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Ashley Fine 2745 Ashley Fine Excuse the pun but Ashley Fine is one...fine lady? You saw that coming a mile away right.
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Ashley Fine

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Ashley Fine

Short Review

Excuse the pun but Ashley Fine is one...fine lady? You saw that coming a mile away right? Anyway here we have the official site of this lovely amateur model she dons the classic combination of brown hair and blue eyes giving her that elegant appeal, but once you feast your eyes on her firm perky titties and that deliciously round ass of hers I'm sure you'll agree with me that she's so much more than just elegant.

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Before we get too involved with the content available on Ashley's site let me tell you a little more about this petite brunette with a body to die for. Ashley is at the ripe age of 21 years old, she attends college and has taken up a graphic design course. Combining the fact that she's one gorgeous lady and that she is now equipped with the know how of creating a site she decided to make her very own solo model adult site and you can thank your lucky stars she has because Ashley has the body and the face which was meant to be starred in porn.

Like most amateur solo models Ashley doesn't delve in to content which is of hardcore settings. Definitely a shame for hardcore fans as they'll be missing out on this goddess of a brunette, that being said though I'm sure that even hardcore fans will still be turned on due to the hotness of Ashley. So what kind of naughty things do we get to watch Ashley do I hear you ask? Well lets start off with the most softcore episodes where we can enjoy her posing and basically showing off that fine body of hers. Secondly there are episodes where she takes care of herself by shoving her delicate fingers down her juicy snatch, and lastly members are also treated with a generous amount of girl on girl action which are obviously the hottest episodes out of the bunch. I should also mention that the girls Ashley performs with are just as hot as Ashley, all in all there's plenty of eye candy to indulge in.

It's quite difficult to keep track on how active Ashley's site is with updates because they haven't been logged. From what I can gather though it seems as the site is still active though the updates look as though they come in at a trickle. Having no update logs also means I can't give you a solid backed up answer on how long the site has been up and running for, so when it comes to content numbers I'm left high and dry. What I can tell you though is that there are currently 56 episodes available for members to download, they run for roughly 10 minutes each and are all exclusive to the site, in other words you won't be able to find this content anywhere else on the net.

All videos are available in wmv format only and can be downloaded in full scenes and short segments, also the fact that they aren't held back by DRM restrictions means members can keep Ashley's episodes for as long as they wish. Video options isn't the site's strong point as there are only a few to play around with, quality on the other hand is quite formidable as the highest quality videos are available in encoding rates of (1200kbps @ 640x480). They may not be the most impressive encoding numbers no doubt however they're still quite a treat to the eyes.

In addition to the videos there are also photos for members to dig their paws in. Currently there are over 100 picture sets to indulge in which contain an average of 100 images per set. Like the video content the photos also cover the softcore, self masturbation, and lesbian niches. Now what I wasn't overly impressed with were the mediocre sizes the pictures come in with the larger images sizing up to be (700x500 pixels) in dimensions they certainly aren't taking up much of the screen. On a brighter note though the photos are relatively clear and the colors are nice and vibrant, but overall they could certainly do with a tweaking, especially in the size department.

As a side dish to all of Ashley's tasty porn members also gain access to a wealth of bonus content which span across 10 bonus sites. By the looks of it these sites are on the very same network Ashley Fine's site is on which explains why members gain access to everything these sites have on offer. There are a few other feature girl sites on the network though the bulk of them cover unique niches which are sure to keep members entertained. All in all the network is quite solid with decent content, regular updates, and best of all very hot women!

Nav, Design & Features

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  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

Now I wouldn't be surprised if Ashley was telling the truth that she designed the site herself as it certainly has an amateur feel to it. The tours aren't overly flashy which may give potential customers the impression that it's a fairly average site, the tour design aside potential customers will be quite pleased with what they see as they scroll down the tour pages which are filled with sample pictures. Ashley has even included a free welcome video which really heats things up, though it would have been nice if she included some free trailers of her episodes. Overall the tour does have an amateur esque look to it but at least there's a nice amount of sample content to give onlookers some insight on what they're parting with their money for.

Once you go through the usual process of logging in and have made it to the main members area you'll find that the site has a very bare bones set up, and like the tours the site presentation is a little dull. Below the top banner which features a seductive picture of Ashley there's a nice welcome note from none other than that fine brunette you see staring right back at you. From the members area you can keep up to date on the latest news including the latest picture and video updates. Ashley has even got her own blog which will allow you to see what kind of chick she is and what kind of things she likes to get up to in her personal life.

Situated below the top banner and the welcoming message is the navigation menu. This includes links to the picture and video archive along with the bonus sites and blog links. Both the picture and video archive have the same layout, the content is spread across 4 indexed pages and are all represented with a single thumbnail which will give you a quick glimpse in to what you can expect to be watching in the episode. The picture galleries are simple to use as they work just like any other standard gallery out there. To download the videos you'll have to right click on the links provided and choose the "save target as" option otherwise the video will start to stream.

There's not much else to say on how the site works as it is quite the simple one to navigate. The only aspect on which Ashley could improve her site on as far as navigation goes is the site presentation as it does look some what dull. But if you couldn't care less on how a site looks, and are more interested on whether or not it's easy to navigate and has user-friendly interface then you won't have any problems with Ashley's site.



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What makes Ashley's site that tiny bit above average is that Ashley herself is one foxy babe! Content numbers are fairly decent but the fact that the updated haven't been logged really makes me wonder about how active the site is on updates. Quality wise Ashley's site does a decent job, the videos were impressive but the pictures could do with some work. As I said before an average site with starring a hot chick!

Pros & Cons

  • + Ashley is so damn fine!
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Videos look great
  • + Site is easy to navigate
  • + Decent amount of content
  • - Updates aren't logged
  • - Pictures could do with some work