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You have four sites in one places at Teenrs, a small network with a thing for teens. Whether it's My Dr Feelgood, CFNM 18, or 18 Dom, you'll find exclusive movies where the girls are 18 or 19 and where the guys often get used and abused by bossy, bitchy babes. You're looking at good quality movies here, galleries with slideshows, weekly updates and an easy to use members' area with a certain amount of variety, USA babes and East European girls in hardcore.
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Monthly 19.95

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Our total rating: 69/100

Detailed Review:


On the face of it, Teenrs looks like it's going to be good. It is good, on the whole, but it is rather small. I took a look and got the impression that they'd found these sites and added them to one network as some of the sites were hanging around being a bit small but offering great content. So, add them all together, and you find 72 videos, but some come from sites that have not updated for a while. For example, Dr Feelgood has only 10 videos, and they were all added in November 2016. Other sites only show 10 to 14 videos when you search for them individually, and there are nine bonus videos (non-exclusive) included in your 'see all' collection of combined videos. So, numbers aren't great for a network, but the content is.

The tour showed me four sites that were included, but when inside, I found five: 18 Dom, CFNM 18, Club Exclusive, Mr Dr Feelgood and Spicy Roulette. They all starred cute and slim, pretty and sexy 18-year-old babes, with some maybe a little older, and there was also a slight fetish theme to them. CFNM 18, for example, gives us the clothed female naked male scenario where groups of girls get a guy to play with. They stay dressed while they use him for their one pleasure - you don't see the guys complaining much, though. Some of these were like student movies, in that the girls were in class and the biology teacher was trying to explain the fact of life. They eventually take matters into their own hands, and each gets to play with his hard dick, and he gets to play with each of them in turn. Nice stuff, but this particular movie has no subtitles, and the language wasn't English.

In others, you find duo scenes, but usually with a teen babe and an older guy, as opposed to a teen guy, and all of them were either hardcore or lesbian in theme. You can see the updates on the updates page, and there all sites have their content mixed together. You can also use a drop-down to find the content site by site. In the eight weeks before my visit, there had been four bonus videos added, and only four new exclusive ones. But at least the content count is growing. Many of the recent movies were from Club Exclusive, which held 17 movies of its own with foursomes, group scenes, medical hardcore movies and some 'girls together' movies. It's a mix.

Click a sample shot to see the movie's main page, and here you get your viewing options. Each scene came as a stream and a download with three resolutions of Mp4 to play with. There's a smaller, mobile-friendly version and a medium one, plus an HD one at 1,920 x 1,080 and the quality is great. There are no complaints there. Good filming, sound and action, but not always with subtitles. The scenarios are pretty inventive as well. The movies run for 20 to 45 minutes, and some have a nice long build up, while others are shorter. I was able to jump through the stream if I wanted to.

When it comes to photos, there's a photo slideshow with each scene, but some also have their images showing beneath the video player. These are easier to open, and you just lick one to see the full-sized image at around 2,000 x 3,000 px in size. The quality is fine and you get plenty of shots per scene with around 200 images.

I guess, to sum up the content at Teenrs, you could say that it's a collection of six sites, some are updating, others aren't, and we need to wait a while to see exactly where it's all going.

Features & Navigation:

I had no trouble using this site or finding my way around. You've got a menu with Episodes and a drop-down list of sites as a filter, and then some links to cam sites, but that's it. No separate photos area or any bonus area, everything is mixed in together with the content, some of which is non-exclusive. Update dates are shown so at least we can see that there is something happening each week, but there was nothing else in the way of extras or bonuses. You're able to rate content and add things to a favourites area, but that's about it for getting involved.

When it comes to signing up, you've got three decent choices. There's a monthly amount below $20.00, which is not bad for exclusive content and weekly updates; there's the six and 12-month access too, and these give you even bigger savings. There is a cross sale on the join page which you might want up un-check.


There's some good stuff at Teenrs, but not a lot of it. What there is there, takes the theme of teens and 18 +_babes being able to do what they want with older guys. There are also your more typical hardcore style videos, and everything is a high definition with other decent viewing options. There are no quality worries and the site's easy enough to get around, the price is not bad even though the site is small. Check it out and see how it grows.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Easy to use
+ HD and good quality
+ Cute teens
+ Good scenes

- Small for a network
- Some sites not updating
- Not very interactive
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