Black Amateur BJs
Black Amateur BJs 3201 Black Amateur BJs Black Amateur BJs, I am sure the site title pretty much explains what this site is all about but if you're still scratching your head then basically it's a site where horny black babes picked right of
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Black Amateur BJs

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Black Amateur BJs

Short Review

Black Amateur BJs, I am sure the site title pretty much explains what this site is all about but if you're still scratching your head then basically it's a site where horny black babes picked right off the streets are starred in BJ based episodes to make a quick buck. A lot of the content is shot in the POV angle and some episodes even involve quick fuck sessions so besides the hot blowjob segments members are also treated with steamy penetration.

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What I love about black ladies are their juicy round butts but they usually also have thick luscious lips perfect for blowjobs! Here we can enjoy sexy amateur black babes sucking their hardest for the camera and from what I have seen the amateur ladies are quite attractive, so it's nice to see that the developers have hand picked only the more prettier amateurs who walk through their doors rather than just any black woman. So as far as their models go I would have to say that the standards range from average to above average which is saying quite a lot for an ebony amateur site.

Although the site title claims that it is a blowjob only site there is quite a bit of fucking involved in the episodes. Not all the episodes involve penetration however though it does mix things up and is great for when members need a break from all the cock sucking. POV lovers will be glad to know that quite a few of the episodes have been shot in the POV angle giving you the sense that the lovely ebony ladies are wrapping their thick juicy lips around your cock. Also being a reality esque site the ladies are introduced at the start and there's a bit of dialog, afterward the usual motions you would expect from a blowjob scene occurs and to finish off the ladies usually get sticky facials.

Seeing as the episodes have not been logged with upload dates it is kind of hard to figure out how long the site has been live for. Furthermore I am unsure on how active the site is on updates let alone whether or not it's still active. Either way I am hoping that the site hasn't totally stopped on updates as there are only 35 episodes on offer, it goes without saying that the collection isn't going to last the avid porn viewer very long. On a brighter note the episodes are exclusive to the site which is always a plus in my books as only members will have the privilege of viewing these scenes because you won't find them any where else on the net.

Quality of the videos on offer is just above average, but only just and it if wasn't for the decent kbps rates I would have said they are average to below average as the resolutions are nothing to be boasting about. Members have three formats to choose from being avi, wmv and recently added the mp4 files which can be played on devices such as iPods and PSPs. Between the three formats the avis come out on top as far as quality goes, this particular version clocks in at (2000kbps @ 576x432). As I said the resolution is nothing special but the kbps rate allows members to view the episodes in full screen mode with the quality still intact. The streaming option has also been included, this version comes in flash version and clocks in at (900kbps @ 640x480).

Unfortunately the only photo content on offer are screen shots taken from the video content and personally I don't really consider screen shots as extra content as you are basically viewing the videos in picture form. Also the quality is crap, they are way too grainy for my liking and the colors are bland. Not only that but they also come in small sizes of 720x480 in dimension. Not very impressive at all, in fact it probably would have been better if they left them out altogether as they're just a waste of data space. Where are the proper pictures damn it?! Ah well I suppose we can't win them all.

With only a humble amount of content on offer it is a good thing that the developers decided to give their members free access to the ridiculously massive network which Black Amateur BJs is a part of. This network currently consists of over 140 bonus sites containing over 26,000 videos, 4,5600 plus bonus DVDs and over 5 million pictures. There's certainly no issue when it comes to content numbers here and the great thing is there are quite a few ebony based sites on offer which is what the members of this site are after!

Nav, Design & Features

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The tour pages of Black Amateur BJs looks quite ghetto, the gray background with the neon pink and green logo reminded me of eye catching street graffiti. Potential customers will get a nice taste of things to come as they scroll down the tour pages soaking in sample pictures to get a rough idea on exactly what kind of content the site has on offer. Each scene comes with it's own section where there are sample pictures, a detailed description on what happens in the scene and the scene rating. It's unfortunate that potential customers aren't given sample videos to see what the content is like in motion, but I am sure the hot pictures will certainly on-lookers attention.

After members have logged in they will be taken to the homepage for the entire network which Black Amateur BJs is a part of. At first the site is quite confusing to navigate as it is a little hard to find the site's exclusive content, either way the homepage for the network is quite convenient in that members can keep up to date on the entire network without having to visit the sites on an individual basis. From here members can check out the stats of the network including the exact number of videos, and bonus DVDs plus how many bonus sites there are on offer. The entire update archive for the entire network can be accessed from this page from the latest updates section which is found in the top navigation menu. I did find it a little weird that they have two navigation menus right next to each other with exactly the same links though. Also members can check out the most popular scenes from this page which can come in handy if members are having a hard time trying to choose where to start.

To make your way to the archive for Black Amateur BJs you'll have to utilize the link within either navigation menu marked as "featured series". This will take you to the main gallery which spans over 6 indexed pages holding up to 5 episodes per page. Each episode takes up a small portion of these pages, within this portion members are presented with 10 small thumbnails featuring screen shots from the episode to give them a rough idea on what the episode involves. There is also information on the starring models and the run time. Below the 10 thumbnails there are links to the video stream, the photos, and the download links. From there on out it's pretty straight forward as these work just like any other gallery you may have come across in the past.

To be honest it does take some getting used to but once you know where everything is it becomes second nature. I felt the site does look quite cluttered and I still don't get why they have two navigation menus which pretty much have the same links. Site presentation is a little strange, the colors used tend to clash. Overall I wasn't entirely convinced with the navigation of the site, they should change it up to be a lot more accessible and easier to find the featured content.



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Black Amateur BJs is a nice site though it doesn't excel in any particular aspect, see the black ladies are average, the quality of the content is just above average, and the content numbers are mediocre, plus with no information on update dates and future updates there's no way in knowing whether that number is going to grow. What I can give the site credit for is producing some very hot BJ scenes and if that's all you're after and not too fussed about numbers and quality then give it a look.

Pros & Cons

  • + Great BJ performances
  • + Tons of bonus sites and content
  • + Exclusive content
  • - Media quality is average to below average
  • - No update logs
  • - Site navigation can get confusing at first