Black Ass Mega Pass
Black Ass Mega Pass 2014 Black Ass Mega Pass Once you get your dirty mitts on the Black Ass Mega Pass you'll be treated with more black booty then any man should be able to handle.
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Black Ass Mega Pass

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Black Ass Mega Pass

Short Review

Once you get your dirty mitts on the Black Ass Mega Pass you'll be treated with more black booty then any man should be able to handle. With this membership you'll have hours of episodes featuring some of the hottest black babes at your very finger tips, along with loads of gorgeous picture content. Members also get access to the entire Movie Pass Network which is filled with awesome niche sites!

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

So you're after some hot ebony content but you are also looking for some variety in your episodes right? Well then keep on reading this review because not only does the Black Ass Mega Pass provide some of the most gorgeous black bitches working in the porn industry, but the episodes on offer range from saucy one on one encounters, to double penetrations, to all things kinky. So no matter what kind of ebony fucking you're looking for, I'm sure you'll find something here which will suit your tastes.

To those of you who are fussy on whether the episodes on offer are exclusive or not, well to put it simply they aren't. However the fact that there's a decently sized collection for members to sink their teeth into makes the fact that the episodes aren't exclusive easier to accept. Also keep in mind that the scenes run for 20 minutes up so you're guaranteed some lengthy fuck scenes. And by the looks of things the collection hasn't stopped growing, as the updates are still rolling in.

Although the site exclusively focuses on black hotties, you'll find that the cast is quite varied. You'll come across fresh young adults, ebony Milfs, tight bodied hotties, chubby chicks, enormously busty mamas, and perky titties. I also found a few white chicks in the mix, which does kind of stray from the main niche of the site, though the dude ploughing on the hottie is black so I suppose those scenes some what relate to the main niche. All in all the models are hot and very fuckable, there may be a few duds in the mix, but they certainly know how to put up a good show.

When it comes to download, and video options the site could do with some improvement. First and foremost the episodes are only available in full scenes only. This fact probably won't phase members on blistering fast connections, though members on dial-up may find the files which can get up to 200MBs plus in size a little intimidating to download. However when it comes to quality the videos look great. They are available in Wmv format and clock in with a formidable encoding rate of (1300kbps @ 640x480). So quality is definately not an issue here.

Also included within the site is a collection of great photo galleries. These aren't connected with the episodes in anyway so it's safe to classify them as extra content. What I mean by that is that the picture galleries don't start the same models in the videos. Image quality is immaculate, they're very clear and colorful, and best of all the quality stays consistent through out the various galleries.

So that's pretty much what's in store when you get your hands on the Black Ass Mega Pass, but don't close the review just yet, because the content on this site is but a portion of all the porn you gain access to. Besides acquiring access to every thing this site has to offer, members also gain access to two awesome networks. These include the Movie Pass Network, and the Super Site Pass. All up there are 42 sites between the two networks, 40 of them being niche sites, plus 2 solo model sites. Just like this site the bonus sites are based on specific niches, and from what I've seen members are in for quite the buffet of porn.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

Prepare yourself for a chocolate over dose when you load up the tour pages of this site, because you'll be smacked across the face with dozens of gorgeous high quality pictures featuring some of the most delicious looking chocolate asses you're eyes will ever feast on. To my dismay there aren't any free trailers in which potential customers can gauge their decision on, though the sample pictures taken from the galleries should be convincing enough.

Black Ass Mega Pass plus all the bonus sites which come with the membership are pretty much identical when it comes to the layout. That being said, it's a piece of cake to go from site to site as every thing stays consistent and you don't have to learn anything. In retrospect site jumping has never been so quick and easy, not to mention enjoyable. An awesome way to indulge on a variety of porn.

I particularly liked how the site looks. The layout makes the site look simple, yet the sense of professionalism never deteriorates. The color scheme is very easy on the eyes, though I felt it doesn't suit the content that well, either way the site still looks very nice. I also love how every thing is evenly spaced out so you never get that cluttered feel you get on other sites. All in all the site presentation is great.

Information on the latest updates can be found within the main members area of the Black Ass Mega Pass. Members are presented with thumbnail links of the 5 latest episodes. A simple click on these will take you straight to the video download and streaming page of the episode.

Within the main page you'll also notice a navigation menu. This provides links which will allow you to access the main video archive, picture galleries, and the bonus video feeds. At the very top of the page you'll come across three drop down menus. These drop down menus include links to the sites on the network, including the sites on the Movie Pass Network, and the Super Site Pass. Simply clicking on the links provided will automatically take you to the main page of your desired site.

If you're familiar with downloading and streaming videos then you'll have no problems with these sites. After choosing which episode you wish to access within the video archive, you'll be taken to the main streaming and downloads page. In this area you'll immediately notice a screen, this is where you can stream the video if you wish, simply click on the play button and the process should begin. Just below this screen is where you'll find the download link. Once clicked on you'll be prompted with the standard download notice.

At the end of the day, the site and the network as a whole is easy enough to navigate that any one could pick it up as they go no matter how novice they are when it comes to the internet. This is due to the simplicity and user friendly nature of the interface, plus the fact that all the links are clearly marked makes every thing self explanatory. Apart from that I also want to mention the great site presentation again, a bunch of sites which are truly easy on the eyes.



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The main and only problem I had with the site is with the download options. The developers could have included more options for their members as the files aren't too friendly on dial-up connections. Also the site could do with more content, I wouldn't say the collection is small, but seeing as they provide non-exclusive scenes they could definately stack them on. Other than that though the site does well, the videos look great, the episodes are damn arousing.

Pros & Cons

  • + Good variety of episodes
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + Media quality is good
  • + Tons of bonus sites
  • - Content isn't exclusive
  • - Video options are limited