Girlfriend Files
Girlfriend Files 4317 Girlfriend Files The premise of Girlfriend Files is simple - amateur teen and college girls either submit their own sexy pictures to the site, or else they once made the mistake of sending naughty pictures to their ex
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Girlfriend Files

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Girlfriend Files

Short Review

The premise of Girlfriend Files is simple - amateur teen and college girls either submit their own sexy pictures to the site, or else they once made the mistake of sending naughty pictures to their ex-boyfriends, and now those guys are exacting their revenge by submitting them to Girlfriend Files!

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At first glance, Girlfriend Files seems to want to make you think that these are mostly revenge submissions by ex-boyfriends, but they admit that most of it is user-submitted. Most of these do have the feel of pictures that were taken for fun and later sent in, but some look obviously posed. Almost all of the girls here are really cute, and they all fall in the late teens to early 20's age range.

There are roughly 120 photo galleries and 80 videos, with updates coming in just about every other day. The quality here ranges greatly, as one can expect from user-submitted content. You'll find a few higher quality images, but a lot of the content is coming straight from camera phones, and it's quite evident. There are a lot of issues with graininess and bad lighting, but in a way that makes the content feel more authentic. No one would believe that a hot college co-ed was sending her boyfriend high resolution pictures of herself goofing around in the bathroom mirror, now would they?

A lot of the content here is just girls posing in their undies, but sometimes they're naked and sometimes they are fully clothed. There are some photo sets and videos that feature stripping, fucking, blowjobs, and masturbation. Almost everything features just one girl, but occasionally you'll find some stuff with a male-female couple or multiple girls. Sometimes it's just girls being silly separately, and sometimes you get some girl-on-girl action. It's really just a mix of all kinds of user-submitted materials.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
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The tour page looks pretty with its purple color scheme and file folders with doodles on them, but it doesn't really tell you much about what you'll find inside. Here, there are mainly just snapshots of some of the girls inside, and that's about it.

The main page shows the latest pics, videos, and thumbnails for upcoming updates. Navigation is lacking. There's no search box to be seen, just tabs (designed to looks like tabs on manilla folders) for pictures, videos, bonuses, and links. The bonus page has 32 extra videos, which are really just trailer videos for other sites. There's no way to sort the photos and videos by category, and you can't tell whether any of the girls have multiple submissions. Content is listed by date only, and it's really a shame that there's no easier way to sort and access it. It would also be nice to know whether any specific content was self-submitted or submitted by an ex.

The video pages have thumbnails and clicking them will allow you to download the WMV of the movie - there is, sadly, no streaming option to be found. The photo pages at least have dates next to the thumbnails, and include the option to download a ZIP file of each gallery.



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The Girlfriend Files contains a lot of authentic-looking user-submitted material. The site could use a major rehaul of its organization and navigation, perhaps by adding categories or profiles for the girls. With updates coming every other day, there's a lot of potential here, but the site still feels choppy and cluttered as it stands.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot amateurs in a variety of action
  • + Updates come very frequently
  • - Quality varies
  • - Still a touch on the small side
  • - Needs better browse tools and more info
  • - Very slow downloads