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Amateur Upskirts 3130 Amateur Upskirts Are you the kind of person who thinks that a girl wearing a mini skirt is an invitation to look up there.
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Amateur Upskirts

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Amateur Upskirts

Short Review

Are you the kind of person who thinks that a girl wearing a mini skirt is an invitation to look up there? Well if you are but are too afraid to get caught then this site right here will really help you out with this dilemma of yours. Amateur Upskirts brings you both pictures and videos of cute amateur models showing off their goods and playing with themselves in decent quality content.

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I think that this site was inappropriately named, mainly because of the fact that there were quite a few models on this site which I know aren't amateurs, well maybe they were back when they first starred on this site so I may be wrong about this but I do know that I've seen some of these models before. Also it's more of a toys and self masturbation site as the girls don't just stop at showing off what's underneath their mini skirts, they go the whole deal and take of their panties and tease viewers with a steamy solo show. Now can you see why I felt this site was named inappropriately?

As I said just earlier I have a feeling that there are quite a few models in the line up who aren't genuine amateurs as I have seen them before, quite a few times in fact, this does subtract from the credibility that it is purely an amateurs site. Either way the line up of ladies is quite easy on the eyes to say the very least. Not only are the models very attractive but there's also a nice mix to choose from ranging from fiery redheads, elegant brunettes, seductive blondes, exotic Asians, and feisty ebony babes.

Now seeing how long the site has been around for I am guessing that maybe some of the well known stars nowadays were amateurs back then. Anyway the site has been up and running ever since 1999 that's 10 years of being live! Since then the site has been filled with over 480 videos and close to 350 picture galleries. This is a pretty damn good effort considering that all of this content is exclusive to the site. Even after 10 years of being live the site is still being filled with new updates with the last one uploaded only a few days before this review was completed.

Now being a site which has been around ever since 1999 the issue of consistent quality is always going to be up in the air. Well for starters their older videos are fairly low in quality which would have been alright back then I guess, but I am glad to say that they have been keeping up with the standards. The latest updates are available in both avi and wmv formats, the avis clock in at (1100kbps @ 512x384) while the wmvs are much more formidable with encoding rates of (2000kbps @ 640x480) I suppose the resolutions aren't ground breaking but thanks to the high kbps rate the videos still look great if you view them through full screens. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the videos aren't held back by DRM restrictions so members can keep the videos for as long as they want.

The photo content Amateur Upskirts has on offer is gorgeous, the photo sets contain 45 images on average. The clarity is definitely quite high and the colors are so vibrant they practically bring the pictures to life, the watermark is pretty big though I'm glad to say that it never gets in the way of the beautiful view. Not only do the pictures look great but they are also quite big with measurements of up to 1280x730 pixels. But again like the videos the older picture sets aren't as impressive but I have to say that they never get too horrible to look at.

As a side dish to the massive amounts of content of featured content on this site members are granted free access to 2 other sites. This includes a solo girl site dedicated to a brunette babe named Michelle Lynn and another niched site which is based on amateurs wearing pantyhose. Either way, with the mountains of content available on Amateur Upskirts members probably won't have time to check out these sites but they're still nice to have around.

Nav, Design & Features

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Well I have to say the tour pages for Amateur Upskirts is certainly a lot more flashier than the actual members area which isn't too much of a shock as the site developers do need it to look nice to sell the site. Anyway the tours look quite colorful and the top banner is certainly eye catching featuring some of the most gorgeous models available on the site. The main tour pages consists mostly of information on the site along with a nice amount of small sample pictures and a free trailer. If you want to see more sample content you can always continue the tour pages which contain a lot more sample pictures.

Once you make it to the main members area you'll probably say what the fuck happened to all the flashiness because the members area does look quite dull. The background is pure black and the highlights of the site is in red which is a little harsh on the eyes, to put it as simple as possible the members area does look very dull. Just below the top banner on the main members area there are 2 banner links, these links will take you to the bonus sites I mentioned earlier.

The mid-section of the homepage includes thumbnail links to the 10 latest updates. Along with the thumbnail links there are detailed descriptions on what the episode involves. Just below these thumbnail links are the links to the rest of the updates. They have been organized in years and months. Having this layout will certainly make it easy on members to gauge just how active the site is on updates.

Below the updates archive are thumbnails which feature the various models on show. Below each thumbnail are two links being videos and photos. This is an easy way to browse through the content if you have yourself a favorite pornstar as you can click on the clicks I mentioned and you will be presented with all the videos or photos that particular has starred in. From there you can choose which of the content you wish to view and either download or view the pictures straight off the site.

So there's really not much else to say about the site. As you can tell it is very basic, it certainly has a different layout from sites nowadays and you can really tell that it's dated not only from the dull site presentation but from also from the unorthodox setup. All I can say is the site could certainly do with a face lift to look more modern, especially given the fact that it is still active on updates. Apart from that though the site is relatively easy to browse.



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As far as content numbers and regular updates go there's certainly no shortage on this site, also the quality is quite decent and the site is very easy to browse. So far so good though it isn't without its rough edges, see the main thing I wasn't too impressed with was the fact that the older content was pretty average, below average even, also the site presentation is way too dull. Overall though the site is definitely worth a look, a great site for solo masturbation fans.

Pros & Cons

  • + Tons of content
  • + All content is exclusive
  • + Active on updates
  • + Decent quality media
  • + Access to 2 great sites
  • - Site looks very dull
  • - Dated layout