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Dirty Couple 7529 Dirty Couple Dirty Couple is probably one of the most honest, amateur sites you're going to see.
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Dirty Couple

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Dirty Couple

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Dirty Couple is probably one of the most honest, amateur sites you're going to see. Its simple and to the point as a middle-aged couple of ordinary amateurs show off their sexual prowess in exclusive movies that members can stream and download. There are also photos, the site has been going for a while now and has a decent stock of movies, and the pricing is set at a reasonable level. Don't expect bells, whistles and all the flash of a modern porn studio site, but do expect simple and horny.

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Check the tour at Dirty Couple, and you'll see what to expect when you get inside. I have to say, its one of the most simple sites I've ever seen, offering you the content, a link back to home (page one of the index) and a contact link. That's it. After that, you have movies set out with a streaming screen and download button, and then screen caps or photos.

There are only two extra features, which well get to later, so what you have is a simple and honest collection of one couples home videos. I cant introduce you as I dont know their names or anything else about them as theres no info on the tour. I did get excited when I saw the link to our sites and thought there might be extra content or bonuses, but once inside, there weren't, and their sites is actually just this one. However, these aren't moaning on my part, I'm just pointing out how basic the site is, and having said that, its also a site that delivers on its promises and offers you over 384 original videos with a separate collection of 53 image sets.

Whats sweet about the videos (and you may not like this) is the amateur way they are made. The visual quality is good, but sometimes the couple is getting onto the bed and chatting away (in Russian, I think) about how the camera is set up and other things and it doesn't look like they are particularly into having sex. There's no passion or drive, and you get the impression that this is their Saturday afternoon job. Well, it made me smile.

You can filter for vids and/or pics, and looking at the videos first, here's what you can expect to find. The homepage gives you sample shots and titles, and that's it. There are no upload dates and no members ratings, just titles such as Huge boobs Milf 69 and cumshot on her boobs, or Big boobs Milf riding cock and smoking Then, when you click through, you get the rest of the title, while being fucked (in this case). Its not always the same couple, though I suspect this pair of swingers are present for every filming session. The models are amateur, and the guys tend to be chubby and middle-aged, while the ladies are similar, but not always, there are some younger swingers, dark-haired girls, solos and some lesbian play among whats otherwise full-on hardcore.

Viewing pages are also simple, sometimes with a description or a few lines to introduce the movie. The stream screen is at 1,047 x 590 and will go to full screen okay, but that's your only resolution/size option. Similarly, there's only one download, but movies are at 1,920 x 1,080 @ 5,500 kbps and in Mp4. Movies run for around 10 to 17 minutes each, and I cant tell you about updates as there's no news and no dates are posted.

Filter to photos and you find 53 sets, though every video I saw also has images beneath it. These photosets contain various numbers of pics each, and the ones I downloaded were at 1,920 x 1,080 suggesting they were from the video cam. If so, they were a decent quality. There are no slideshows or zip files, so you view them one at a time.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
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  • Features: 0/10

As I said, its all pretty basic here at Dirty Couple, but its also fun and very natural. The web design leaves out a lot of the usual interactive functions we see these days, and so you're not going to find rates, comments, model index, extras, forum, zipped files for photos, downloads file choices, information or any of those things. The only two features you have are the filter drop-down where you can select only videos or photos, and another drop-down of categories that range from Anal to Weird. There's a search box and a help link, and that's it.

You do, though, have well marked index pages, and all pages open quickly. There are no adverts and no clutter, so that's not a problem and I had no technical issues.

You have three signup options, $29.95 per month which is fine for exclusive content, and then $49.95 for three months and $99.95 for six. You can join via CCBill which is tried and trusted, and there were no additional charges or cross sales.



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Dirty Couple is mainly about a middle-age and plump Russian couple making their own porn videos as if it was a job that had to get done before supper. its fun, amateur, good quality and not expensive, but it is also very simple. However. With over 287 videos and 53 galleries, there's a decent amount of content and its in HD, Mp4 with streams and downloads. The site has added 229 scenes in the past four years, suggesting one update per week, and you're not going to have any hassles.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive amateur porn
  • + Very homemade but good quality
  • + HD downloads
  • + Updates
  • + Good quality
  • - Nothing interactive
  • - No information