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Lightspeed Girls 1362 Lightspeed Girls The Lightspeed network is a solo model fan's dream come true.
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Lightspeed Girls

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Lightspeed Girls

Short Review

The Lightspeed network is a solo model fan's dream come true. The team is made up of gorgeous models, each one just as sexy as the next, and all provide exclusive videos, and picture content for members to enjoy. The content is largely softcore, but there are a few hardcore scenes throw in to the mix. With over a thousand videos, and over 250,000 photos to go through, members will have their hands full for quite some time.

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Having the privilege of reviewing some of the sites on the Lightspeed network, I've come to a conclusion that it's definately one to check out for solo model fans, and for those of you who love softcore content. The Lightspeed team is drool worthy to say the very least, and there's a nice variety of models on show. They range from blondes, brunettes, redheads, Latinas, and every thing in between. Most of the girls look to be young adults, with a few middle aged hotties thrown in for good measure. One of the hottest team of your every day, girl next door type of ladies.

Depending on which membership you sign up for, you'll gain access to a certain amount of the 32 sites available. Most of these sites are solo models, but there were a few niched sites thrown in for good measure. One of the sites, also known as "Best of Lightspeed" offers a compilation of content through out the many sites. All of which are the best on offer, definately a site to look out for. You'll also be glad to know that the Best of Lightspeed site comes with all the package deals.

Most of the content on offer is softcore, sometimes a little too softcore, but still very arousing none the less. Depending on which girl you check out, there's also hardcore content to indulge in as well, but the bulk of it is softcore. You can expect to see scenes which involve self masturbation, playful lesbian encounters, and episodes where the girls are just having a good time, of course there's some gracious amount of nudity as well. Across the entire network there are over a thousand episodes to go through, most of which run for roughly 5 minutes each. Add the fact that most of the sites are regularly updated, and it's certain that we'll see this network grow to an even more impressive size.

All episodes provided can be downloaded with no DRM restrictions. Episodes are available in short chapters, and are encoded in various formats. From what I've seen, quality does tend to differ from site to site, but generally they're all very watchable, and are available in fairly decent encoding rates. One issue the sites could improve on is the structure of their videos. This is because scenes are usually available in one, or two of the formats, but not all. This tends to deter from the consistency of the quality. Here are a few specs on the various formats to give you a better idea of what kind of quality is on offer.

Mov: (1300kbps @ 480x360)
Mpeg (1150kbps @ 480x360)
Wmv: (520kbps @ 480x360)
RM: (450kbps @ 480x360)

There's definately no shortage of picture content on offer. There's an epic total of over 250,000 exclusive images, all of which are of great quality. That being said, there are minor inconsistencies as far as quality goes, but like I said, they generally look quite good. The same goes for the sizes, those aren't overly consistent either, but from what I've seen they're fairly good. I didn't come across any huge images, but they certainly get the job done. Like the videos, these are also of softcore nature, usually involving poses, with a few pussy spreads to spicen things up.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
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If there's one thing the Lightspeed network could really work on, it would have to be the general presentation of the site's, and the overall layout. Don't get me wrong, every thing works perfectly fine, but I feel as though the sites do feel a little plain, and that there are a few too many ads covering the bottom half of the pages. But this might not be too much of an issue for some of you, personally though I do like my site's to look nice, but at the end of the day, it's just a bonus.

Ok so after you've logged in through the tour pages, you'll be taken straight to the main page of the Lightspeed network. This is essentially the main hub from where you can access all the sites provided. From here you can also keep up to date on the latest news, and stay informed on which of the girls are at the top of the Lightspeed ladder. Members will find this quite useful if they don't want to fuck around, and get straight to the better sites.

All the links to the various sites can be found in a spreadsheet type section. This was probably one of my main gripes of the network, as I found that I had to visit each individual page to know what the girl looks like. It would have been convenient if they provided thumbnails of the girls on this page, but I guess we can't win them all. Clicking on the links provided will direct you straight to your chosen site's main page. You'll also notice that all the sites on the network essentially have the same layout.

The main page for each site includes all of the essential information. What are the newest updates, which of the episodes are the most popular, and some of the site's even offer information on future updates. All the media is easily accessed from the main page, the videos, and picture galleries are organized in separate columns, and you can even check out the guest appearances of your chosen model on other Lightspeed girl sites. The galleries on offer are pretty standard, and if you're familiar with porn sites, you'll definately have no problems browsing the content.



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I can't recommend Lightspeed enough to solo model fans. This is definately a network you'll want to check out, if you're into softcore content, and beautiful young adults. The huge content numbers will keep members busy for quite some time, and the frequent updates will ensure that they'll never run out. The main selling point in my opinion are definately the lovely ladies. Definitely no shortage of eye candy here.

Pros & Cons

  • + Tons of content
  • + Lots of cute girls
  • + Quality does vary, but is fairly good
  • + Frequently updated
  • + Great best of site
  • - Sites look kind of plain