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Foxy Jacky 2658 Foxy Jacky Ready your eyes to feast on some tasty eye candy because Foxy Jacky is just oozing of it.
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Foxy Jacky

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Foxy Jacky

Short Review

Ready your eyes to feast on some tasty eye candy because Foxy Jacky is just oozing of it! This beauty of a blonde invites us to her very own official site where we get to witness her pleasure her moist twat, get nice and intimate with other hotties, and enjoy a cock or two. Jacky's site is updated regularly with mouth watering photo shoots and saucy episodes ranging from softcore to all out hardcore romps.

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  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
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Jacky is just one of those broads who was blessed with a cute face like a pixie and an awesomely hot body of a sex minx giving on lookers the best of both worlds. Jackie is quite the petite one at 5'7" and a generous bust of 34C she's the classic blonde, blue eyes, bronzed skin beauty with a perfect body. Unlike most feature girls Foxy Jacky isn't afraid to dabble in some hardcore action, see most feature girl sites only involve the solo model in self masturbation and lesbian episodes some what diminishing the appeal for hardcore fans, Jacky however has gone all out, we'll get to enjoy saucy episodes of her pleasing herself, Jacky getting down and dirty with another hot babe, or Jacky getting her holes drilled by a lucky stud. Knowing this Jacky's site caters for just about all types of porn fans, and being as hot as she is I'm sure she's got quite the fan base.

When it comes to the past updates there's not much information as far as dates go so I can't give you a solid answer on how long the site has been around for. However I can tell you that the site is still active on updates as the last one was uploaded just today on the 6th of Jan '09. Also worth mentioning is the regularity of updates, the last two occurred only two days apart, that being said members won't have to worry about running out of content as there's always something new just around the corner. Jacky's content is organized under three different categories being videos, pictures, and webcam recordings, first off I'll knock down the photo section. There are currently 47 individual photo sets to go through each one has an average of 40 images each which are relatively large at (1000x800 pixels). Quality wise the images look great, they are crisp and the colors are vibrant practically bringing the pictures to life.

So far there are 46 exclusive episodes up for download which run from anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes each, these episodes feature a variety of different sexual situations just like the photo sets do and are by all means extremely arousing. The videos are available to download with no DRM restrictions, they can be downloaded only in full scenes as they do run for a short amount of time to begin with and providing them in short segments would have been redundant. The highest quality videos clock in with a video bit rate of (1000kbps @ 720x480) so they're above average that's for sure, not spectacular though they're definitely decent in their own right.

As an extra Jacky holds live cam shows on a regular schedule, a nice addition as well is that members also have access to 3 of Jacky's friend's sites which also feature some steamy porn, although unlike Jacky's site these sites tend to focus more on softcore content and have left hardcore fucking entirely out of the picture. That's about it as far as content goes on Jacky's site, all in all she's doing quite well for an amateur solo model, here's hoping that Jacky keeps stacking on the content for a long time to come.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

I have to say that the site presentation and layout of Jacky's site certainly does have an amateur feel to it. It's not exactly flashy and the links and graphics used are a little plain, but if you're anything like me and prize simplicity of navigating a site over flashy visuals then you'll have no problems with Jacky's site what so ever as it's just so damn easy to navigate. So first up the tour pages include quite a bit of information on Jacky herself. There's also information on when her next cam show will be held, along with plenty of sample pictures and free trailers taken out from several of her episodes.

Once members have gone through the usual motions of logging in they will immediately be taken to the main members area from where you will be presented with the latest update just below the eye catching top banner. The middle section of the main members area includes all the links for the various sections of Jacky's site including the picture archive, video archive, and other personal features like a section dedicated to information about Jacky, a page which includes information on how to contact the lovely blonde, a Jacky's wishlist, and an online store. At the bottom of Jacky's members area are three banner links, these are the links which will take you straight to the members areas of the various bonus sites members gain free access to.

All 47 picture galleries are displayed on a single page, each gallery is represented via a small thumbnail which features a sample picture from the gallery. A simple click on the thumbnail will take you to the main gallery from where you can proceed to view the photos individually. The video gallery essentially has the same layout, clicking on the thumbnails provided will automatically start to stream the video, if you want to download the video you'll have to right click on the thumbnail and choose the "save link as" option, doing so will prompt you with the download and from there you go through the standard process.

Jacky's site certainly has it's rough edges as far as site presentation goes, but it's good enough for an amateur model. One thing the site does have going for it is that it's so damn easy to make your way through the various sections, I also found the personal touches of the personal statistics area, and the contact information section to be quite interesting as it gives Jacky's members the chance to get to know the lovely model on a personal level. Overall I felt the site could do with a make over, though navigating through the page is so damn simple and in the end that's what counts.



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I wouldn't say it's the best amateur site I've seen around though Jacky is doing quite a decent job. What I was most impressed with was the regularity of updates, also the quality of her content also deserves a well earned thumbs up. Being a down right stunner and providing both softcore and hardcore content I'm sure Jacky will gain many fans. Only a few short comings here including the lack of video options, and lackluster site presentation, other than that it's a pretty decent solo girl site.

Pros & Cons

  • + Regular updates
  • + All exclusive
  • + Content is of decent quality
  • + Hardcore content
  • - Site looks quite dull
  • - Limited video options