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Short Review:

Hot Bitch High is a fresh new site devoted to teen babes that failed the grade because they like the high school life and being schoolgirl sluts. If you get turned on by the sexy checkered skirts, and want to see some kinky shit go down you will enjoy Hot Bitch High! These girls are fearless willing to do anything for their daily dose of cock! Members get access to 19 sites for the price of 1, plus lots more bonus video and DVD feeds!
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Our total rating: 39/100

Detailed Review:


When I took the Hot Bitch High tour, I was sold that I will be seeing hot, and horny schoolgirls; and that is what my Short Review / Intro paragraph was based on. After I logged into check out the content, I can tell you I was majorly disappointed! The site features a bunch of non-exclusive scenes that are no where school girl scenes! There are teen girls, milfs, young adults, interracial, latinas, asians, and even lesbians in the 317 photo galleries and 36 video galleries . It's just a huge mess of content, way off topic from what I was promised in the tour! That right there, means this site's content sucks, but I will tell you about the picture and video formats anyway.

The mix match of content is available as videos and pictures. The videos can be viewed online only, you cannot download them. Some videos only have live Windows Media player, while others have both WMV and Flash live player. The windows media player that opens the live video is tiny, only about 340 x 255 pixel resolution. It doesn't really give you much enjoyment as it's so small. You cannot download the videos, and there are no scene stories or interesting/creative titles either. The photos are a little bit better; still off topic though. They are high resolution at 768px 1024px. That's pretty well it for the content at Hot Bitch High. I was not pleased to be mislead.

The Bonus Content is awesome, you get access to 19 other porn sites, and an additional list of live video feeds and online DVD titles.

If this site stayed true to it's tour page, and gave members what they were sold on it would be something I'd say to think about; but because members don't get what they are promised and the video content is very much lacking in features I don't recommend this site.

Features & Navigation:

The design at Hot Bitch High is tiny, it was designed for an old school computer system and the thumbnails and even the text is miniature. The site however promotes some sexy school babes doing naughty stuff. I signed up, and got my members pass.

When I logged in, a very easy to use interface presented itself. Giving direct access to the photo galleries, video section, bonus content, and bonus site in single click motions. I began my journey at the Photo Galleries. The photo gallery index features a list of thumbnails of each photo scene set, there are 48 per page, and a total of 317 galleries the pagination said. After you click on a thumbnail you will be taken to the thumbnail photo gallery for that image, it has some nice features enabling members to resize the Thumbs on the fly. When you click to view the high resolution image within the gallery, you can start a slide show player. Unfortunately they don't offer a zip pack download of the entire gallery. Next, I visited the Video Galleries page, where the scenes are listed in a similar style like on the photo gallery index. I've clicked on the first thumbnail and that took me to the scene movie page. They offer one or two file types depending on the movie, and when you make your selection it opens a small thumb that you have to click to start watching it online. The WMV online player is very tiny, it's not a good way to enjoy the content at all. The flash player {only available on some scenes} is much better. The biggest downside is that there is absolutely no way to download the videos; even though they link the section via a DOWNLOAD VIDEOS button on the main page! I was very disappointed with that to say the least. The bonus content features live video feeds and DVD feeds from a large content outsourcer, the video view pages in the bonus content area are way better than in the members area. If you scroll to the bottom of any given page you can jump to any of the 19 sites using the drop down menu.

Hot Bitch High is lacking a lot of features required to be a good porn site in today's world. I feel they threw the members area together using cheap editing software. It was done by someone who didn't really care for the functionality or the members. I would love to see they take the site offline, revamp the members area then relaunch it.


I was very disappointed with Hot Bitch High! I signed up expecting sexy school girls in checkered skirts, and got everything but what I was sold on! The site is full of mix matched porn content representing a wide array of porn niches, there is not too much schoolgirl skirts. The videos cannot be downloaded, the video player is tiny, there are no zip pack downloads. The bonuses are great, but members sign up for the content... If you want hardcore schoolgirls look elsewhere!

Pros & Cons

-Off topic
-No video downloads
-No zip packs
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