prove it - and to help demystify the role and appearance of the hymen. By the end, however, it's fair to say they are no longer virgins. There's a cast of stunning babes, a couple of hung guys and plenty of hardcore in these exclusives.

  • Monthly: $36.00
77/100 0
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  • Exclusivity: 5/5
  • Updates: 4/5
  • Originality: 9/10
  • Quality: 13/15
  • Speed: 11/15
  • Quantity: 12/15

Don't think that Defloration is about only one thing, there's more than the hymen inspection and breaking, but mainly, you're looking at original movies that boast first-time porn babes. In fact, when they start the shoot, they are 100% virginal, young, inexperienced but yet ready to learn about love and lust. They work with older guys who give them a subtle and gentle examination before tempting them towards their first penetration experience. The virgins go willingly (it's not a nasty fetish site), it's actually rather serene and natural, but each deflowering leads to full-on hardcore, and before that, the girls are also introduced to the art of dick-sucking and ball play, among many other horny things.

The movies here are exclusive, and the site has been running for several years. The content dates back to 2001 and comes right up to date with weekly updates. In the early days, the updates weren't as frequent, but now, they have been regular and weekly for some years. The content is arranged in years, and although there is no way to find all videos or all photos separately, it's easy enough to scroll through each year. You only have a thumbnail and a name to guide you from the index page to viewing page, but when you're on the pics and vids page, you also have a description and intro. Some of the 600 + pieces of content are simple solo girl pose and play shoots, while the sample pics that also feature a guy lead to the hardcore. As image galleries and videos are mixed in together, it's hard to tell you the exact numbers of each, but I reckon there are around 500 videos and 600 + photo sets; possibly more - but there's certainly enough.

The first thing you find on a viewing page is the write-up and links to videos when available, photos, zip file downloads for images and links to related sets. It's all very simple, and the photos are shown first. Click one for the enlargement, and it opens in a new tab, so you're always clicking open and close, but you can take that zip file instead. Images were at large and clear sizes, 1,333 x 2,000 px in recent sets, and were easy enough to save. They were good quality, there are lots of posed static shots from the girls, the hymen close-ups and then the action ones as things get steamier.

Scroll down the page, and you find video viewing options. These may vary slightly with the older content, but these days you have Mp4 downloads at 1,920 x 1,080 HD, there are 46 movies available in 4K HD (and you will find them from the side menu), and there are also streams in Flash and for mobile devices, plus a WMV download at 960 x 540. Reasonable choices, and good quality, the files don't take long to come down, and you're going to find a new one each week.

There are no bonuses at Defloration, but there is a page labelled Bonus Videos. You have six sample vids from other sites here, and you can click on through to those sites for discounted memberships if you want to sign up. There are other links and things of interest in your menu, but they are more like sales pitches than bonuses.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 4/5
  • Navigation Ease: 6/10
  • Features: 6/10

Defloration is an unusual looking site and members' area. There's no top menu. Instead, your links are to the side with a long list of recent updates. I approve of that, but I did find the navigation system a bit basic. You have the sample shots per year listed as images on individual pages and then click into each one, one at a time. You then head back to the list and scroll down to find where you were before. But there's no separate area for videos and galleries, and the only way to arrange or search content is by date. There were no advanced options here, but you soon get used to the way it works. To start your viewing again, click the site's title and start back at this year's content and then work back to the year you were on And so on.

That can keep you busy, but it's about the only interactive feature. There are no rates, comments, add to favourites or search and sort options, but there are links to related videos and other things of interest. The adverts that are set into pages are not so interesting after a while, but there may be something you hadn't thought of, and if you head to some of these sales opportunities via your Defloration members' area, you can pick up some discount offers.

There's also only one price for this site, and it showed to me in Euros. 29.00 is the price; it is listed at $36.00 elsewhere, but the amount you pay in your currency may vary depending on exchange rates. Watch out for a pre-checked cross sale on the join page.

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Defloration gives you some very unique images and video of 18 + teen girls hymens before they lose it. It's kind of 'proof of virginity' stuff, and we assume that most, if not all, the girls have agreed to come and be first-time-banged on camera. It's all exclusive, a mix of solos and hardcore, with some 4K HD and an excellent update track record, and it's pretty unique. There are no bonuses and not much interaction, but it's a solid site that delivers what it offers on the tour.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive videos
  • + Genuine loss of virginity vids
  • + 4K HD, 1080p and mobile
  • + Regular updates
  • + Hot European teens
  • + Very good quality
  • - Not interactive
  • - Cross sale
  • - Limited searching