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They say that girls are made out of sugar, and spice, and everything nice so I can kind of see why they chose to name this teen site Sugar Paradise. All the content available on Sugar Paradise is softcore in nature meaning hardcore fans stay away because there is no hardcore penetration involved. Instead you'll get to see cute Teens getting themselves off or playing with another nubile babe.
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Okay to start things off let me just say that this site is an absolute must see for those of you who have high standards when it comes to women, why I say this you ask? Well simply because of the fact that I have never seen so many perfectly cute teens on the one site before! Seriously though with the massive line up of cute teens on show there wasn't a single average looking chick. Also you can take my word for it that all the models on this site are genuine teens, unlike those other teen porn sites which include milfs who can be passed off as teens.

So now that I have cleared things up that this site has so much tasty eye candy, what do these gorgeous teen models get up to I hear you ask? Well like I said in the short review you won't be finding a single cock on this site because the girls don't delve in hardcore fucking which is fine by me given the fact that we are treated to extremely hot solo shows and lesbian outings. Yup you heard right on this site you can enjoy watching some of the most gorgeous teens playing with their pussies using naughty toys or eating each others pussies out.

Sugar Paradise has been supplying the net with it's awesomely hot episodes since the start of 2008. The first ever episode was uploaded on the 24th of January which featured a gorgeous brunette babe giving us a sensual solo show. Even now the site is still quite active on updates with a new video uploaded every 6 days and that's one hell of an effort considering that all the content available is 100% exclusive to the site. All up there's a total of 81 episodes, again a great effort for a site which has been running for just over a year and I am pretty sure we haven't seen the last of these episodes just yet.

Video options are fairly decent, members have the options of downloading the episodes in both avi and wmv videos and to make the task of downloading more convenient for members on slower connections they have provided the scenes in short segments in addition to the full scene downloads. Between the two formats the wmvs come out on top when it comes to quality, these videos are available in (2000kbps @ 720x480) while the avis aren't too far behind clocking in at (1600kbps @ 720x480). Also having no DRM restrictions the members can keep the videos for as long as they want, so far so good, high quality and decent content numbers.

The picture collection is noticeably larger than the video collection though being pictures it is understandable. All up there are 153 individual picture sets which contain an average of 75 images per set. The pictures are available in three different resolutions again to make things more convenient on members with slower connections, the largest measurements the photos are available in is roughly 1000x700 pixels which is fairly decent in my books. The actual quality of the images is alright, I felt some of the images could have been clearer, however the colors are nice and vibrant so it's not all bad.

Bargain seekers will be glad to know that upon joining this site all members are granted full access to a further 9 sites! That's right as if the nice amount of content on this site alone wasn't enough for their members the developers have been generous enough to give them free access to other sites which are just as great as this one. Plus that's not where it ends because there are currently three extra bonus sites which are currently under development, some of which will be available in a matter of weeks!

Features & Navigation:

Wow I would have to say that I have never seen such a flashy tour page before. Seriously though it looks like a damn mural filled with naked teens. In the top banner your eyes will be bombarded with deliciously cute teens showing off their perky titties along with a bit of information on the site itself. To give potential customers on what kind of content they will be seeing within there are plenty of sample pictures as you make your way down the length of the tour pages. Unfortunately there are no free trailers but given how hot the sample pictures are I am certain teen lovers will be convinced.

The great site presentation certainly doesn't die down as you enter the homepage as things look just as great as they did on the tour pages. Right from the get go members are presented with the latest updates situated down the length of the left and right sides of the site which have been presented in thumbnail form. In the middle are links to the photos, videos, models, and top 40 sections, there are also links to these sections situated in the top navigation menu.

The only extra links situated within the navigation menu is the bonus sites and top 20 sections. The bonus site section consists of all the banner links to the various bonus sites on offer along with detailed descriptions for each. You'll also notice the bonus sites which haven't been launched yet, these have count down timers with the exact date and time they will be launched. A simple click on the provided banner links will take members straight to the homepage of their desired site.

The photo set archive has been spread over the span of 16 indexed pages each one carrying up to 10 photo sets per page which have been represented in thumbnail form featuring a sample picture from the gallery. Below the thumbnails is information on how many images the set consists of and when the set was uploaded. There's also a download link for the zip file which contains all the pictures of the set. Just below the index page links you'll notice three other links being low res, medium res, and original size, obviously these can be used to choose which res you wish to view the photos in.

The video archive has a similar layout to the photo gallery, the only difference is that the video archive spans over 9 pages. Like the picture sets the videos are presented in thumbnail form and clicking on said thumbnail link will take you to the main downloads area. The download section includes the links to the avi and wmv full scene downloads along with the short segment downloads which are represented via thumbnails featuring a screen shot which gives members a rough idea on what that segment involves.


This would have to be one of my favorite teen sites at the moment. There's just nothing I could pick out to complain about yet so many things I can praise, the developers have certainly out done themselves. So lets back track, first off the teen models are gorgeous, second the quality is great, and lastly updates are regular and bonus sites are awesome. There's just no going wrong here, all teen lovers need to check this site out.

Pros & Cons

+ Gorgeous teen models
+ Site looks very nice
+ Regular updates
+ Exclusive content
+ Great site layout
+ Free access to equally great sites
+ Content looks awesome
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