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Short Review:

Just when you thought the line up of Playboy girls could not possibly get any better they have gone and scoured many colleges to give us young fresh talent that could put former Playboy bunnies to shame! So if you have always admired the sheer beauty of the Playboy girls and have a thing for ripe young adults then this is certainly the site you have been waiting for.
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Our total rating: 71/100

Detailed Review:


The good people behind Playboy have been generous enough to give fresh college students a chance to try their hand in the world of adult media! Of course being as high caliber as this well renowned adult company is they're very fussy when it comes to their standards of women so they have hand picked only the hottest of college students with unparalleled beauty and sex appeal to feature them on this official Playboy site which is exclusively dedicated to college girls only!

Playboy mixed in with college students! To those of you who know the high standards of Playboy I'm sure this sounds like a dream come true, and you better believe it because every single one of the young adults on show here are walking cock teases! Hell even if they were fully clothed you'll find it hard keeping your cock down. As I was expecting from Playboy the girls on show did look more mature than what you would expect college girls to look like. They've all got nice large titties and they've all been dolled up making them look more mature but it's their tight bodies which really show off their youth and with the variety of pussy to choose from there's a lovely college girl here for just about everyones tastes.

All in all there's a current total of 32 fresh faced college models to perve on each one offers two videos and various photo shoots to show off their deliciously tight young adult bodies! Now I wouldn't say that the video content on offer might satisfy a hardcore fans needs as the videos usually involve the hot ladies showing off their fine bodies and teasing the fuck out of the camera. The second video which every model comes with is an interview obviously not meant for jerking off purposes but it's nice to get to know the girls. The same goes for the photo shoots on show as they're also classified as softcore with the models posing in tasteful and erotic poses. I am sure fans of Playboy were expecting this as Playboy has always been providing adult content of classy and tasteful composure something we all know and love.

Now the photo content certainly looks nice the clarity is superb and the colors make the photos come to life but I can't help but feel that the dimensions were a little small especially coming from an adult company which was once based on photo content only. Don't get me wrong the images aren't tiny though there's certainly some room for improvement as they measure in at (1000x600 pixels) not huge I do admit but at least the quality is there. The videos on the other hand are simply amazing, these can be downloaded in wmv format with no DRM restrictions but the best part is they come in jaw dropping encoding rates of (3000kbps @ 1280x720) now that my friends are some juicy specs, and not does it only look good on paper but you'll have to wait and see them for yourselves as they look absolutely stunning. On a down note the videos are a little short running for roughly 5 minutes each but that's enough time to get off on the gorgeous models.

Playboy's Student Bodies is just one of six of the sites available on the extensive Playboy network and on joining this site you will gain free access to every thing the network has in it's porn vaults. Each site has a specific niche which it covers and to give you a better idea on just what kind of porn you can expect to see on the Playboy network here is a list of the sites members gain free access to. Playboy's Fresh Faces, Playboy's Sexy Wives, Playboy's Busty Babes, Playboy's Student Bodies, Playboy's All Naturals, and Women of Playboy. As you can tell they're all of softcore nature just like this site and the girls are equally mouth watering.

Features & Navigation:

The top banner of the tours for Playboy will have college girl fans reaching for their credit cards, there are gorgeous girls wearing cheerleader costumes making them look so damn cute. Situated below the top banner is a section including all the latest updates and as you scroll further down the tour pages you'll come across various pictures of the hot college models. Beside each of the pictures is information about the lovely model and what age she is clicking on the pictures will treat you with more sample pictures which will have potential customers convinced.

After logging in you will find that the members area is exactly the same as the tour pages, apart from the members login and join now links every thing pretty much stays the same. Above the top banner you'll notice a collection of tabs representing each of the sites available on the Playboy network. A simple click on these tabs and you will automatically be ported to the site you chose, a quick and simple way to do some much needed site hopping. You can keep up to date on the entire Playboy network by clicking on the link marked Back To Gateway which is found just above the top banner, this will take you to a page which includes update information on all the sites including this one. There's even a members forum there which will allow you to keep in touch with other Playboy members.

Under the top banner is where the latest update is situated (currently a sexy looking Asian babe). Within the latest update section there's a large thumbnail of the model along with information on her age a short description of the model and a few more sample pictures. Down the rest of the homepage is where you will find the past updates in the form of thumbnail links featuring a portrait of the model. These thumbnails also include a short description on the model along with her age and you'll also notice the see more link situated below the thumbnails. Upon clicking this link you will be taken to the main media section for the model where you can proceed to download the videos and view the picture galleries.

So that's pretty much the mechanics of the site wrapped up in a neat little review. Asides from working great and having an interface which allows for easy access to the content the site itself is looking mighty fine as well which was to be expected from a high caliber company such as Playboy. They've gone with the color scheme of blue and yellow though they've made sure that the colors aren't too bright so you can stare at the page for a long time and not worry about your eyes melting. All in all a great looking site which is a walk in the park to navigate, top stuff!


As an unexpected twist the video content was far superior than the photos available on Playboys Student Bodies, I personally though it would have been the other way around as Playboy are well known for their quality photo shoots but either way both medias do quite well however the photos could do with a resizing. The girls are hot as usual and the decent amount of content on this site along with the mountains of bonus content members will be entertained for quite some time.

Pros & Cons

+ Hot college girls
+ Videos are a dream to watch
+ Photos look awesome
+ Site looks great
+ Easy to navigate
+ Access to the Playboy network
+ Weekly updates
+ All exclusive
Click here to visit Playboys Student Bodies and check out the tour.