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Short Review:

It's been a while since we visited Da GFs, so here we are with another update. You have ten sites in one here, and the content count has now reached the 4,000 videos mark, and yet the price has not gone up. You have a mass of variety with teens, lesbians, amateurs, Milfs and hardcore with girls and guys of all ages. Sign up, log in, and it's easy to find your way around. Updates are being added regularly and, over the years, quality has increased to reach 1080p HD.
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Price Details:

Trial 1.00
Monthly 29.95

Current Ratings for Da GFs:

Our total rating: 79/100

Detailed Review:


There is no one niche at Da GFs, it's a mix of everything thanks to the site that make up the network. Real GFs Exposed, French GFs, Real Lesbians Exposed, Broken Teens, Real Mom Exposed The list goes on, and you can find each site from a menu on the left (look for the icon and the pop-up which directs you to the menu when you arrive).

Your content is then set out on index pages where you have good sample shots that, when clicked, lead to a viewing page for your downloads and stream. This makes it easy to find your hot 18 + teens in their home videos, and also professional pornstars in studio-made movies. It's a right old mix here, and yet the quality tends to be good throughout. There may be amateurs, but they are not filmed in an amateur way. The downer on the content is that it's not all exclusive, in fact, I am not sure how much is made for the site(s) and how much is brought in from elsewhere. I certainly noticed a few hot babes I've seen before and some hunky Russian lads who seem to be everywhere these days, but, I didn't mind. The fact is, there's so much here, you're not going to have seen it all before.

So, whether you're after Milfs with teens, teens together, first timers, anal, DP, lesbians, group sex or just about whatever (apart perhaps from fetish), you're going to find it at Da GFs, and these days, you're going to find it in HD,

There were 4,000 movies when I was at the site, a great improvement from our last visit. What the increase in numbers shows is that the site is updating, and the newer the content, the better the resolutions. These days, they have the standard Mp4 files to suit everyone, but older videos may use WMV, Avi and other formats. Older movies are also only 480 resolution whereas the newer ones come in at 1,920 x 1,080 HD, with other options including files for your mobile devices.

Movies tend to run for around 20 minutes, but some may be shorter, or longer. They are all presented in the same way with a stream screen and a couple of speed options, and a couple of downloads. I found, in the most recent video. A 1080p HD download and one for mobiles at 360p. The quality is fine, there are no worries there, and the content comes with descriptions and tag words, plus ideas for what to see next.

Head back to the menu to find your photos and several other goodies. There are around 2,100 galleries now, with various numbers of pics each at decent sizes; again the newer they are, the better. I found images were averaging out at 1,024 x 788 in size, which is a good standard. There are high-res pictures, and zip files are included.

And as for those other goodies on top of your main content, there's a model index to browse through, find your hottest girl and then see what she appears in. That's cross-network so you could end up anywhere - which is also fun. There are also bonus videos with their own model index, and although these are not exclusive, they work in the same way as the excellent content at Da Gfs, and you can download them or stream.

Features & Navigation:

Da GFs has a design that makes it easy for you to find content from your ten sites separately, or to see the content all together in one mass. That's where I landed, and although the site has a great interface, I did find that only being able to navigate a few index pages at a time was a pain. However, category pages help with that, as do the linked tag words with videos and the model index. You shouldn't have any hassles navigating.

Keep an eye out for hidden icons. Well, they're not hidden, but small 'tools' icons and the main menu one open up all kinds of interesting things. The list of sites you have, ways to add more (with sign-ups at discounts), models lists, favourites, links to other sites and discounts, etc. On the viewing pages, you also find some adverts mixed in with the links to similar videos, but no comments boxes or rates.

With all this content on offer, you would expect to pay a high price, but Da Gfs is maintaining great value at $29.95 per month. There is a cross sale to watch out for, but there are also longer-term sign-ups where you can save cash. The trial comes in at $1.00 for two days but check what's included and what its renewal price is. Otherwise, the three and six-month option bring you monthly equivalent down to as low as $14.99 per month which ain't half bad for over 4,000 scenes and all the extras.


Da GFs is going from strength to strength and continues to load up a mix of exclusive/non-exclusive, HD, Milf, mom, teen and other porn on a regular basis. With over 4,000 videos (plus many bonus videos) from ten sites, you've got a wealth of hot content for a really low price. I'd recommend this site if you like to view, download, get off and return - rather than get involved with interactive things like comments. It's very well designed, easy to use and has some incredibly raunchy porn.

Pros & Cons

+ Loads of content
+ Good interface
+ Regular updates
+ Some exclusives
+ Ten sites for one price
+ HD movies

- Older content is lower quality
- One navigation issue
- Not all exclusive
- Cross sale
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