Perv Therapy
Perv Therapy 8061 Perv Therapy If your sex life needs a little boost, there’s no better place to come than Perv Therapy from Team Skeet.
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Perv Therapy

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Short Review

If your sex life needs a little boost, there’s no better place to come than Perv Therapy from Team Skeet. This original series of movies sits within the network, and the membership includes access to around half of the sites TS has on offer. It’s not the largest offering, but it’s one of the more pervy as couples come to the therapist for advice, and end up on the couch with her, naked and banging. It’s a mix of reality/fantasy step-sex taboo, with all movies available in 4K HD.

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  • Exclusivity: 5/5
  • Updates: 3/5
  • Originality: 9/10
  • Quality: 15/15
  • Speed: 13/15
  • Quantity: 9/15

The premise of these movies is stepfamily counseling. A couple comes to the therapist, and usually, that couple is a stepdad and daughter, or a stepmom and stepson, or, sometimes, it’s a couple of step-siblings. They have an issue, and seek the therapist’s advice. The therapist, of course, is a gorgeous, buxom bombshell who knows the only way to heal the family rifts is through sex; or it’s a hunky older dad of a man with a rampant cock. After around 15 minutes of setup and chat, scene building, and prelims, the couple is encouraged to get intimate, and the intimacy is taken to a new level. These are the kinds of movies that you need to watch from start to finish to get the full effect, as much of the enjoyment comes from the buildups. The hardcore stuff is pretty hot too, and because it’s a Team Skeet site, you get excellent filming, models, acting, scenarios, and porn.

Much of the time you have threesome scenes, though there are a few duo videos. Appearing in them you find some top porn star names such as Aaliyah Love and Nick Strokes, and much of the time, you'll see new faces, and can then go on to find more of each model’s work in the rest of your network. (More about the network later.) The movies are well acted and although it takes some time before the hardcore starts, there’s plenty of foreplay along the way, covering pussy eating, BJs, rimming, two girls one dick, and boob play. The scenes always end up with bareback fucking, and everyone comes away happy in the end.

Log in, and after clicking off an advert/upgrade page, you should see Perv Therapy in your list of included series. If not, there is a series icon in the left menu, and you'll find it there. When I was visiting, there were 54 videos, and looking at their upload dates, it was clear to see that the site adds a new movie at least once per month, sometimes twice. It’s not a large collection of movies, but they are Team Skeet exclusives, and all are available in HD. You can stream in 480p, 720p and 1080p, and you can download in the same, with the additional option of a 4K HD version at 3,840 x 2,160, which is pretty stunning. Also, being a Team Skeet collection, you are assured of good quality visuals and sound, plus good-quality performances from the models who range in age from 18 + teens to Milfs.

Movies come with brief descriptions, links to the models’ other videos, and a link to the gallery. There, you find around 80 images per set laid out in small thumbnails with a full-set zip file download available if you want them all. Alternatively, you can open one and click through one at a time, saving as you go. Images were at 1,080 x 1,620 px, and were good quality.

Admittedly, 54 videos doesn't sound like very many, but updates are happening, and while you wait for the next one, you have access to other series in the Team, Skeet network. You may know that TS is mainly about 18 + teen porn, so you’ll see a lot of that on sites like Not My Grandpa, Teens Do Porn, Teeny Black, and Teens Love Money. Milfs and stepmoms also make appearances as there is more step-sex taboo porn included. Check the ‘My Content/series’ links, and you should find 92 series offering 9,960 + scenes However, to see all these scenes and to unlock all 140 + channels, you will need an upgrade to Team Skeet Premium. (The membership you are looking at here with Perv Therapy gives you around 3,200 videos from this full collection.)

Meanwhile, you have a fun set of stepfamily taboo porn flicks at Perv Therapy which offers high-quality taboo porn with streams, and downloads up to 4K, with a cast of hot girls, hung young lads and men, and which will add a new scene at least once per month.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 4/5
  • Navigation Ease: 8/10
  • Features: 8/10

I mentioned the page advert you'll have to click through on your way in. That, and a constant reminder to upgrade are about the only adverts, though there are some on the index pages wedged in between the bottom of the content and the navigation page numbers. These things don't spoil your enjoyment or heed navigation. The left menu appears to run on icons, but you can expand it to show titles too, and when you do, you find easy and quick links to videos, models, series, categories, and other handy places. The categories page is one way to filter your available content, but there are also tag words and ways to rearrange what you see on index pages.

The model index and video lists come with filters too, so you can separate guys from girls in the model index, and separate your available content from the whole network in the video listings. The video viewing pages give you the descriptions and links to other scenes of interest, plus some interactive options. Members can like/dislike movies, watch trailers, and add them to a personal favourites collection sourced from the left menu. In short, navigation is easy and there are some interactive functions to play with.

When you go to sign up, you can choose the standard membership options offering you around 90 series and 3,200 + videos, or you can go for the premium options and get 140 + series and over 9,000 movies, and this costs $365 per year. The standard membership though, comes in at $19.95 per month for streaming only, with options to sign up for longer at $39.95 per quarter, or $99.95 per year. Check the bottom of the sign-up page carefully, because there are conditions attached and the prices you may see may only be introductory offers, with higher prices charged later.

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Perv Therapy has a theme and stays with it. It offers well-made and well-acted taboo movies with a therapist slant and gives you talented newbies and established porn stars in HD movies up to 4K. Updates are slow but regular, there are plenty of bonuses attached with the chance to add more, and there’s plenty to see in your included channels while you wait for more therapist couch taboo. If you want top-quality, mainly youth porn, then you can access Team Skeet with this hot membership.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive
  • + 4K HD and mobile
  • + Taboo theme
  • + Bonus sites and content
  • + Good navigation
  • + Neat design
  • - Slow updates
  • - Streaming-only monthly membership
  • - No 4K streams