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Wack My Meat 3374 Wack My Meat Lori Anderson is a babe who has perfected the fine art of pleasuring a man using hands only.
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Wack My Meat

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Wack My Meat

Short Review

Lori Anderson is a babe who has perfected the fine art of pleasuring a man using hands only! We can enjoy Lori's extremely hot and sensual handjobs from the POV angle so we can get the sensation that she is wanking us "the viewer" off! Lori Anderson has produced 39 handjob episodes filled with plenty of lube and sensual cock massaging, there's even some steamy penetration as Lori can't help but enjoy a bit of pleasure herself!

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

So you're the type of guy who fantasizes about getting his cock yanked hard rather than getting it sucked or fucked by a hot babe right? Well then it's a good thing that you have come to this site because Lori Anderson (the main model behind the site) performs some of the most arousing handjob performances ever. I am guessing this hot blond has had quite a bit of experience fucking men with her hands as she does an awesome job on making them explode, she also includes cock rings and plenty of lube in her episodes to help things along! Obviously the content strongly revolves around handjobs so I wouldn't say it's for everyone, though there are some instances where Lori slips the handjobee's cock in her mouth and even in her delicious little slit!

There is no evident information as to how long the site has been around for as the past updates have not been logged with upload dates. Furthermore there's no way in telling if the site is still active on updates as there's no news on future updates and seeing as the past updates haven't been dated I've no idea on how long ago the last update was uploaded. What I can tell readers is that there are 39 episodes on offer which run for roughly 6 minutes each. Quite short episodes I know but seeing as they are handjob episodes it was kind of expected. With only 39 short episodes on offer I am certainly hoping the site is still active on updates as that amount won't be lasting members for a long enough time for them to be satisfied, the good news is that the episodes are exclusive to the site.

Seeing as they didn't do overly well on quantity I was some what hoping the site would excel on quality though I am sad to say the videos are pretty average maybe even below average if you are very picky with your video content. Video options are ok though all of them are only available in wmv format, they can only be downloaded in full scenes which is understandable as they are quite short after all. The highest encoding rate they are available in is 1000kbps @ 320x240, not ever impressive I know especially the low resolutions but the kbps rate does some what raise the bar a little. Overall though I feel the videos could have been a lot better and seeing as they are quite short it wouldn't have been too hard to encode them in higher resolutions.

Unfortunately the only photo content on offer I personally don't even classify as photos as they are just screen shots taken from the video content, so like the video archive the photo archive contains 39 individual galleries which carry an average of 75 pictures per set. I could immediately tell that they were screen shots as some do tend to get quite pixelated and the clarity is something left to be desired, colors aren't all that great either, basically they are your standard screen shots so no surprise here. The only some what decent aspect of the screen shots is in the sizes they come in at 800x600 pixels, not massive but they're bigger than the usual 640x480 screen shots I am used to.

Obviously the developers knew that the current size of the episode archive isn't going to have members occupied forever so they have given members free access to a ton of video feeds spanning across many different categories ranging from mainstream favorites, reality content, and kinky fetish sites. Needless to say being video feeds members don't have the luxury of downloading the content, rather they can only stream them off the various sites. Either way they are nice to have around if members need a break from all the steamy handjob content.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

I would have to say that the tour pages are some what kind of misleading due to the fact that the first bit of information you come across states that there's 1000's of exclusive photos and videos on offer which I am sure you all know by now isn't true. Either way handjob lovers will be mesmerized by the gif animation of Lori tugging cock situated within the top banner, plus the various photos of the hot blond will surely have potential members interested. Further down the tours there are sample pictures and videos from selected episodes to give potential customers further insight on what kind of content they will be in for on sign-up.

The homepage is quite a simple one, there's a standard navigation menu situated below the top banner which includes links to the photo gallery and video gallery, also included is a link to the bonus content and specials on live cam shows. On the homepage there are links to the hottest new additions, and the top rated content. There are double ups of links on the homepage as they are already on the navigation menu any way which leads me in to thinking they have only included these to make the homepage look a little more filled out, these include the bonus content link along with the video and photo gallery link.

The entire video gallery spans across a single page which has the episodes organized from latest to oldest. Each episode is represented by a screen shot taken from the episode along with the episode title below it. A single click on the thumbnail will take you to the main download page from where you can access the download links for the various video qualities. The photo gallery essentially has the same layout and if you've ever browsed a thumbnail gallery before you should have no problems in using these ones as they are pretty standard. The only stand out feature is that members can choose if whether the thumbnails are of small, medium, or large size.

That's pretty much all there is to navigating the site, there really isn't a whole lot to explain as there are really only 2 sections to the site and further more they are very simple. I was quite impressed with the site presentation as well, they haven't made the site overly flashy but they have still managed to make it look nice. Plus with the way every thing is nicely spaced out the site looks very neat unlike sites which tend to cramp every thing in making the site look messy and cluttered. Two thumbs up from me as far as features and navigation goes, I wish I could say the same for the content though.



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I would have to say that the main selling point of the site would have to be the sexy Lori Anderson and her amazingly hot handjob performances, they are so hot I am sure even hardcore fans will be turned on! Apart from that though the site does pretty average on everything else. Content numbers are mediocre and the same can be said for the video quality and as for the photos? Well they are screen shots after all so no hope there. Not the best site around but if anything the handjobs are awesome!

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot handjob performances
  • + Lori is stunning
  • + Exclusive content
  • + Access to tons of bonus sites
  • + Site looks great and easy to browse
  • - Videos look average
  • - Looks like it's not active on updates