Amateur Couples
Amateur Couples 689 Amateur Couples The fellas behind Amateur Couples, thought it would be a great idea, to prowl around their neighborhood, on the hunt for real couples which have never had any experience in the porn industry, to fuck
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Amateur Couples

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Amateur Couples

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The fellas behind Amateur Couples, thought it would be a great idea, to prowl around their neighborhood, on the hunt for real couples which have never had any experience in the porn industry, to fuck and suck each other silly in front of the camera for some extra dosh, and just for the thrill of being filmed.

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For amateur couples, the ones starring on this site, look like they were born to be pornstars, and it's good to see that they've also included a ball busting lesbian couple, which will have you quivering between the legs. Their line up of horny couples is quite the mix, so it's more than likely that you'll find a couple which will strike your fancy.

Currently they've got a humble collection of 18 exclusive videos which are available to download, and stream. The videos are available in 4 different qualities, including, low, med, high, and super high quality, the first three qualities available in mpg format, while the super high quality is in wmv format.

Obviously the low, and medium quality videos are ideal for members on dial up or 56k connections, as the file sizes of these formats are significantly smaller than the high, and super high videos. Needless to say the downfall of these videos is that the quality is fairly low, as the name suggest, though they're still quite watchable, it's just that they aren't as arousing to watch, compared to the high quality vids.

High quality videos can get up to 30MBs in file size, so these videos are directed towards members with faster connection speeds, the quality of these videos is fairly good, they're a tad grainy, if you were to watch them through a full screen. I suggest watching these vids through their default sized screens, so that the quality is still fairly decent.

The super high quality videos are definitely this sites' trump card, it goes without saying that the file sizes of this format, are going to be a lot! bigger than the all the other formats, as the videos can get up to 170MBs in file size, which are only available in full scenes, so naturally they're going to take a while to download or stream, but you can take it from me, that they're well worth the wait, even if your on a dial up connection, I recommend you leave your PC on over night, just to download these videos, as they're pure eye candy, and is the only version out of the lot, which does the horny couples justice.

Each of the episodes come with a set of video stills, and high quality photos, which would have been shot with a top of the line camera, around the same time they shot the video footage, as you'll notice that the location and the girls get up remains the same. The photos come in varying dimensions which are generally quite large, and they look absolutely gorgeous, they're crystal clear, and the colors are just bursting with life, truly worth a look at.

The video stills on the other hand, aren't that great to view, and besides, it's essentially the episode in picture form, so I wouldn't really classify them as extra content, though I do admit they've done a pretty decent job, on keeping blurs, and pixelation down to a minimum, so they aren't too bad, but with the high quality photos available, they somewhat seem redundant.

Their members have been given the privilege of full access to a number of other adult orientated sites, which are all dedicated to a particular niche. Some of these niches include, lesbians, anal, and ebony sluts. All up there are 14 sites to check out, all of which are on par with this site, as far as content goes. These are a great bonus, as members have a wide variety of porn at their disposal, so they won't get sick of seeing the same old porn over, and over again.

Members are spoiled even further with a number of bonus scenes, currently there are 7 bonus scenes, with new scenes being uploaded every now and then. These videos have been organized the same way, as the exclusive vids, in that they're available in different qualities, including the super high quality vids, and have been split into short chapters. These videos are deemed "bonus" cause they don't fall under the sites' dedicated amateur niche.

So that's pretty much the content in a nutshell, they could do with more exclusive videos, cause I don't think 18 scenes, isn't going to last very long. It's a good thing that they've given members access to other sites, at least this way around members can keep themselves occupied, with the bonus sites, while the developers get around to uploading more scenes.

Nav, Design & Features

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The tour pages of this site, really got me excited, as the amateur ladies on the tour pages, look so friken hot, especially for amateur standards, and the beautiful pictures really bring out the beauty of the ladies. Potential customers can treat themselves to a few short trailers, of their exclusive videos, which should give them a good indication, on whether or not this site is for them.

The main members area is bustling with essential information, in regards to their updates, upcoming vids, and the weeks' top 3 episodes. The first thing you'll come across, in the members area is a short teaser, for their upcoming episode, so members can get a taste of things to come. Further down the page, towards the middle section, is where you will find their archive of exclusive episodes, which are represented by small thumbnails. To access their more detailed archive, simply click on the exclusive archive link found in the navigational menu situated at the very top of the page.

The difference between the archive section on the main members area, and the more comprehensive ones, is that the episodes are represented with more thumbnails, and just beneath the thumbnails you will find the links to the videos, video stills, high quality photos, and a short description on what the scene is all about. There's also information on when the scene was uploaded, and how it rates for the current members, as they can give it a score out of 5, doing this will inform their new members on which scenes are the best.

The bottom half of the main members area, is where you'll find all the bonus content, including the 14 bonus sites, and the 3 of their newest bonus scenes. The bonus site links, are in the form of small buttons, which includes the sites' logo, clicking on the button should automatically direct you to that sites' main members area, where you can proceed, to download as much or as little of the content on offer.

That's pretty much it as far as the site mechanics go, having two different archives, does make things a little confusing at first, but everything will eventually fall into place, and you'll know the sites' structure like the back of your hand, making the site a breeze to browse. My only gripe was with the constant prompts of having to re-enter my password, which is the last thing we want, when we're browsing the site using only one hand.



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I was kind of hoping that this site had more exclusive videos, cause the ones on offer are great! but with only 18 scenes, members are going to be left high and dry, so I was kind of glad to see that they've given their members access to 14 other sites, which should boost the memberships' value.

Pros & Cons

  • + Amateur babes are cute
  • + Super high quality vids are amazing
  • + Access to multiple sites
  • + Great bonus content
  • - Could do with more exclusive videos