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Free Amateur Passport 6520 Free Amateur Passport Free Amateur Passport offers the chance to access a large amateur collection at no cost in exchange for checking out a trial membership of the larger network.
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Free Amateur Passport

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Free Amateur Passport

Short Review

Free Amateur Passport offers the chance to access a large amateur collection at no cost in exchange for checking out a trial membership of the larger network. A lifetime membership here gets you access to a nonexclusive collection of videos and photos covering a wide range of amateur materials in various categories like masturbation, nude selfies, home made blow job tapes, hacked webcam footage, coupled sex tape, and more.

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Inside the members area, I found that there are regular video and photos sections as well as a few different "VIP" video sections with labels like "homemade porn" and "hacked cams." I'm not exactly sure what the differences between the regular stuff and the VIP sections, but my membership seemed to include access to both.

Thematically, there doesn't seem to be much difference between the videos listed in the various movie sections. Some of the videos in the various sections are repeated in the other movie sections, which makes it a little difficult to get a handle on just how many unique flicks there are here. My best guess is that there are probably somewhere around 900 or 1000 individual video files ranging from clips just a few minutes long to full-length scenes of 40 minutes or so. Similarly, some of that photo sets may be repeated in the different photos sections, but I believe there are probably at least 3000 or so unique photo sets available here. There is definitely quite a bit to check out, especially for a site that you can access for free. It looks like they're adding new materials just about every single day. On top of all of this, members can also access some large bonus sections filled with streaming and downloadable DVDs. The DVD section alone would make it worth joining.

As is usually the case on amateur sites like this, these materials appear to be nonexclusive and probably come from a wide variety of sources. While some of what I saw seemed to be more on the professionally shot amateur side of things, there is also quite a bit of stuff that seems pretty authentically homemade. The women here include various races, ages, and body types, although I would say that the breakdowns skews toward white women aged 18 to 30 or so. The materials range from softcore stuff like solo posing and candid videos of things like showers and hair drying to hardcore videos including blow jobs, pussy licking, and sex. A very large portion of what I saw here would be right at home on so-called "solo model sites," but here, you get a large amount of this style of content from a wide variety of models in one place. There are small pockets of content that branch into various fetish categories, pee, BDSM, anal sex, and others, but that makes up a mine minority of what you'll see.

There can be quite a bit of variety in the quality level of the materials here, which is usually the case on this kind of amateur themed site. I found videos available for download at up to 1280 x 720 pixels, 2200 kbps. Others come at smaller sizes. While some of the materials here look better than others, everything was pretty much in line with what I expect from this kind of amateur porn collection.

Nav, Design & Features

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The members area for Free Amateur Passport is a little bit confusing because of the way the video and photo materials are spread across several sections that sometimes seem to repeat the same scenes. The site does offer a menu of categories to choose from, but some of the categories only have five or 10 scenes listed in them even though it would seem that a larger number of scenes across the site might fit the bill. I had similar somewhat helpful, yet still limited, results when I tried out the site keyword search box. A collection does size really could use some additional search and browse options, but it's still pretty nice for something you can access for free.

Options for viewing and accessing the photo materials here are quite nice and include a couple of different resolutions in for viewing in thumbnail galleries, a slideshow option, and ZIP files. When it comes to the videos, download options can vary. While all of the scenes I viewed were available for Flash streaming, download options sometimes included a couple of different quality levels in MP4 and WMV formats while others came only in a single quality level, usually in MP4 format. Download speeds are quite nice and I was able to easily download several videos at the same time.



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While there are certainly some changes I would make with the search and navigation options here, the very low price tag of "free" makes it easy to overlook these kind of shortcomings. The collection is quite large, seems to be growing daily, and features a pretty good variety of amateur hardcore and softcore porn. When you join, you'll automatically be enrolled in a trial membership to a large network of porn, but even if you cancel you can continue to access Free Amateur Passport.

Pros & Cons

  • + Free to join
  • + Daily updates
  • + Lots to see, huge bonus sections
  • - Must cancel network trial to avoid being billed
  • - Could use more scene info and browsing options