Dirty Home Vids
Dirty Home Vids 2403 Dirty Home Vids Those other amateur sites aren't amateur enough for you? Well here's a site which offers content which is amateur as can get.
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Dirty Home Vids

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Dirty Home Vids

Short Review

Those other amateur sites aren't amateur enough for you? Well here's a site which offers content which is amateur as can get. Dirty Home Vids brings members videos starring some of the more hotter amateur couples getting down and dirty in their very own households. Enjoy over 40 exclusive amateur videos featuring hardcore fucking plus awesome photo content which look superb.

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Well I wouldn't say that all the episodes found on this site are "home" videos as I did come past a few vids which fit under the alfresco fucking scene otherwise known as outdoors fucking but either way the main niche of the site is amateur so whether the horny individuals are fucking inside or enjoying a nice fuck under the sun they're apparently still home made videos which should be taken with a grain of salt as I'm not sure how genuine the episodes are as with most reality sites of course. Even though the videos may be staged they still have the amateur feel to them as the girls aren't dolled up to the fuck but I'm glad to say that for the most part the amateur ladies are natural beauties so even though the don't wear truck loads of makeup they still look pretty damn hot and very fuckable.

So just how hot is the fucking these amateurs get up to in the vids? Well pretty damn hot though I would have to say that they're fairly standard one on one romps but being home vids this was to be expected. The individuals fuck in secluded parks, on hay stacks, in the shower, in the kitchen, on the beach, and one of the crazier scenes were shot on a pier. See what I did find weird was the fact that sometimes you would see one of the horny individuals using a camera but we "the audience" see this from a third person view, so obviously there's someone else in the room shooting the couple shooting each other, which admittedly takes away from the credibility that they are home made amateur vids but hey it's the sense of fantasizing that they are which gets the fans off.

Dirty Home Vids has been around for quite some time now, the first featured episode was uploaded all the way back in 2004 so the site has been live for roughly 4 years now. The update patterns on the site is a little all over the place and by the looks of things they've really started slowing down as the last logged update was back in June, roughly 3 months before this review was completed. There's no current news on future updates which is not very assuring though we should keep in mind that the videos are exclusive to the site so you'll be hard pressed finding them any where else on the net. All in all there's a total of 47 episodes which run for approximately 18 minutes each so it isn't a tiny collection by any means though it could be a lot bigger.

Video options are great on this site as members have quite a few different formats and versions to choose from. For starters members can choose to stream the videos straight off the site or download them in videos which aren't held back by any DRM restrictions. There's also the choice of viewing the episodes in full scenes or short clips which are highly convenient as members end up saving a chunk on their bandwidth if they choose to skip certain segments of the scene saving them from having to download the entire scene. As far as quality goes the videos look pretty decent when it comes to "home" videos of course, at times the lighting can get crappy but that usually comes with the amateur category so I'm sure fans will be expecting this anyway. Just to give you a better idea on the quality of the videos here are the encoding rates for the different versions.

wmv: (2000kbps @ 852x480) download
wmv: (1200kbps @ 520x400) download
flv: (1000kbps @ 720x400) streamed

I've to say that the photo galleries are a little inconsistent when it comes to quantity because you'll come across some galleries which can have up to 50 images while others have less than 10. Thankfully that's the only thing which is inconsistent with the photo content as the quality stays quite high through out the various galleries. Each episode comes with a gallery which includes photos which pretty much follow along with the action of the video content. When it comes to quality I had no problems with the photos, they're very clear and colorful though it looks as though they've used some professional lighting with some of the shoots. The images measure in alright at (1024x680 pixels) I wouldn't say they're massive but it's a good start.

As a side dish to all the delicious amateur content available on Dirty Home Vids the developers of this site have been nice enough to give their members full access to all the sites available on the same network which add up to 22 in total including this one. All these sites offer exclusive content and most cover a unique reality theme spanning across various categories. One of the more crazier ones I came across was "Bums In Action" though the "Shabby Virgins" site seemed pretty strange as well, and with the "First Gay Orgy" site available this network will also appeal to our lovely gay brothers or should I say sisters? Anyhow the network is quite diverse and gives members plenty of porn to check out if they need a break from all the steamy content on this site.

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In two words the tour pages of Dirty Home Vids is flashy and enticing exactly how the tours of a page should be. There's information on the tours saying that all the videos have been sent in by unknown couples who have made some steamy vids. As tour pages do there's a massive amount of sample pictures available on the tour pages to give members a rough idea on what kind of content they'll be treated with. To be honest though the sample pictures look a little too professional as there's obviously artificial lighting and they're exceptionally clear making it obvious that there was a photographer using an awesome camera to capture the snaps. It does some what take some credibility from the fact that they're home made videos but at least the pictures look great, too bad there aren't any free trailers though.

The great thing about Dirty Home Vids is that once you are on the main members area you are immediately presented with the featured content as they aren't placed in a separate page making for really quick and easy content access. All the episodes are in the form of thumbnail links which span across 2 indexed pages, the thumbnails feature a screen shot taken from the scene so to give members a rough idea on what the model and location looks like. Below each thumbnail is the name of the amateur model along with the date the scene was uploaded. Also below the thumbnail there's a short description of what happens in the scene and links to the video and photo galleries. Both video and photo galleries are fairly straight forward to use and if you've ever used one before on another site then you should have no problems here as they're pretty standard.

So you're probably thinking with all the featured content available on the main members area what's the point of the navigation menu? Well you'll actually find some use out of it if you wanted to visit the bonus sites I mentioned earlier in the review. Clicking on the link marked our sites will take you to a page which is made up entirely of banner links which once clicked on will automatically port you to the main members area of your desired site. Below each banner link there's a detailed description on what the site offers if the site title doesn't already give away what the site is actually based on. The same goes for the reality sites link though you must keep in mind that these sites aren't exclusive to this network but are still quite nice to have around.

Other things on the main members area you may find some use out of are the links which can be found down the length of the right side of the site. These lists consist of all the top rated content which have been voted by other members these include the top rated photo sets, top rated videos, most popular sites on the network. These lists will definitely come in handy for new members as it will give them a place to start if they are having troubles picking where to start from the mountains of porn available to them. So I don't have much else to say about the site other than the site presentation does look a little plain, though I will give them credit for making the site look neat.



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So the site turned out better than what I was expecting it to be, now I'm not the biggest fan of this type of porn but I've to say that some of the scenes got me all excited. The videos are as good as supposed home videos can get and the ladies are pretty damn hot for amateurs. Basically if you're a fan of amateur porn you certainly won't be disappointed. Put it this way I'm not a fan myself but was still quite impressed with what I viewed.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot amateur vids
  • + Nice media quality
  • + Exclusive content
  • + User friendly interface
  • + Access to tons of bonuses
  • + Seems to be active on updates