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All Exclusive Pass 676 All Exclusive Pass Are you really picky about content being exclusive? Sick of those sites which collect bits and pieces of content from various companies.
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All Exclusive Pass

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All Exclusive Pass

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Are you really picky about content being exclusive? Sick of those sites which collect bits and pieces of content from various companies? Then the All Exclusive Pass is the answer to all your pornographic needs. This pass grants you access to 12 steaming hot websites, which any porn enthusiast can appreciate!

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It takes a little while to take in the fact that there's a daunting amount of content, this one pass allows you access to. All up there are 12 exclusive sites to peruse. Each one as impressive as the next, and each one offering a decent amount of exclusive videos. Not to mention that the line up of sites is quite the porno cocktail.

Anyway let me go into a little detail about each of the various sites on offer, and how many exclusive videos each of them contain, so check out the following list and see if any of these sites strike your attention.

Pigtail Hunter.
A few fellas are out on the hunt for some hot ladies with pigtails, they grab them by the tits pull em' aside and fuck them silly while grabbing onto their cute pigtails, so far there's 12 exclusive video on offer.

Pigtails Roundasses.
Here's another one for all you pigtail lovers, and to top things off the lovely ladies on this site have the roundest asses you'll ever see, they could even put some ebony sistas to shame, this site offers a massive 59! exclusive videos.

Pigtails BigTits.
The last of the 3 sites for pigtail lovers is about all about busty babes aged 18 or 19, with cute pigtails, truly a must see for big titty fans, there's 21 videos to be seen on this page.

Will She Gag?
This ones for all you hardcore blowjob fans out there. The fellas try their hardest to make the ladies on this site gag on their fat cocks, you reckon they'll eventually gag? Find out on the 13 exclusive episodes.

Deep in Her.
This one is all about horny girls getting themselves off with a little help from their trusty dildo companions. If your into solo girl masturbation, then you'll go nuts over the 14 exclusive vids on this site.

Real Big Racks.
To all you big titty fans out there, this is the site you want to be delving in the 26 steamy exclusive videos available on this site, cause it's all about the big racks!

Gag Sluts.
Heres another one for all you blowjob feinds out there, Gag sluts teams up the cutest looking hunnies, with the biggest wangs they can find, to see if they mix well, see how the sluts go, in their collection of 40 exclusive episodes.

Stink Fillers.
Now this site is a little more hardcore! Steamy anal porn, that climaxes with the guy shooting his load up the nasty girls asshole, sound tasty? you bet! Members can enjoy 13 cum filled episodes.

Tranny Ranch.
Whoa, watch out people, unless your into those feminine trannies, then you'll want to steer clear from this site. But if you don't mind abit of shemale action, or just a tad curious, then feel free to watch the vids on this site. On a bad note it looks as though this site isn't up and running just yet.

My Favorite Creampies.
Watch the horny ladies on this site get their tight snatches filled with, fresh warm cum, then let it ooze out like white molten lava, probably not one for the squemish, the 16 cum filled videos should really please the fanbase.

Naughty Bestfreinds.
This site would have to be my pick out of the bunch. Who could resist the chance of witnessing lesbian orgies, I certainly couldn't. There are 43 awesome scenes, on this site, definately a must see for all you lesbian lovers.

Ass Like That.
Last but not least we have a site dedicated to those sexy ebony sistas, with big round bubble butts. Enjoy the 43 chocolate filled episodes this chocolate covered site has to offer.

All up there is a grand total of 300 exclusive movies which span over the 12 sites, which can either be streamed or downloaded in both high and low quality. Aside from the exclusive content from these sites, members have been given access to a massive number of bonus scenes, which have been sorted into 31 categories. All up there are over 2400 of these scenes to go through, and on top of there are countless amounts of picture galleries to browse through.

So yeah there's definately no shortage when it comes to content, and there's a healthy variety of porn to choose from too, with an nice mix of softcore and hardcore content. For $34.95 a month, this pass is all you will ever need for quite some time, and with promised updates of more exclusive videos, there will always be something new to look forward to.

Nav, Design & Features

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The tour page of this site will get potential customers reaching for their credit cards. Down the entire length of the tour page are thumbnail samples of episodes from the various sites, and non members can even treat themselves, to a short teaser, to see if the content is right for them or not.

The main members area to this site, is essentially laid out the same way the tour pages are. All of the 12 sites take up a portion of the members area. Within this portion you will find a collection of thumbnails, a short description on what the site has to offer, and a link which will direct you to the main members area of the site.

All of the sites essentially have identical layouts. The exclusive videos can be accessed straight off the main members area, along with the thumbnail links to two bonus sites, and information on their latest updates, and news. To access the downloadable mpgs, and all the other content available, simply use the members menu, to take you to the section you want.

The exclusive episodes are represented on the main members area, by a small thumbnail of the starring model. Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to the main downloads area for the episode, where you can access the various download links to the exclusive videos.

The downloadable mpg section, is a lot easier to navigate. The various scenes are represented by 4 small thumbnails, which act as a storyboard of the episode, the download links are situated just below the thumbnails. On the left side of the page you'll find a menu, with 31 categories to choose from. This makes finding the content your after a whole lot faster.

So that's pretty much it to the network of sites, this pass will allow you acess, they're all pretty much indentical in structure, so that makes things a little easier to navigate, as you end up becoming very familier with the layout. All the sites are easily accesible from the main members area, with a simple click of a link. It's all too easy folks, and you'll come to grips with things in no time.



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Wow I really can't recommend this site enough, if you like pigtails, bigtits dildos..Heck! if you like porn in general then you'll want to get your hands on this pass! cause it's all your ever going to need, to satisfy your sexual urges for a long time to come. Truly an epic deal here guys, check it out now!

Pros & Cons

  • + Wide variety of porn
  • + Heaps of exclusive videos
  • + Over 2400 bonus scenes
  • + Bonus picture galleries are great
  • + No cons