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Sweet Members 182 Sweet Members Sweet members is a network that revolves around some of the more extreme categories you'll come across in the porn world, There are sites that include Fisting, Pissing, Spanking and Crazy bondage.
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Sweet Members

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Sweet Members

Short Review

Sweet members is a network that revolves around some of the more extreme categories you'll come across in the porn world, There are sites that include Fisting, Pissing, Spanking and Crazy bondage. All up there are 17 different sites to choose from, needless to say that these sites aren't meant for the faint hearted, if you feel like your up for all this crazy sex then by all means check this site out.

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Sweet members is a network made for people who are into those bizzare and kinky fetishes, most of their 17 sites are based around the not so main stream niches like pissing, spanking and bondage so I'd have to say that the content on this network aren't meant for everyone. Although there are a few fairly normal sites, like Jake busts nuts and Intermixed, but these are only 2 out of the 17 sites, if you wanted something a little more mainstream than your probably at the wrong place, cause everything you'll find on this network is far from normal.

Each of the sites on the Sweet network have their own featured videos, I've had the pleasure of reviewing most of these sites and I'd have to say that the quality of the videos largely differ from site to site, for the most part they're generally quite good, but I remember that there was one site, with really shocking looking videos that will haunt me for the rest of my days. Most of the video files on this network are in wmv format, you'll also come across some mpg and mov files in some of the sites. Most of the scenes have been cut into shorter equally sized chapters to keep file sizes down and most of the sites include both high and low res video files, there's definitely no shortages as far as options go.

Not only do SEG members have access to all the videos on the 17 sites, but they can also check out the bonus video feeds the dev. team has provided for their members. These bonus vids cover all of the main stream niches including anal, interracial, 18-19 year old girls and hardcore, the dev team knew that the only people who are going to sign up to this network are those who enjoy viewing crazy porn so they've also included some not so mainstream niches like bondage, watersports and bizarre fetishes. I'd have to say that I was quite impressed with the quality of the bonus vids and I'd even go as far as saying that it's better than some of the featured vids this network has available.

Picture content on the SEG network is a bit of a cocktail, there are some sites that include video captures and some sites that include proper still photos, than there are those sites which have both. This goes without saying but the quality of their video captures are pretty low and I was a little bit disappointed cause the network I had to review this one had high quality still photos only. Anyway it's a good thing that some of their sites do have proper still photos and you'll be glad to know that there's tonnes of bonus pictures to check out and you'll be extra glad to know that they've opted for high quality still photos under all the different niches you could ask for. These pics are probably the highlight of their picture content as they are far superior and much more eye pleasing than their featured vidcap pics.

Well this network did alright content wise, they do need to work on their featured pictures though, maybe they can try and get some more still photos instead of having to resort to those crappy looking video captures, let me just state again that the content on this network is focused towards people who like their porn to be a little more kinkier than usual if you know what I mean, so if your not into that sort of shit then you'll probably want to look elsewhere, but if you like Bizarre fetishes and what not then you'll end up loving this site.

Nav, Design & Features

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This site basically acts as a portal for all of the different sites on this network. There's essentially only one section to this site so you'll probably find that this part of the review will be a little shorter than usual. Anyway once you enter your login and load up the main page you'll notice that the site has a very basic layout. At the top of the page you'll find a short welcome message directed to all of their members. The rest of this page consists of links to the various sites evenly spaced out down the length of the page. Each of these links include a short description of the site and a small collage of pictures that portray the niche of the site. At the very bottom of the page is where you'll find the links to all of the bonus content which includes bonus vids, bonus pictures, bonus image galleries and a couple more bonus features which are more of a novelty than anything.

Most of the sites on this network have dark color schemes with black being the base color for all of their sites. Layout and navigation stays the same through out the different sites, as you'll notice them to look identical with only the site name and banner changing through out the sites. What impressed me most were the thumbnail links found underneath the navigation menu on every site, these thumbnail links allow you to instantly traverse the sites without having to re-enter your login every time you change sites, this made transitions between all their sites pretty much instantaneous, which is quite convenient. Now the reason why I was impressed with this feature is due to the fact that most networks don't allow you to go directly to the home page of a site, instead your usually taken to the login screen where you must re-enter your login and you can take my word for it that doing this a couple of times ends up being very annoying and tedious, something I'm sure most members don't want to deal with.

The only thing I wasn't too fond about was the fact that their sites look a little cluttered as everything seems to be focused around the center of the page which in turn leaves huge blank borders on both sides of the page, it's as if they haven't used the space they had to work with to it's full extent, but other than that the sites work just fine and even if you do somehow lose your way you can always click on the home page button found towards the top of every page.



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The Sweet network is doing a great job in providing members with some of the more crazier porn scenes your likely to see. As I said earlier in my review the content on this site isn't exactly what I'd call mainstream, needless to say that this certainly isn't meant for the faint of heart, as the scenes do tend to get very crazy at times, but what else could you expect from a hardcore fetish site?

Pros & Cons

  • + Tonnes of great featured vids
  • + Loads of bonus content
  • + Quick transitions between sites
  • - Most featured pics are vidcaps