Mofo 2730 Mofo Mofos Network strongly revolves around reality porn based on teen and pornstar content.
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Short Review

Mofos Network strongly revolves around reality porn based on teen and pornstar content. This relatively new network currently consists of 5 exclusive sites all based on a unique niche to give members the chance to experience a diverse porn experience. The sites offer DVD quality videos and tasty photo sets to make the complete package, sites are regularly updated and there's a current archive of close to 80 exclusive scenes for members to indulge themselves with.

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  • Quality: 0/15
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Joining an adult network is always the safest bet if you want to get that extra bang from your buck, purely because you gain access to multiple sites for the price of one, another perk is that sites usually cover different categories meaning you won't be tied down to one certain type of porn giving you the luxury of enjoying a diverse collection of steamy smut. Compared to other networks around Mofos Network is a little on the small side with only a handful of sites up their sleeves, but where they fall a little short on site numbers they're headstrong when it comes to quality, and best of all their models are gorgeous there's not a single broad I've come across on their sites that I wouldn't plough! Though this doesn't come to a surprise as the network was created by the developers of the Brazzers network, and they have always been known to provide some of the hottest models around.

Ok so lets look in to the numbers and specs of the network to give you guys a better indication on how much smut you can expect to dig your paws in to. First off let me just add that the network is still in it's infant stages, just to give you an idea of how new the network is the first featured episodes was loaded on the 12th of November '08 exactly a month before this review was completed. Having only been up for a month and already sporting close to 80 episodes is a mighty fine effort, even more so if you add the fact that all the episodes spanning across the sites are 100% exclusive to the network, in other words you won't be finding them anywhere else on the net. Up until now the network has been updated daily and they haven't skipped a beat, there's even information on the next 4 updates which will certainly reassure members that there's always something new abound.

All 5 sites have the same video options and quality on offer so thumbs up as far as consistency goes. Members have 3 different formats to choose from being wmv, mp4, and flash, of course the flash format is used for the streamed videos with the other 2 being available only in download form. That being said the videos have no DRM restrictions so once they're on your computer they are as good as yours. Members have the choice of downloading the episodes in full scenes and short chapters, it's nice to see there are short chapters available as this allows members to save a chunk of their bandwidth by skipping out on the segments they don't want to see. The highest quality videos have been encoded in a formidable bit rate of (1300kbps @ 640x480), I wouldn't say they're the best quality videos I've seen but they're definitely a decent watch that's for sure. Also having mp4 videos on offer gives members the choice of watching the episodes through portable devices which support video play back like iPods and PSPs.

The developers haven't pulled any punches when it comes to the picture content available on the network either as I found them to be just as impressive as the videos on offer. Each episode comes with an average of 500 images per photo set, these are directly related to the videos as they feature the same model, same location, and the same action. The only thing which does differ is that the photo sets include some softcore photos of the lovely ladies showing off their goods in tasteful yet erotic poses. Now the photos certainly do the ladies justice as they look so damn gorgeous in the pictures thanks to the clarity and vibrant colors. The only aspect which I found to be a tad average are the sizes they come in with the largest measuring in at around (600x900 pixels). Either way the sheer quality of the photos more than makes up for the average size.

Being a network based on reality porn you'll see your fair share of entertaining introductions which leads up to the steamy sex. The episodes on offer covers quite the cocktail of niches and it's safe to say that no matter what kind of porn you're in to you'll more than likely find a ton of episodes on this network which will have your rocks rolling. To give you a better idea on what kind of content you'll be indulging in on sign-up here's a list of the sites on offer. College Bash (amateur, orgy, teens), Teens At Work (teens, reality), Can She Take It (big dicks, reality), Day With A Pornstar (pornstars, hardcore), Mofos World Wide (amateurs, variety). Did that list paint a pretty little picture in your mind? Good! Because this network was designed to appeal to all porn lovers!

Nav, Design & Features

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  • Features: 0/10

On loading up the tour pages for the Mofos Network potential customers are showered with tons of information including the scenes count, how much porn they have in data, how many hours of porn there is on offer, and how many high quality pictures there are. Just below the great looking top banner there's a navigation menu which will take you to the different sections of the tour pages, I felt it's a little useless as most of the information can be found on the front tour page anyway, though there was one link "all mofos scenes" which could really come in handy as this presents you with the entire line up of updates shown in thumbnail porn, showing you exactly what you'll be signing up for.

Once you've signed up and gone through the usual login process you'll be taken to the main members area which pretty much works as the main hub for the entire network. At the very top of the site you've got a banner stating that Mofos Network is brought to you by the makers of Brazzers and if you know anything about the Brazzers network you'll know that it's a good thing. Below the banner there's a simple navigation menu which will allow you to browse through the updates via latest, mofos models, and the individual sites.

Below the navigation menu you'll come across the 8 latest updates which are represented via thumbnails, below the thumbnails you'll find information on the title of the episode, when the episode was uploaded, the general rating, and which site it falls under. These thumbnails are direct links to the media section for each of the episodes. Below the latest updates you'll find the list of upcoming updates, these too are represented via thumbnails to give members an idea on what kind of porn they could expect to see in the near future. At the very bottom of the main members area is the list of Today's Recommended Scenes, this can come quite in handy for when you're not sure where to start.

Down the left side of the site you'll come across another navigation menu which consists of specialized links. There's a shortcuts menu where you can easily access the best of, the community menu from where you can check out the Mofos forums, Mofos World section from where you can check out some content available on their sister network otherwise known as Brazzers, and the personal menu where you can check out the details of your account, and you're favorite scenes. The bottom part of this navigation menu is dedicated to the pornstars, each day there will be a new featured pornstar and you can check out her profile and all the content she has starred in, from here you can also check out the pornstars via alphabetical order, and keep up to date on the most popular pornstars on the network.

Accessing the content for each of the episodes is a breeze, simple click on the thumbnails representing the individual episodes I mentioned earlier and you will be taken to that episode's main page. Upon entering this page the first thing you'll come across is a video screen in which you can stream the episode simply by clicking the play button. To the right of this is information about the scene including a detailed description, the name of the pornstar, which categories the scene covers, and the average rating. Below the stream screen is where you'll find the download links to the various formats, these are the links for the full scene downloads, and at the bottom of this page is where you'll find the download links for the short segments, each one comes with a screen shot so members have a fair idea on what the segment involves.

Towards the bottom of the episode page you'll come across a section marked "related scenes" these are scenes which are similar to the episode you're watching, and at the very bottom of the episodes page is where you'll find comments from other members, you can even leave your own comment if you wish. Just above the streaming screen I mentioned earlier you'll find various tabs, these tabs will take you to the different photo galleries including the screen shots, and high quality photos. Click on any one of these and you'll be taken to the main gallery from where you can choose to view the pictures within the browser, or download the entire set in a single zip file for convenient offline viewing.

So that's pretty much the ins and outs of the network, it's all very straight forward stuff and the way they've set things out it feels more like a massive site rather than 5 separate sites which is good as making your way to the different types of content is seamless. The layout of the sites is very neat as the items on screen are nicely spaced out so you never get that cramped feel you get on other sites. As far as the color scheme goes I'd have to say they've gone the more professional approach as the main colors used are white and blue, not the most colorful site presentation but I've to say it still looks quite nice. Thumbs up as far as easy navigation and site presentation goes.



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Only a month of being live and the Mofos Network is already equipped with all the aspects needed to impress! Beautiful models, good quality content, and daily updates, this brand new network certainly has a blindingly bright future. You just can't go wrong here folks you can take my word for it that it's a safe join, easily attains the "must see" status which is quite impressive for a network that has only been up for a month. Thumbs up all around!

Pros & Cons

  • + Great network all around
  • + Gorgeous models
  • + High quality content
  • + Daily updates
  • + Decent amount of content
  • + All exclusive
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + Good site presentation