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Since reality porn became a reality, there have been hundreds of new sites with themes, but I've never seen one quite like Shoplyfter. This standalone site has a collection of exclusive videos that are all on the same theme: Young girls are caught trying to steal, and the security guys are filmed dealing out the sexy punishments. It's all very believable, it's easy to use, you are able to stream and download the exclusive content, which is HD and, the site has regularly been updating.
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Our total rating: 75/100

Detailed Review:


Shoplyfter is a fairly new and specialised site, and it's one that all lovers of reality porn should have in their collection. It gives you original movies, with stories and set-ups that are presented in a very TV-like way. Which means hidden cams, voice-overs, reality footage that's extremely professional and then that side of things gives way to the porn and the two sections of each video work together perfectly. I was very impressed by the style of the movies here, and they all came across as so real it was like watching them on one of those reality, 'you've been caught on camera' afternoon TV shows.

The site has been updating. When I was there just now, there were 26 exclusive and original scenes. Each one had streams, downloads, a trailer, photos and screencaps, so there was plenty to take in per episode. They are presented as 'cases' to give them even more of a reality feel and they are shown with large sample screens on the main index pages; there are only two index pages so far, and you just scroll down the home page to see each one. The filming is good quality reality style, and the sound is spot on as well. I loved the opening 'credits' which sounded exactly like a TV programme. These were followed by the naughty girls (and sometimes couples) being brought into the security office for a grilling. The acting was very realistic, which added to the overall effect of these being real tapes. You can even detect the camera 'hum' over the voices and the positions of the cameras, static and in slightly odd angles, makes things even more believable.

And so the story, per scene, runs on, and they run on for around 50 minutes each. The first 20 minutes or so is the build-up, the interview and the emotional pressure being applied to the girls (have sex or be sent to the cops) and the rest is the sexy section that follows. Abuse of power seductions, you might call them, lead to full on hardcore with the girls, sometimes there are two, sometimes the girl's man is in the room and made to watch, so they even manage to mix in the cuckold fetish. I can tell you, it all works really well and looks great.

The quality is fine, even on the smaller downloaded files, and you have 1,920 x 1,080 HD to take as well. The lower res ones were at 640 x 360 @ 850 kbps and looked fine on my desktop and will be great on your portable device. There is also a mid-range resolution version of each scene, plus the streams.

There are images with the videos as well, both screen caps and digital stills and these held around 75 pics per set. You can take them in zip files one set at a time or view them online where they open in a slider/player through which is it easy to click and navigate. The quality is good and although the movies are hidden cam style, the end results are HD and, in the case of the digital pics, high resolution as well.

Finally, on the content, the upload dates look good with a new scene being added every week. But, on the downside, there is no other content. There are your 26 scenes, great fun, exclusive and all very 'reality', but that's it.

Features & Navigation:

Shoplyfter is very easy to use, and I had no technical issues (apart from the coming soon stream did not play, but then it was due to be released on the day of my visits, so I suspect it was in the process of being set up when I saw it). There were two index pages, and it was easy enough to scroll down and find the content. From there it's a case of click the screen to find the stream or download directly from the buttons given on the index page. You're also able to head to the trailer and galleries from the main index page. If you open the viewing page, you can also add things to a favourites area, see any comments members have made, make your own, rate the scene and read the full descriptions.

I did double check the top menu in case I'd missed anything but up there I only found links to Home, the Favourites, Live Girls, Specials, Find a GF and Help. Three of these are about selling you more sites and sign-ups, though there are some good deals to check out, and there were other adverts around the members' area and even on a page on the way into it.

As for signing up, there was a reasonable price on offer for the monthly membership at $17.87 per month; reasonable as the site is new, but then again it is exclusive contested. There is also an annual deal that's worth considering as it works out at $5.00 per month - paid in one instalment for the year ahead. You can sign-up with a card or with PayPal, and the only thing to watch out for is a cross sale on the sign-up page; un-check it or join Team Skeet for a small fee. Mind you - it's not a bad offer (but watch out for recurring fees.)


On the one 'caught red handed' hand, Shoplyfter offers you excellent style reality movies of 50 minutes that are exclusive and sexy and believable. The quality is high, and there are images, streams, downloads and HD viewing. On the other hand, though, there are only a few scenes, uploads are weekly, but there are no extras or bonuses, only adverts. But in the middle: The price is very good, and the reality style of the movies is just perfect.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Easy to use
+ HD and mobile suitable
+ Excellent reality feel
+ Weekly updates

- No bonuses
- Small site
- No extras
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