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Movie Pass Network 111 Movie Pass Network Movie Pass Network promises to bring you the steamiest adult sites to ever grace the internet, the 12 different sites on this network cover a good portion of the different niches the porn world has to
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Movie Pass Network

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Movie Pass Network

Short Review

Movie Pass Network promises to bring you the steamiest adult sites to ever grace the internet, the 12 different sites on this network cover a good portion of the different niches the porn world has to offer, with sites dedicated to 18-19 year olds, Milfs, Asians and many more weird and interesting niches, it's guaranteed that there's something here for you, check it out now!

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

Currently there are 12 sites up and running on the Movie Pass Network with plans on launching many more sites in the near future, all of these sites have their own unique niche and there's a good variety to choose from. Most of the niches covered by this network are fairly mainstream including 18 to 19 year olds, lesbians, milfs, anal, Asians and Interracial sex. There's no exact number on how many scenes there are all up on the network and this is probably because there is a shit load of them, too many to count in fact, otherwise I'd be giving you the numbers right now. Not only do members have access to all the videos available on their sites, but they are spoilt even further with bonus scenes and image galleries of random hardcore scenes and photo shoots.

Some of the sites on this network have very few featured videos while others have heaps, there's no real consistency when it comes to content numbers, as some of the niches would have been quite hard to get content for. The quality of their videos strongly differs through out the different sites and furthermore through out the different scenes, so it's kind of hard to come up with a final decision on whether the content on this network can be classified as good or not. I've had the pleasure of reviewing all the sites on this network and from what I've seen most of the video files aren't too bad, there were a few sites with some shocking video content but this is only a small fraction of the hundreds of scenes available, I thought that I should also mention that the quality of the bonus videos are superb and seeing as there are 412 of them to go through members may find themselves spending most of their time viewing these vids rather than the ones available on the actual sites, but with bonus content like this who could blame them.

If there's one thing that this network really excels in, it's the quality of their picture content, the picture content on this network is well worth a mention cause they are just pure eye candy, members that enjoy viewing pictures are certainly in for a treat and I'd even recommend viewing these pictures to members that tend to stay away from picture content, cause these are just too good to ignore. Dimensions of the pictures vary from picture to picture but they're all generally quite large, color and lighting is outstanding and there is little to no hint of blurring present through out all of their picture galleries, it's nice to see a network include still photos rather than crappy video captures, I really hope that more networks will start doing this

There's certainly a huge amount of content to go through on this network and even if members some how manage to run out of content to view, they can always check out the sites on the sister network "Super Site Pass" which currently has 20 sites up and running, you'll find that the site niches on this network are a little more quirky and strange, with sites like dildo drill, sexy lesbian feet and Rip my pantyhose it seems like the "Super Site Pass" network caters more towards people who like their weird and wonderful fetishes, which is a good contrast to the mainstream niches found on this network.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

All of the sites on this network are practically identical in their layout and spacing, the only things that change through out the different sites are the color schemes and content. The one factor I found that all the sites on this network really need to improve on is the general presentation and layout of the sites, as they all look quite underwhelming with dull color schemes and impractical spacing and layout. Sure all of the free tour pages look nice and pretty but these make the actual sites themselves look even worse. Don't they know that members expect the site to look appealing if they're paying with their hard earnt money.

Although the cosmetic side of their sites need improving the actual mechanics and navigation of their sites work well and are fairly basic and straight forward. All of the sites for both of the networks can be accessed via the drop down menus found at the very top of every site this makes the task of traversing from site to site quick and easy. The sites on this network have 8 different sections which include the home page, featured videos, bonus feeds, bonus vids, image galleries, live webcams, extras and the sex shop. 4 of the sections on this site (Bonus feeds, Live Webcams, Extras and Sex shop) are fairly useless, as I can't really see members using them all that much because they mainly consist of links to other adult orientated websites, members will probably check out these sections once out of curiosity and forget that they ever existed, the only section out of these 4 which members might actually use is the Live Webcam section, where you can choose to chat with a sexy porn star if they're online, there's usually around 30 Webcam girls on at anyone time on a 24 hour schedual so there's always bound to be a chick online.

All of the updates regarding the network as a whole can be found on the home page, the first thing you'll notice on this page are thumbnail links to the last 8 uploaded videos to the network, you'll also come across top ranking lists for their bonus sites, image galleries and bonus videos. At the very bottom of the home page are 4 links which direct you to other adult orientated websites which don't include porn, instead they are sites dedicated on tips and information on how you can improve your personal sex life. So the only thing that really got to me was the layout and presentation of all their sites, lets hope the developers get the hint and decide to do a massive make over for their sites.



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It's safe to say that the membership fee for this network is well worth it, cause not only do members gain access to all the videos and picture galleries on this network, but the password members acquire on sign up allow them full access on all the sites on their sister network, otherwise known as Super Site Pass. The only thing they can really improve on is the general presentation through out all their different sites, other than that it's quite a good network.

Pros & Cons

  • + Tonnes of featured content
  • + Loads of bonus vids
  • + High Quality picture content
  • - General presentation of sites