College Fuck Fest
College Fuck Fest 3060 College Fuck Fest Here's a fun going site brought to you by the good people behind the All Elite Pass network, this is a site which all party goers can certainly relate to, and if you were left out of these crazy parti
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College Fuck Fest

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College Fuck Fest

Short Review

Here's a fun going site brought to you by the good people behind the All Elite Pass network, this is a site which all party goers can certainly relate to, and if you were left out of these crazy parties here's your chance to check out what you were missing on! The content on offer is of amateur standards which was to be expected from a site such as this, but that doesn't change the fact that the content is damn hot!

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You know those parties where you got so tanked up that you can't remember what you did, but you know there was some hardcore fucking going on at some point? Well maybe the content on College Fuck Fest can refresh your memory. That's right this site provides some raunchy footage of private parties where the girls and guys get so drunk they can't help but do the deed without thinking of the repercussions if there are any that is!

So obviously being a public nudity/amateur site the ladies on show aren't of the high caliber pornstar standards, they are more of the girl next door type ladies which I'm sure is what fans of this type of porn are in to anyway so it's all good. So besides partying and being drunk what do the naughty individuals get up to in the episodes on offer? Well you can expect to see some public flashing, exhibitionists showing off their gorgeous bodies for the crowd, extremely hot lesbian affairs, and of course you'll get to see guys and girls go at it participating in some hardcore drunken slamming for all the world to witness!

College Fuck Fest has been around for quite sometime as episodes date back all the way to the year 2007 mid December. All up the site has gathered together 90 episodes for member's viewing pleasure, I couldn't find any information on whether or not the episodes are exclusive to this site however this is the first time I've seen these scenes so chances are they are exclusive though you'd think the developers would state that. 2 years on and the site is still being pumped with new content on the daily basis, the latest update occurred only a few days before this review was completed so it looks as though we haven't seen the end of these raunchy sex fueled parties.

For a site of this nature College Fuck Fest provides surprisingly good quality videos (keep in mind this is in regards to public nudity/amateur standards). Members have the options of downloading three different video formats which are wmv, mp4, and mov. These downloadable videos aren't held back by DRM rules so once they are on your computer they are as good as yours to keep for as long as you wish. The specs may not be that great however as I said earlier they are quite decent as far as public nudity content goes, here's a list of the specs to give readers a better understanding on what kind of quality they will be in for.

wmv: (700kbps @ 400x300)
mp4: (600kbps @ 320x240)
mov: (600kbps @ 400x300)

As expected there aren't any proper photos available on this site, instead the site has resorted to providing only video captures which I personally don't really classify as proper photos or extra content for that matter simply because of the fact that you are essentially just viewing the videos in pictures which aren't really that great in quality. I will give the site slack however as it is rare for sites like this to provide proper photo content and with perfectly decent videos to view who needs them right?

As though the 90 episodes and regular updates weren't enough the developers have been generous enough to give members access to the entire network this site is a part of. College Fuck Fest is a part of the All Elite Pass network which currently consists of 62 sites including this one. Needless to say that's quite an impressive number of sites, specially given that they all cover a different category. Most of these sites are still being updated just like this one, so if you do the math there, there's certainly enough content here to last members for years on end.

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Before even making your way in to the members area of College Fuck Fest you know this site is going to be quite fun as the tour pages look like a damn party! Everywhere you look on the tour pages there's either a guy or chick fucking or holding a beer and basically look like they're having the time of their lives. There's a nice amount of sample pictures to give potential customers a rough idea on what kind of kinky college action there will be on sign-up. If for some reason the sample pictures just aren't doing it for you, you can always check out the free trailers which I'm sure will seal the deal.

Once members have logged in they are immediately taken to the homepage for the entire All Elite Pass from where they can stay informed on all the latest and greatest across the entire network. Members can use the banner links found towards the bottom of the homepage or the drop down menu situated in the top navigation menu to make their way to the College Fuck Fest members area. Also using any of the other banner links will take you to the homepage of your selected site making for some easy site hopping.

Right from the homepage of College Fuck Fest members area immediately presented with the entire archive of episodes. These are presented in thumbnail form and span across 6 indexed pages organized from newest to oldest, each of these pages carry up to 15 thumbnails per page which feature a screen shot taken from the video to give members a fair idea on what kind of kinky college action they can expect to be seeing. Below the thumbnail is the episode's title along with the date on which it was uploaded, and also the average rating according to other members.

Clicking on the thumbnails mentioned above will take you to the episode's main content area. This said content area contains all the video links for the full scenes and segmented downloads for the episodes. From here you can also check out the information in regards to the categories the episode covers, and check out the screen shots if you wish, there's also the option of rating the episode to give other members an indication on how hot the scene is.

Last but not least let me inform you about the navigation menu there is provided. Members can save their favorite episodes in here if they find themselves streaming most of the content, this navigation menu also has the bonus DVDs link which will take you to the online DVD archive the network has on offer. Members can also check out a network calender to check out future events, there's also a drop down menu which will allow members to browse the featured content via category, and of course there's the home link which will take you all the way back to the All Elite Pass homepage.



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College Fuck Fest did surprisingly well, mainly due to the large amounts of content on offer and the fact that after 2 years of being live the site is still being regularly updated. Quality isn't that great however as far as public nudity/amateur standards go the videos are quite good. Overall this is certainly one of the better public nudity sites I've come across which specifically focuses on crazy college parties.

Pros & Cons

  • + Good amount of content
  • + Sex parties go off!
  • + Access to tons of bonus sites
  • + Regular updates
  • + Content looks good (amateur standards)