First Time Auditions
First Time Auditions 1544 First Time Auditions Here's another great site from the well renowned Reality Kings network. This site in particular brings you footage of young adults, starring in their very first porn auditions.
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First Time Auditions

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First Time Auditions

Short Review

Here's another great site from the well renowned Reality Kings network. This site in particular brings you footage of young adults, starring in their very first porn auditions. Watch as the clueless sluts get slammed in over 180 exclusive episodes, all complete with great video content, and high quality pictures. And being a part of the Reality Kings network, members also get access to all the exclusive sites!

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First Time Auditions has been around for quite some time. The site was first launched at the start of 2003, and since then it has been providing the net with scorching hot reality episodes, starring cute young adults fucking their hardest to make it in the porn industry. Although the scenes are obviously scripted, it looks as though they've managed to round up genuine amateurs, as there wasn't a single familiar face in the cast of cuties. Even though, the girls on show are definitely attractive, and for young adults, they can really fuck like pros.

A reality scene isn't complete with some sort of corny/ridiculous storyline leading up to the hardcore fucking, and the scenes on this site certainly don't disappoint. Apparently they find models by posting ads in local, and college newspapers. Of course the clueless girls are immediately interested once they see the words "model" in the add, and little do they know they're applying for a porn job. The scenes start off with that back story, the girls show up for an unexpectedly personal interview, and once they find out that they're auditioning for a porn scene, some are a little surprised, and hesitant, while others are so horny they jump at the chance.

Truth be told I actually enjoyed watching the introductions, they do get quite amusing, but sometimes they're just lame, it's all in good humor. After all the talking is done, the hardcore fucking commences, featuring all sexual positions under the sun, and every hardcore sex act known to man. So yeah, you can definitely say that the fucking is just as hardcore as any gonzo scene. Some segments of the episodes are even shot in POV, which was definitely a plus in my books.

So far there's a grand total of 185 episodes, and there's no signs of slowing down in the updates department, as the last one was loaded only a few days ago, on the 27th of August '07. The episodes run for a good 30 minutes each, and are all available to stream, and download in short chapters. The videos have been encoded in both Wmv, and Mpeg format, with the Wmvs being the highest in quality. This version comes in an encoding rate of 1100kbps, with a nice video size of 720x480. The Mpegs are also a decent watch, these videos are encoded in 900kbps, measuring in at 352x240. The specs may not be overly impressive, but the viewing quality is great, I personally had no problems with how they look.

In addition to the videos, episodes also come with a set of great looking photo content. Each set comes with roughly 160 images each. These look great, as they're very clear, and colorful. For the most part they follow the action of the scenes, but there are a few posing shots thrown in towards the start. The only thing which slightly dragged the quality down, was the fairly average dimensions being 900x600 pixels. But if you aren't too fussy about the size, then you'll definitely appreciate the quality of these pictures.

With the membership, members also get access to all 22 sites on the Reality Kings network. As the network title suggests, this one is exclusively focused on reality sites. Now if you're a big reality fan, chances are you've heard about Reality Kings before, as they're well known for providing some of the best reality content on the net. I've had the pleasure of reviewing many of the sites, and it's safe to say that this is one awesome network, which all reality fans definitely need to check out.

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Once you sign in for the first time you'll be taken to a homepage which looks a little bland. The good news is that this is the old members area, and making your way to the new one is as simple as clicking on the clearly marked link just below the main navigation menu. Once you're on the new members area, you'll find that every thing looks a lot more presentable. Most of the major changes are with the cosmetics of the site, because the members area was working perfectly fine as it was.

Within the homepage you'll come across a whole heap of information. You can keep up to date on the latest uploads, check out what the most popular episodes are amongst the members, and which of the sites are the most popular on the Reality Kings network. The navigation menu provides links to the bonus sites, and a few other extras like exclusive cam girl shows, and third party services like personal ads, and great specials on other porn sites. You'll also notice a drop down menu below the site banner. This contains links to all the bonus sites, a quick, and easy way to access them.

To access the entire archive of episodes you'll have to use the link situated at the very bottom of the homepage. Once clicked on you're presented with a number of indexed pages containing up to 50 episodes each. If you feel the pages are loading too slowly, you have the option of lowering the number of episodes on each page down to 10. This will certainly come in handy for members on slow connections.

All the episodes are organized from newest to oldest, and each one is presented by a single thumbnail featuring a close up of the model's face. Clicking on this thumbnail will direct you to the main content area of the episode. Within this area you'll come across the links to the picture gallery, read a description on what the scene involves, and of course, access the streaming, and download links for the various segments of the episodes.



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Finally a site that is based on first time amateurs, and actually provides genuine amateur models. Definitely expected from a Reality King site I might add. Quality of the media, was pretty decent, not outstanding, but the videos were certainly easy on the eyes. What impressed me most though, was the decent content numbers, frequent updates, and of course all the bonus sites on offer. This site easily gets my recommendation.

Pros & Cons

  • + Nice amount of content
  • + All exclusive episodes
  • + Models look to be genuine amateurs
  • + Still active on updates
  • + Media looks decent
  • + Great new members area
  • + Access to all Reality King sites