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If you like your women nice and fresh here is a site which stars sexy girls which are as fresh as can get. Straight out from high school and barely legal the horny teens on this site could not wait to star in their very own porn scene for the entire world to enjoy. So cum in and witness hour after hour of fresh pussy popping!
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Our total rating: 84/100

Detailed Review:


Fresh out of high school huh? It may be a little hard to believe but yes there are girls out there so horny that the first thing they want to do once they graduate from high school is to show off their goods and get their pussies ploughed by unknown studs creating some of the most mouth watering hardcore reality scenes you'll ever see. Just because the girls on this site are still in their teen years don't let that get you in the mind set that they don't know how to perform. In fact some of the fresh faced teens on this site could put some veteran porn stars to shame.

Apart from the reality theme of the content the episodes also fall under the hardcore niche and for good reason too because the videos are extremely hot! You'll witness kinky foursomes, some good hard anal ploughing, two hot teens on one guy, double penetration, deep throating...well you get the idea the episodes are as hardcore as they get and even better the horny teens add extra awesomeness to the videos because each one is just as hot as the next.

Fresh Out Of High School has been providing the net with hot reality teen episodes for almost a year now. Their first ever episode starring the ditsy blonde Nikki Kane was uploaded on the 7th of January at the start of '08 with the latest episode uploaded on the 28th of July '08. By the looks of it the site is updated with a new episode including picture and video content every Monday. There's even information on exactly when the next episode is due for launch and even includes a screen shot and a brief description to give members a taste of what's to come.

What impressed me most about the site would certainly have to be the quality of the videos. All episodes are available in two versions high and low quality. The higher quality videos come in wmv format and are available in a drool worthy video bit rate of (1400kbps @ 800x600). There's also a RM version which is considerably lower in quality but makes life easier on members with slower connection speeds due to the lower file size, the RM videos clock in at (350kbps @ 352x288) not the most impressive numbers that's for sure however this version is still watchable. Both of the formats can be downloaded with no DRM restrictions available in full scenes and short clips.

Picture fans are served with two helpings of galleries for each of the episodes, one of the galleries includes high quality photos while the other gallery contains video captures. To those of you who are familiar with video captures forget every thing you ever hated about them because the video captures available on this site are quite decent. The media team have cut down the blurs to a minimum and the images are relatively clear. As good as the video caps are they still can't hold a candle against the awesome photos which can only be described as luscious. All 58 episodes comes with a set of these beautiful pictures in galleries containing up to 200 photos. Besides being clear and colorful the images are also quite large measuring in at (1024x800 pixels).

In addition to all the saucy content you gain access to on this site members also gain full access to all the other exclusive sites on the same network Fresh Out Of High School is a part of. This network is made up of 22 sites all providing exclusive videos and pictures which are on par in quality with the content on this site. So you've got 22 sites filled with high quality videos to burn through but the tidal wave of porn doesn't end there because you also gain access to 22 non-exclusive reality sites, so by the looks of things members are pretty much set for life for their porn needs.

Features & Navigation:

Tour pages are made for one reason and that's to sell the site and the tour pages of Fresh Out Of High School are going to do exactly that and do a damn good job of it to boot. Once loaded up potential members are bombarded with erotic pictures of some of the most delicious teens you'll feast eyes on. There's also a ton of information about the content and the network the site is on. But it's the sample pictures and videos which will really be luring in the hordes of teen lovers.

Once feasting your eyes on a flashy tour page things dull down a little once you make it to the members area, things look a little bland most probably due to the color scheme of pure black and which kind of subtracts from the character of the site but one things for sure the members area certainly looks neat. Every thing is nicely laid out in front of you and you never get the feeling that the site is too cramped. At the top of the page there's a delightful top banner featuring a leggy brunette getting her fresh pussy boned from behind. Beneath the top banner is the navigation menu from where you can access the top rated episodes, and bonus sites.

You may notice that there's no link to the episodes found within the navigation menu and that's because all the episodes can be found right on the homepage. Scrolling down you'll first come across the future update including a screen shot, launch date, and a short description on what kinky things happen in the episode. Further down you'll come across the latest update and towards the bottom of the page is where you'll find past updates organized in a gallery spanning across 3 indexed pages with up to 24 thumbnails representing each of the exclusive episodes.

Clicking on the thumbnail will take you directly to the picture gallery of the episode. If you wish to access the video files you'll have to click on the link provided which is situated to the right of the thumbnail I mentioned earlier. Within the video download area you'll notice the various segments of the episode represented by thumbnails, at the very top of this page is where you'll find the link for the entire scene. The photo galleries on offer can be downloaded in zip files or can be viewed straight off the site individually.


So far Fresh Out Of High School is doing every thing right, the videos look awesome, the girls are so damn sexy, and the episodes are extremely arousing. With a new episode uploaded every Monday and a collection of 58 exclusive episodes at hand there's no reason why you should pass up this awesome reality based teen porn site. Fresh Out Of High School easily gets my recommendation.

Pros & Cons

+ High quality content
+ Teen models are very attractive
+ All exclusive content
+ Weekly updates
+ Network access 22 sites
+ Site is very easy to navigate
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