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Torbe Network 2810 Torbe Network Torbe Network is a collection of sites which specializes on reality porn.
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Torbe Network

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Torbe Network

Short Review

Torbe Network is a collection of sites which specializes on reality porn. The network boasts an amazing 27 sites most of which are fairly new and all of which feature some of the hottest ladies most of who have never tried their hand in porn before but are just as hot and can put up just as good a show as some well known pornstars. For the price of just one site members will be given quite the cocktail of porn to indulge in, so if you're up for some diversity in your porn Torbe Network delivers!

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The concept of joining a network with a collection of sites covering a myriad of different types of porn has become quite popular with porn lovers, knowing this there are plenty of adult site developers who take advantage of this concept and nowadays niched networks such as Torbe Network are in plentiful supply. That being said it's only every now and then I come across a network which is original and stands out amongst the rest of them. So the question is does Torbe Network excel in both those aspects? Well lets delve in to the network specs and I'll let you decide for yourself.

Now the Torbe Network has been around since 06 but not all of the sites have been around for that long. In fact some of the sites are quite new, some having been live for less than a month. That being said the Torbe Network certainly continues to evolve in to a much more formidable network and with hundreds of other networks out their it's no surprise that the developers are trying their hardest to stay on top of things. The Torbe Network largely focuses on Reality based porn with a few specialty sites in the mix. Overall the variety of porn on offer is quite diverse, I'll produce a list of the sites to give readers further insight as to how diverse the collection of sites is which I will place at the end of this section of the review, right now lets see how the network does for content numbers.

Across all 27 sites on the Torbe Network there are close to thousand full length episodes which run for roughly 30 minutes each. But that's not the end of it because most of the sites are still being updated on a regular basis. All the episodes on offer are 100% exclusive to the network so you won't be finding this content any where else on the net. As though all the exclusive episodes won't be enough for their members the developers have also given them access to an extensive online DVD archive to further stretch the longevity of the membership.

Quality through out the various sites is quite high and there's also quite a few video options members have to play around with. There are 3 formats on offer including wmv, mov, and mp4. Having these three formats available will allow PC and Mac users to watch the episodes, and with the mp4 videos on offer members can choose to watch the episodes on portable devices such as iPods and PSPs. The highest bit rate which the videos are available in is an amazing (2800kbps @ 1280x720) which tech heads will know to be of HD standards. That being said the videos look immaculate, they're very clear and large in video size to boot, certainly a quality buffs dream cum true.

All of the episodes on offer come with a set of pictures however I was quite disappointed with the quality they came in, especially after having been highly impressed by the videos. The main aspect which I wasn't too pleased with is the sizes they come in being (600x400 pixels) making them some of the smallest pictures I've seen from a network. Clarity is some what inconsistent through out the various sites though I'm glad to say that they images are fairly decent with a few sets showing signs of graininess. On a lighter note the colors are rich and the photography work is great, however there's definitely some room for improvement in the pictures department.

AS you may recall I promised to provide a list of the sites to give you guys a better understanding on what kind of content the network provides, well here it is! Torbe Russia (reality, ethnic), Way Too Hot Lesbians (lesbians), Torbe Couples (amateur, reality), Priest Damian (reality), Freak Bukake (cumshots, orgy), Jesistos Will (reality), Heal My Ass (anal, bizarre), Torbe High Class (babes, hardcore), Torbe CZ (reality, ethnic), Torbe Argentina (reality, latina), Torbe Homemade (reality, amateur), Spy Torbe (reality, voyeur), Torbe Girls (amateur, reality), Brunette Fever (brunettes, reality), Silvia Next Door (feature girl, reality), Lorena Latin Lover (latina, reality), Cum Cum Sofia (feature girl, cumshots), Diana Dean (feature girl), Masscha (feature girl), Busty Isabel (big boobs, feature girl), My Week Whit Yanire (feature girl, reality), Torrente X (hardcore, reality), Xtreme Victoria (feature girl), Naughty Tania (feature girl), My Sexy Roxana (feature girl), Valeria On fire (feature girl).

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The tour pages of Torbe Network is overflowing with massive amounts of sample pictures taken from the various sites on the network. Within the top banner there's information stating that you gain access to 27 sites for the price of one along with what looks to be one of the main protagonists of the sites along with two lovely looking ladies carrying handguns. Scrolling down the tour pages potential customers will get an eye full of sample pictures taken from each of the sites and at the very bottom of the tour page there's an entire list of every model which has ever starred on the Torbe Network. It's a shame that there are no free trailers to be seen though the sheer amount of sample pictures will surely get potential customers interested.

Once logged in you will immediately be ported to the main members area for the entire Torbe Network, this page can pretty much be treated as the hub for the entire network as you can access all the updates and sites the network has to offer. Down the length of the middle of the page you'll come across the latest updates, the left border includes the banner links which once clicked on will take you straight to the members area of your chosen site, and the right side of the page includes links to the bonus content including the online DVD archive members have access to.

Once you've had the privilege of browsing through the many sites on Torbe Network you'll notice that they all practically have the same layout. The members area of the individual site will include the latest update on the very top of the page, within the latest update section there's the video streaming screen, links to the downloads including the various formats and different segments, and of course links to both the video captures and photo sets. You'll notice a nice little feature in the photo sets where members can choose to download the entire gallery in a single zip file for offline viewing.

The rest of the updates can be found within the bottom half of the main members area, these are represented in thumbnail form and once clicked on you'll be taken to the main media section which looks identical to the latest update section. Below each thumbnail is information on the model's name and when the episode was uploaded. At the very bottom of the main members are you'll come across a list of the 3 upcoming episodes, this list includes thumbnails to give members a sneak peek on what kind of hot porn there is waiting for them around the corner.

So that's the features and navigation of the site in a nutshell, I had no problems browsing the sites and making your way from site to site is a walk in the park. Site presentation looks great on the main members are of the Torbe Network and the various tour pages for the individual sites, however the site presentation for the members areas of the different sites is a little dull. However the sites do look quite neat, and everything is nicely spread out so you never get that cluttered feel you get from some sites.



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The Torbe is doing quite well for itself as far as content numbers and especially quality thanks to the HD videos on offer. One thing I would like to see the developers improve on is the picture content, sure members will be more interested with the video content but there are individuals out there who still appreciate good picture content such as myself. Updates come in regularly so I'm sure we'll see this network grow even bigger in the coming years.

Pros & Cons

  • + A nice mix of sites
  • + Excellent video quality
  • + Regular updates
  • + Exclusive content
  • + Lots of very attractive models
  • + Sites are easy to browse
  • - Pictures could be better