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Do you get sick of seeing the same porn stars in every site? Well we review the best amateur sex sites on the net! These sites specialize in amateur porn so that you get fresh new girls! Watch as these hot young wives cheat with their neighbours in these homemade fuck tapes! You might just see your buddy's wife because these hot amateur pussies are just begging to get pounded! It's every swingers dream come true!

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  1. Amateur Slave
    Wow these girls are daring, they're amateurs yet they are more than willing to participate in the most hardcore acts of sexuality known to man! sounds like a damn good show if you ask me, cum watch these newcomers get their pussy lips pinned, and get drenched with scorching hot wax!
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  2. Shemale Hookups
    Do you ever have trouble looking for a transsexual partner? I don't blame, you cause they don't exactly strut down main street, holding up a big sign saying I'm a raging Transsexual!! Well then you might want to check this site out, cause you might learn a thing or two about how to pick up trannies, and where to find them, that's right Shemale Hookups will show you how it's meant to be done!
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  3. Amateur Couples
    The fellas behind Amateur Couples, thought it would be a great idea, to prowl around their neighborhood, on the hunt for real couples which have never had any experience in the porn industry, to fuck and suck each other silly in front of the camera for some extra dosh, and just for the thrill of being filmed.
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  4. Amateur Beaver
    Well this site is worth a look if your into photo galleries. The site doesn't have any videos except for the video feeds of course but they don't have anything to do with the sites niche. I was pretty bummed out about this site as I thought it would have been a great little site with loads of content. It's more of a video feeds, and extras website. I hope these guys add some more content to the page later on in some of their updates. If I were you I would hold off on this site for awhile.
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  5. 18 To 19 Goddess
    Teen Goddess is more of a site which provides content from a collection of other sites that cover the teen category. There's quite a mix of different types of teen porn on offer which is always nice though it would have been nice to see some actual featured content, as the porn on offer isn't exclusive to Teen Goddess but at least there is a good amount on offer. Members have access to a large amount of video feeds, downloadable videos, and photo galleries.
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  6. Tittie Club
    The best thing I can think of when it comes to a womens body are their tits. I am the biggest tit fan in the world. Now when I spotted this website I was dam excited to get a chance to review this. I was a little bummed out when I logged into the site to find there was no content. Don't get me wrong, there was plenty of content but it was in the form of video feeds and bonus websites. I must say that some of these video feeds blew my mind. They are some of the hottest video feeds that money can.
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  7. Who Wants To Fuck A Billionaire
    The fellas behind this site have come up with an ingenious plot to get women to suck and fuck their throbbing cocks, the man behind the plan is Steve, him and his friends go around on the hunt for prime pussy and tricking them into thinking he's a filthy rich billionaire, and we all know that if you throw money into the picture, some chicks will do just about anything come see Steve and his mates get up to no good!
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  8. Big Brother Exposed
    Have you ever eagerly watched the Big Brother series before hoping that some of the hot chicks will get down and dirty with the other house mates only to have the scene cut out just before you get to see them going hard at it? Well you can thank your lucky stars cause Big Brother Exposed brings you all the fucking that went on behind the scenes which they didn't want the kiddies to see, if you ever fantasized about one of the hot Big Brother house mates before then you'll love this site.
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  9. Sexy Soft Babes
    Sexy Soft babes brings you some of the cutest amateur models taking their gear of for some sensual softcore footage. The exclusive babes on this site are the girl next door type, innocent, cute and down to earth, but we all know that deep down inside they've all got sexual urges to, so Sexy Soft Babes have helped them explore their sexual sides by letting them show off their goods on this hot little site.
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  10. Shy College Girls
    The name of this site says it all Shy College Girls...or does it? Sure they may have a shy and innocent visage but if you rattle them up hard enough you'll start to see the sexual monster deep within these horny little nymphos, lets face it girls that have just turned 18 put up a great show cause they're curious as hell, plus the fact that their pussies are still ripe and probably tight as all fuck really adds to their sexual appeal, cum check out these seemingly Shy college girls in action.
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  11. Her First Tryout
    The fellas behind this site came up with an ingenious plan to lure some fresh new talent into the porn industry, every week they put up an add in the papers stating that they're looking for ambitious young models, but the thing is they don't specify on what kind of modeling they're needed for. The unsuspecting girls come in all dolled up thinking they gonna be a star for a shampoo add or something, only to get their holes slammed in the end!
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  12. The Best Amateur
    The Best Amateur is a humble little website with a good quantity of 100% exclusive real amateur porn. It may not actually be the best site out there, but you wont see this stuff anywhere else, theres enough of it to please and the price is right. Take the tour and if you like what you see, sign up and enjoy.
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  13. All Shemale Access
    Ever offered a gorgeous lady a drink, invited her back to your house, took off her clothes and found that she was packing more heat then you originally thought? Then thought fuck it I bought him/her all those expensive drinks might as well fuck it! Well now you can save a little extra money while checking out these she men as the All Shemale Access will quench all your shemale needs with 4 equally arousing sites!
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  14. Ashley Ryan
    Ashley Ryan is a cute, naughty 18 year old girl and apparently she loves the thought of you jacking off to her pictures. Unfortunately, she doesnt have any videos of herself and her few picture sets are all soft-core, some non nude. This makes the site what I like to call a rip off and youll only end up with a slightly larger credit card bill and blue balls.
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  15. Cory Heart
    Cory Heart is an 18 year old gymnast who just happens to love getting naked in front of the camera on her official website. Theres a lot of great pics and videos of this 4 foot 11 inch cutie and its all exclusive. Have a look and if you like the looks of her, at least take the tour.
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  16. XXX Tracy Parks
    Traci Parks is a modest looking but cute 18 year old girl who loves to suck and fuck for the camera. Her pictures and videos are good, but there just arent enough of them to do her justice, let alone to justify a subscription purchase. This would all be excusable if the site was updated frequently, but they are few and far between.
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  17. XXX Jenni Carmichael
    Jenni Carmichael isnt the hottest porn girl in the world, but she is cute and the camera loves her. Not everyone is going to like this girl, but those who do will be pleased with what they get with their membership. Check out the tour and if you like what you see the site will keep you busy at least for the month.
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  18. Throw It In Her
    Now I'm not entirely sure on what they're trying to imply with the domain name, but I do know that this is a site which revolves around the reality and amateur niche, providing content which is based on real amateur couples. so if your cup of tea is seeing the average Joe and Jane getting down and dirty in raw fuck scenes then this might just be the site you've been looking for.
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  19. Dirty Aly
    Although the site is called Dirty Aly, this gorgeous babe is no scrub. She's ranked 5 among the mouth watering ladies on the Light Speed team, and just by looking at her, it's no surprise she's high up in the ladder. Aly's site provides a nice collection of exclusive short episodes, and tons of picture galleries, all of which fall under the softcore category.
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  20. Lightspeed 18
    Lightspeed 18 is well known for its team of deliciously gorgeous young adult amateurs. The network is made up of 31 sites, each one dedicated to one of the drool worthy models, plus the Best Of Lightspeed site offering a compilation of the most popular episodes across the entire network. So no matter what your preferences are in girls, you'll definately find more than a few here that will float your boat.
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  21. Mandy Lightspeed
    The Lightspeed network brings you yet another beautiful amateur babe. This site in particular stars the petite Mandy. A tiny blonde babe at the tender age of 19, this girl has perky little titties, flawlessly tanned skin, and a cute butt which deserves to be spanked. The bulk of Mandy's content consist of playful softcore scenes, with a gracious amount of steamy lesbian episodes thrown in. All content is 100% exclusive, so you won't find it anywhere else on the net!
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  22. Ronni Tuscadero
    Meet Ronni Tuscadero, she's a spicy 19 year old who is a part of the luscious Lightspeed team. A month after turning the ripe age of 19, she decided to join their ranks, because all her friends kept telling her that she was hot enough to have her own site, and I personally agree with that statement. Ronni's site has a nice collection of exclusive videos and photos which revolve around the softcore niche.
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  23. Taylor Little
    Say hello to Miss Taylor Little. This blonde goddess, has gorgeous blue eyes, a bra busting rack, and legs that seem to go on forever. She isn't the slutty, bimbo type of blonde chick, she's elegant, and has class. Her site offers an extensive collection of exclusive episodes ranging from softcore, to arousing lesbian episodes. Taylor is currently ranked 3rd most popular Lightspeed girl, and I'm sure you'll agree with me that she totally deserves to be high on the ladder.
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  24. Fresh Faced Amateurs
    Fresh Amateur faces is an extremely simplistic site with just a handful of good hardcore videos that are exclusive and downloadable. It may seem to be tiny as a standalone site, but it is a worthy part of the huge site network that you get access to with the same password. Check out the tour and the other sites If you like what you see overall, you wont be disappointed.
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  25. Fresh Amateur Vids
    Fresh Amateur Vids gives you a good quantity of good looking hardcore solo masturbation content featuring amateur girls youve never seen before. The girls are hot, the videos are high quality and downloadable, and the network of sites you get access to with a membership is good too. Check the tour, and if you like what you see the site is good for a month or two worth of wanking at least.
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  26. All Amateur Movies
    All Amateur Movies brings you a delicious cocktail of fresh amateurs trying their hand at porn for the first time. The site provides a wide array of different types of porn scenes ranging from standard one on one outings to kinky group sex scenes, just so long as there's a sexy amateur getting drilled you'll see it happening right here.
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  27. Joy Jericho
    Joy Jericho is a self confessed cock loving slut! and judging by the episodes her site provides, I'd have to whole heartedly agree with that statement. Joy is an amateur model who's created this great little site for fun and to show the world just how much she loves getting a mouthful of cum and swallowing it like there's no tomorrow.
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  28. Taia Tyler
    Taia Tyler is a naturally busty brunette beauty who isn't afraid to show the world that she loves to fuck! If your looking for a women who doesn't need make up to look good, then Taia Tyler may posses the natural beauty you're looking for. Taia Tyler's site sports a humble amount of exclusive pictures and videos that will wow any red blooded male.
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  29. Paige St.James
    There is nothing better than fresh faced, true amateur swingers, fucking and sucking for your viewing pleasure and thats just what you will get as a member of this site. Not only will you get access to the 81 video clips and 158 picture sets from amateur swingers Paige st james and Chase, you also get access to the 4Real Amateur Network with 11 bonus sites dedicated to true amateur swingers. With fantastic content and a heap of bonuses including live web shows this site is great value for money.
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  30. Angelique LeClair
    Angelique LeClair is a beautiful, sexy and horny Canadian broad who has her own 100% exclusive amateur porn site. There are hours and hours of great real amateur footage of this girl fucking and posing in great photos, as well as access to a nice network of similar material for an affordable price. If you like the looks of this northern beauty, grab a membership because this is the only place youll find her.
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