100amateur 4217 100amateur 100% Amateur is a non-exclusive collection offering scenes for amateur themed DVD series.
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Short Review

100% Amateur is a non-exclusive collection offering scenes for amateur themed DVD series. The collection is part of the Porn Access package, a large porn site that offers full access to over 1500 "mini sites" in a wide variety of categories. Membership to 100% Amateur includes dozens of scenes for this mini site specifically and comes with full access to all of Porn Access. Did I mention it only cost five bucks?

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  • Quality: 0/15
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Unlike almost all of the collections that we review here at Review Porn, 100% Amateur is not a standalone site. In other words, there's no way to join only 100% Amateur because the mini site really only exists inside of the larger Porn Access site. This is sort of an "old school" way of setting up porn sites and is a throwback to the days when companies would offer enterprising porn sellers large numbers of DVDs to be chopped up and turned into themed porn collections to add to the network. This setup is called an AVS or adult verification site, but in many ways it's more like the DVD download sites that are popular these days since all of the materials are non-exclusive and come from DVD titles.

So now that we've established what kind of site 100% Amateur is, what exactly do they have to offer? This mini site specifically offers 77 scenes and there are around 100 additional amateur themed many sites available in the larger collection. Altogether, the various amateur themed mini sites offer over 500 individual scenes. Many, if not all, of the scenes repeat over and over across similarly themed sites. There are over 1500 different mini sites available here in over 35 different categories.

The 100% Amateur scenes feature women ranging from young, in shape hotties to chubby, over the hill mature swingers. Most of the models are white and most of the action is one-on-one, but there is some variation including group sex scenes and a few Asian and Latino models.

The quality of the materials here at 100% Amateur depends pretty heavily on the quality of the original recording. Some of these scenes seem like they're on the older side, and the flicks I downloaded came at just 512 x 384 pixels, 1000 kbps or so. When left at their normal small size, clarity is actually quite good and the flicks play smoothly. Unfortunately, enlarging much is not very feasible and typically causes some noticeable quality loss.

Nav, Design & Features

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The tour pages for 100% Amateur are pretty basic and really give no hint as to what kind of site you are really joining. In fact, they don't even bother to mention that the collection is just the tip of the iceberg of what you get with membership until you hit the sign-up page. There are a couple of small preview images and a sentence or two of text for all of the scenes included specifically on the 100% Amateur mini site, but that's about as one as the tour gets.

When you log into the site, you'll find yourself smack in the middle of the massive Porn Access main site. Near the top left side of the page, you'll see a direct link to the mini site you signed in through, in this case, 100% Amateur. Below that, you'll find the main navigation tools for the site including a keyword search box that allows you to look for certain keywords, DVD titles or series, or porn star names. I had mixed results with this and the site often returned dozens of results which seemed to have absolutely nothing to do with my search terms. You can also opt to view sites or scenes by category. Overall, I'm really not a fan of the navigation here. I don't think it's comprehensive enough for a collection this size, and viewing the sites by category doesn't make much sense since most of the sites within each category just repeat the same scenes over and over.

Each scene has its own download page where you can choose from two different quality levels for download. Downloads are offered only in WMV format and there is a single quality level available in a Flash streaming format as well. Although this series each scene is taken from is listed here, there's no way to click to find other DVDs from the series or other scenes from the title, nor is the full title listed in most cases.



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Although I'm not particularly a fan of the way the site is set up and would much rather see this large collection offered in a more feature filled, user-friendly members' area, 100% Amateur and the overall Porn Access package have one very good thing going for them, and that's the price. At just five dollars a month for all this porn, I really can't think of a single site that can compete when it comes to quantity and pricing alone.

Pros & Cons

  • + Really cheap, only $5 a month
  • + Large collection
  • + Tons of extras and bonuses
  • - Non-exclusive
  • - Quality could be much better
  • - Navigation needs work
  • - Only one downloadable file format
  • - No updates