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Pick Your Poison 1433 Pick Your Poison Pick Your Poison offers a variety of flavors from the hardcore niche.
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Pick Your Poison

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Pick Your Poison

Short Review

Pick Your Poison offers a variety of flavors from the hardcore niche. Ranging from straight out fucking, to more extreme based hardcore scenes involving rough sex, sticky cumshots, dirty ass licking, explosive squirting, and many more weird and wonderful sex acts. Pick Your Poison is a network made up of over 30 hardcore niche sites, all of which offer good quality, exclusive content.

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Now here's a network specially made for fans of the hardcore niche. The great thing about this network, is that it gives members a nice variety of sub categories which branch off from the hardcore niche, which is a nice change from the usual, straight out gonzo scenes. All current sites on Pick Your Poison, provide video and picture content which is all exclusive to this network. The size of sites do tend to differ, as you'll come across sites which have a huge amount of content, and sites which are still fairly small, but overall there's a ton of hardcore scenes to check out.

Video content comes in a wide range of formats, and qualities. All of the scenes are available to stream, and download in short clips encoded in Wmv and Mpeg format. The highest quality videos on offer are in a video bit rate of 1290kbps, with a resolution of 640x480, these are very easy on the eyes, and look great. The videos are also available in lower quality, which are ideal for members on slower connections. The lower encoding rates are in (928k, 496k, 225k), these videos are in a resolution of 320x240. They really haven't held back on download options, making the sites convenient for just about every one.

Each of the episodes also offer great photo content, which follows the action of scenes. The photo sets contain approximately 160 mouth watering pictures each, these look great and are very clear, though I would have liked to seem them in larger dimensions, as they're available in a fairly average sizes of up to 960x640. But above all they're quite a treat for the eyes, and compliment the great video content available.

Seeing as there are so many sites on offer, I can't hope to fit them all in my review, so I've picked out the sites which seemed to be the more interesting ones out of the bunch, to give you a brief description on what kind of content it provides.

Black Dicks White Chicks
The horny white ladies starring on this site, live for black cock. This site features hardcore interracial scenes that can get quite intense to say the very least. Certainly a site to check out if you like seeing white girls getting impaled on huge black wangs.

Wet Wild and Wasted
On this site you will be treated with the most brutal fuck scenes you could ever imagine. Watch as the girls get absolutely drilled, all the while getting slapped, gagged and basically get treated like dirt. This one isn't for the faint of heart, as it's extremely savage from the word go.

Jism Junkies
If you love seeing girls drenched in fresh warm cum, then this is a site specially made for your tastes. Content on this site falls under the cumshot niche, so sit back and watch as the ladies play with the white stuff as though it's the newest fad. This site delivers cum by the truck load!

Corporate Fantasy
Here you can find horny white collared employees, getting down and dirty in the very cubicles they do their day to day work. Cum and see all the dirty things people get up to in a seemingly clean office environment, you'll be surprised just how dirty these well groomed individuals can get.

I love To Squirt
This site has turned the tables to the womens favor. Watch the juicy ladies on this site, put men to shame by showing them how squirting bodily fluids should be done. When these ladies cum, they really cum!

Kiss My Crack
Nothing illegal going on here, just a bunch of horny women who have acquired a taste for male buttholes. Cum and watch these lovely ladies lick hairy ass cracks as though it were their favorite flavor of ice cream! Watch out for those stray danglers girls!

So there you have some of the sites which provide some crazy, yet arousing porn. Admittedly not for everyone, but will really appeal to fans of hardcore and fetish niches. Comparing the sites as far as quality goes, there were some differences, but thankfully it's not overly noticeable as the quality stays fairly good. Keep in mind that there are only a select few of the sites, as I do have a limited amount of space for my reviews. There are another 24 sites to check out, which are just as weird and wonderful as the ones I've described.

Nav, Design & Features

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Only 6 of the sites on offer are presented on the first page you are directed to after logging in. You will find links to the rest of the sites upon entering one of these. All of the sites on Pick Your Poison essentially have the same basic layout, making for quick and easy browsing. It would have been nice if they provided a main portal page with links to all the pages, instead of having to enter one of the sites to find the links to the rest, as it does tend to require a lot of backtracking if you are quite the site hopper.

Upon entering each site, you are required to re-enter your login, I did find this quite annoying after the fifth or so time. Once you've made it to the site of your choice, you'll find that all the episodes are easily accessible from the one page. Scrolling down the site you'll come across several thumbnails which depict the episodes along with the various links to the picture galleries, and the various video formats and qualities.

You'll find the links to the various sites towards the bottom of every site. Each one is represented by a small thumbnail link portraying the main site banner. Clicking on these thumbnails will prompt you to re-enter your login, then from there you are free to browse the content the site offers. As you can tell there's really not that much to the navigation of these sites, which is always a good thing. Though like I said earlier, it would have been nice if there was a portal page to make site hopping more quicker.



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Well I was quite impressed with what this network of hardcore sites has to offer. Most of what's available is a little on the extreme side, which is more than likely good news for fans. I did feel that there could have been a little more balance in the sizes of the sites, as there were some sites that were a little small. Overall though there's a ton to check out, and the quality of the content is very decent. I'd put this network under the "must see" classification for hardcore fans.

Pros & Cons

  • + Great variety of hardcore niches
  • + 30 awesome sites all up
  • + Content looks good
  • + Sites offer exclusive content