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Short Review:

The Bang Pass network is one of the most popular collection of sites among fans of the reality and amateur niches, why is this so? Well for starters their videos are 100% exclusive and the amateur chicks starring on this exclusive network look cut out to be fully fledged Pornstars. Promising over 1500 high quality episodes, and drool worthy picture galleries, this massive network of spectacular sites is definitely up there with the best of them.
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Price Details:

Trial 4.95
Monthly 23.95

Current Ratings for Bang Pass:

Our total rating: 96/100

Detailed Review:


All up there are 19 exclusive sites on this reality based network, they fall under a wide variety of categories, so rather than listing them out for you I've taken the liberty of describing each one in a short paragraph, keeping mind that the videos on these sites are 100% exclusive and they're simply stunning to watch, as the quality of the videos are awesome.

Ass Parade
This site is for all you ass fans, only babes with the roundest, curviest butts make it on this page so prepare your self for a mouthful of ass. This site offers 129 round ass models who all come with a set of videos and high quality photos.

Tug Jobs
Like getting your wang jerked off by a cockthirsty cutie? Well so do we, cum see all 172 models frantically jerking away on big fat wangs, to cut a load of hot creamy cum shot down their throats and all over their tits.

Big Tits
This ones obviously for those of you who think that a handful isn't enough, the only titties you'll be seeing on this site are like melons. This site has 142 ball draining videos on offer!

If you get a kick out of seeing a petite lady get her vice like snatch impaled by a monstrous wang, then you'll go nuts over the 167 episodes which star a wide variety of deliciously sexy babes for members to perve on.

Big Mouthfulls
If the thought of a cute babe, swallowing your entire load, and enjoying it, makes you hard, then this site was made for you. The 184 lovely ladies on this site absoloutly love jizz! I bet if they could drink it from the tap they would!

Mr Cameltoe
What man can't appreciate a good healthy cameltoe! soft plump lips barely contained by a revealing piece of raunchy lingerie, always does the job. Although it may sound like a big old tease you do see the horny girls on this site get penetrated. There are 45 episodes available on this site.

Ball Honeys
Don't get confused by the name, and logo of this site, cause you won't be seeing any of the stars play basketball. But they do have butts like basketballs, so thats probably the reason why they went with that name. There's a collection of 100 ass filled videos on offer.

World Wide
The fellas at Bang Bros come up with a great idea, of bringing you the finest women they could find, around the globe. This site looks to be fairly new, as theres only a humble collection of 5 exclusive eps at the moment, but we're sure to see this number grow in the future.

Bang Bus
The Bang Bus is the Bang Bros. ultimate fuck on wheels. This bus is decked out specially for one reason, to pick up horny chicks fresh off the streets, to get slammed in front of the camera, for all the world to see. There's an impressive line up of 195! episodes on this site.

Boob Squad
The Boob Squad only has one purpose in life, to hunt down hotties with big bouncy titties, for a bit of suck and fuck, while shooting footage for the 42 episodes, for you guys to enjoy, truly a must see for all you booby fans.

Fart Hammer
TO be honest I was a little curious about this one, Fart Hammer? I didn't know what to expect. Apparantly the main pornstud on this site "Mick Hammer" is known for his flactulance, which makes for some humurous porn, if you like a little bit of toilet humor mixed in with your porn, then you'll love the 7 videos on this page.

Milf Lessons
Cum see the Milfs on this site get educated, in the ways of modern sex, that's right they want to know all about the freaky sex positions, us younglings are coming up with, and this site will show you footage of the 131 Milfs taking their lessons.

Moms' Anal Adventure
The Moms on this site are out on an adventure to get their tight assholes, gaped wide open. Their pussies aren't as tight as they used to be, so now they want to use their tigt assholes to pleasure men. All up ther are 15 episodes on this site.

Spring Break
Wanna see all the nasty things that happen on a Spring Break? The fellas at bang bros, have taken a spy cam and mingle with the ladies, only to seduce them into getting screwed, so they can share their 6 crazy spring break adventures with you!

Street Ranger
The Street Ranger is out and about, for some horny ladies to screw. You'd be amazed how many decent looking chicks who are more than willing to fuck a total stranger. All up there are 32 exclusive videos to check out.

As you can tell, there's definately no shortage of variety here, and if you like reality porn, them this is definately a network you want to check out. I've also got to mention the great bonus content they've provided, in the form of behind the scenes footage. These are great to watch for a laugh or two.

Bang Bros have covered a wide amount of categories, that revolve around the reality niche. Most of the episodes, through out the sites also come with a set of video stills, and/or high quality photos, which will really get picture fans going. You can't go wrong with all this content, easily a big thumbs up!

Features & Navigation:

All of the exclusive sites in the Bang Pass network can be accessed from the main members area. Each of the sites are represented, by a small thumbnail of the tour page, info on the update schedule for the site. Clicking on these thumbnails, will take you to that particular sites' main members area. Where you can proceed to access and download as much of the content you want.

Back on the Bang Pass homepage, you'll find a heap of information, and thumbnails, of their latest updates, which will constantly be changing everyday as they promise to update on a daily basis, and it looks as though they've stuck to their word. Though I did spot the odd day with no updates, but there are times when they upload more than one episode a day, so it all adds up.

Towards the very bottom of the list, of past updates, you'll spot a link which will take you to even more past updates, which can span back all the way to 2003, wow I didn't realize they've been around for that long...I suppose that explains, why some of their sites have so many exclusive episodes.

New members have it easy, when it comes to finding the best content the network has to offer, as they've provided lists, of their top rated content. Including, videos, episodes, models and trailers.

There's a search tool provided on every site, which will help you to find, the specific kind of content you want. You can search by pornstar name, niche, and what type of girl, for example Asian or Ebony. This was definitely needed, cause I wouldn't want to sort through their huge collection of episodes.

Each of the models on this network, have their own dedicated section which consists of a large picture of the model, her stats, a rating system on how attractive you think she is, and of course the links to the various episodes, and picture galleries she stars in.

So that's pretty much the bones of the site mechanics, it's all fairly self explanatory, as they've tried to make it as simple as possible, so that everyone can use the site with ease. They've even included some more, complex options, which I know you technical junkies will love, so they've accommodated for just about all types of horny web surfers.


I'm surprised your still reading this, go now and check this network out, cause it obviously has one of the greatest collection of steaming hot reality porn. But don't let that get you thinking that the girls on this site are dodgey looking amateurs. They're amateurs alright, but they ain't dodgey lookin! This review can't do the site justice, give it a trial at least, and you'll see what I mean, you won't regret it.

Pros & Cons

+ Access to 19 amazing sites
+ Amateur hotties are gorgeous
+ Tonnes of exclusive videos
+ Picture galleries are great
+ Quality of vids is stunning
Click here to visit Bang Pass and check out the tour.