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Nerd Pass 2732 Nerd Pass Nerd Pass is a collection of sites featuring some of the hottest models ranging from cute teens to well aged milfs.
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Nerd Pass

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Nerd Pass

Short Review

Nerd Pass is a collection of sites featuring some of the hottest models ranging from cute teens to well aged milfs! There's a variety of unique reality based sites to choose from each one containing drool worthy videos and lavish high quality pictures which you won't find anywhere else but here because they are all 100% exclusive. There are currently 12 sites all of which are based on different categories giving members the most diverse porn experience possible.

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You can't blame me for thinking that the network was going to include sites starring only nerdy looking girls due to the strange name of the network "Nerd Pass". No I was way off track, ladies starring on the various sites on Nerd Pass are far from it, in fact there is not a single average looking girl on this site! So where they got the title Nerd Pass from beats me. As far as networks go Nerd Pass is still relatively quite new with the first few episodes having been launched in August last year in 2008. Since then the network has accumulated over 210 episodes across all 12 sites, that is 7 new sites since I last reviewed this site and knowing that the developers are constantly working on new sites I am sure we have only seen the tip of the iceberg, and to give the network even more credibility, all the content available on this site is 100% exclusive, plus most of the sites are still quite active on updates.

Standards of online porn models compared to magazine models is pretty damn low, yup it feels as though online porn site developers pick up just any average looking girl off the streets to star in their movies. This isn't the case with Nerd Pass because the developers have hand picked the most attractive ladies to star on their sites, and I have to say looking through their line-up there's not a single ugly lady amongst them as all of them are so very fuckable! There's a nice selection of different types of women to choose from, there are redheads, blondes, Latinas, Indians, Ebony ladies, Asians, and of course lovely brunettes. They also range in shapes and sizes, and ages ranging from cute teens to seductive milfs.

The 12 sites on offer are reality and niched based so you can be sure to see some entertaining introductions leading up to the steamy sex. If you're wondering about the hardcore factor well there's certainly no issue here as the episodes on offer are as hardcore as can get featuring no-holes barred fucking involving hardcore anal penetration and some brutal blowjobs. Quite a few of the episodes have been shot in the POV angle, so to those of you who love to fully immerse yourselves in the porn to the point where it feels as though the lovely model on screen is sucking you off, then you won't be disappointed here. Basically the variety of porn is quite refreshing, also I'll produce a list of the sites at the end of this section to give you a better idea on what kind of porn there is waiting for you on sign-up.

Members have a nice amount of video options on their table, they can either stream the episodes within the browser in flv format or download them in wmv format and because the videos have no DRM restrictions members can choose to keep the episodes for as long as they want. Episodes are full length running for roughly 30 minutes each, members can choose to view them in both full scenes and short chapters, having included the short chapters allows members to save huge amounts of bandwidth if they only wish to view certain parts of the scene. Now the videos are available in amazing HD quality 1280x720 so there's definitely no shortage on quality here, that goes for the downloadable videos, the streamed videos however are a little lower in quality though they're still quite pleasing to watch.

To keep picture fans pleased they have included photo sets which consist of approximately 300 pictures each for every episode. To be honest though I was fairly disappointed with the sizes they came in as they're quite small measuring in at (800x600 pixels) though I have to admit the quality is fairly high as they're very clear and the clarity is top notch, though I can't help but feel that they are a little small. These photos directly relate to the video footage as they feature the same hardcore action, story, and location. To be fair though they aren't that bad, and if you aren't too fussy with the size a picture comes in then you'll most likely enjoy these.

As I promised earlier I would produce a list of the sites available on the network to give readers a better understanding on what kind of porn they will be signing up for, so here it is, plus the categories they cover. Ass Delivery (big butts, reality, hardcore), Facial Special (blowjobs, cumshots, reality), See Me In Public (voyeurism, softcore), Tits Burger (big boobs, hardcore, reality), Tug Express (handjobs, blowjobs, cumshots), Viva La Bus (Reality, Latina), POV Fixation (hardcore, POV), My Personal Panties (Lingerie, Toys), My Neighbors Sex Tapes (reality), Miami's Juiciest (Big Butts, Reality), Bad Girls Get Fucked (Reality), 18 With Proof (Young Adult, Reality). So there you have the complete list of sites you'll gain access to on sign-up, and I'm sure it's pretty obvious by now that they cater towards those of you who enjoy reality porn and porn which is based on a specific category.

Nav, Design & Features

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Nerd Pass is looking a lot more professional than last I had the chance to check this site out and you can tell right from the get go as the tour pages have been renovated and looks great. Below the top banner there is a free trailer of the latest update, but the great thing is that non-members can check out the entire back catalog of past updates so they know exactly what they are paying for. Down the right border of this page you will find the complete list of sites, and at the very bottom you have the entire line up of models, this will certainly grab potential customers by the balls as all the models look smoking hot making a sign-up irresistible.

Once you go through the usual login process you'll be taken to the main members area of Nerd Pass where you will be bombarded with information on the latest and greatest across all 12 sites. At the top you've got a great looking top banner with a simple navigation menu just below including links which will allow you to browse the modes, check out the entire line up of past updates, and customize your account, there's also a home link which will take you back to the main members area if you quickly want to back track. You can also access a few extras from this navigation menu including the behind the scenes footage and live radio.

Just below the navigation menu on the left side of the page you'll find a sample picture of the latest update along with a short description and links to the main media section and trailer. Down the right side of the page you'll find links to the 12 sites which will take you directly to the homepage of your chosen site, a nice and easy way to hop from site to site. The bottom half of the homepage consists of thumbnail links to the latest past updates, to view the entire archive of past updates you'll have to utilize the link provided at the very bottom of the page.

I felt the "browse the girls" and "updates" sections could have been merged in to one as they pretty much feature the same thing. The only difference is that the updates section is a lot more informative while the models section is a lot more pleasing to the eyes. The updates have been organized across 14 indexed pages from latest to oldest. Each page contains up to 15 episodes each and each episode takes up a small portion of these pages. Within this portion you'll find a sample picture of the episode, along with a detailed description, and which site the update falls under.

Clicking on the thumbnail which represents the episode will take you to it's main page. Here you will find a portrait of the starring model, and a detailed description on what goes on in the scene. To the right of the model's portrait is where you'll find links to the different types of media including the trailer, streaming link of the video, and links to the different types of photo content on offer. You'll find the download links to the very right of the page, each segment download is presented via thumbnail which will give you a rough idea on what that particular segment involves, a single click on these and your download should automatically start.

I don't recommend viewing the picture galleries through the browser as they're in flash form, meaning you won't be getting the full sized picture and to be honest they look a little too small if you view them this way around. It's a good thing they have included the option of downloading the pictures, you can download them individually or download the entire set in a single zip file which is much more convenient. All in all the site is fairly easy to navigate though it does take some getting used to. Site presentation is great and the site looks very modern, the layout of the site is quite neat as every thing is nicely spaced out. The main color scheme is orange and black which looks great, all in all definitely a huge improvement from when I last had to review Nerd Pass.



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Nerd Pass just keeps getting better every time I have to review this awesome network. Not only did their numbers grow profoundly but they have made the members area a lot more accessible and easy to navigate. The thing I love most about this network is their standards of women, I don't think I've ever seen so many hot ladies in one site. Also the quality of content is high and updates are very regular. There's just no going wrong here folks, check it out if you claim yourself to be a porn fan!

Pros & Cons

  • + Loads of new sites
  • + Awesome new members area
  • + Models are as hot as ever
  • + Quality of content is high
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Nice extras
  • + Regular updates