Cosplay Deviants
Cosplay Deviants 5168 Cosplay Deviants Cosplay Deviants is an amateur site that features real life sexy cosplay girls that you could see at any intimate, cosplay, or fan convention, but here at this adults-only membership site, things are
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Cosplay Deviants

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Short Review

Cosplay Deviants is an amateur site that features real life sexy cosplay girls that you could see at any intimate, cosplay, or fan convention, but here at this adults-only membership site, things are getting a lot naughtier than they will on the show room floor. The site features well done costumes and settings depicting the sexy amateurs as all kinds of superheroes and characters. This is a unique site with a lot to discuss, so let's get inside and take a closer look.

  • Monthly: $9.95
74/100 0
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  • Exclusivity: 4/5
  • Updates: 2/5
  • Originality: 9/10
  • Quality: 10/15
  • Speed: 12/15
  • Quantity: 11/15

Cosplay Deviants is considerably different than the vast majority of sites I review. There is a definite community aspect to things here that just isn't present on "normal" adult sites. The message board, model blogs, and comment sections here seem to be just as much a focus of things as the collection of 181 galleries and the far smaller video section with six clips. I'm a little unsure about how frequently the site is updated since releases aren't dated, but the dates on the comments left by members make me think that the materials are being added at least a few times per month if not more frequently.

If you've never heard of cosplay, it's a bit hard to describe exactly what's going on here at Cosplay Deviants. If I had to sum it up in one sentence I would say that the site features sexy girls dressing up as various different characters. Some of the characters are specific and you may recognize them, others are more generic like a sexy Demon or Snow Queen. Although some sets are certainly more polished and perfected than others, overall I was impressed with the level of detail and attention paid to the costumes and the artistic style of the photos. The six videos feel a lot more amateur in nature, but still make for an appealing addition to the main collection of photos. With the exception of a small photo section called "deviant guys" with 10 photo sets, all of the materials here focus on female cosplayers.

This is a very interactive site, and many of the models are active on the site's forum, comment, and blog sections. Requests and ideas for sets are strongly encouraged, and over all the community is extremely welcoming. The site posts a schedule of events that the models will be attending, so interaction on a real-life basis is encouraged.

One area where I thought the site could use some improvement is the image size and overall quality level of the materials. The images here are offered at 900 pixels on the long side, but I have a feeling that most of them were shot at a much higher resolution. I'd like to see an option to download the higher-quality versions of these somehow. Still, for amateur cosplay materials, these look pretty good.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 3/5
  • Navigation Ease: 7/10
  • Features: 7/10

The neatly designed, purple and white tour pages for Cosplay Deviants does an excellent job of previewing the collection. If you're not quite sure what cosplay is all about, this is the place to find out. You can check out some preview images and see some of the various characters these babes will be dressing up as. You can even check out the model index to find out exactly who you'll see inside and how many sets they have appeared in.

The members' area here is well-designed and easy to use. A menu near the top of the page provides easy access to the model index, the gallery and video sections of the site, the message board, chats, events, and more. Below, you'll find the most recent additions to the site. Even further down the page, you'll find sections for site news, twitter updates, model blogs, and more.

The options for accessing the materials here are pretty straightforward and basic. The videos are available for streaming in Flash format while the photos are offered for viewing and basic thumbnail galleries. There is also an additional option to view the photo galleries as an automatic slideshow.

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Cosplay Deviants is one of the more interesting sites that I have reviewed so far in 2011. I really appreciated the amateur nature of things combined with the fun costume play. I know that lots of guys are really into this kind of dress up find, and it's a real treat to see things get far naughtier than normal with complete nudity and lots of sexy babes. When you add in the community aspect and the bargain basement pricing, the site is absolutely irresistible.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive cosplay photos and videos
  • + Excellent pricing
  • + Unique and fun concept
  • + Strong community aspect
  • + Creative, high quality photos
  • - Photo size could be bumped
  • - Uncertain about update rate