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Geek Girls Online 2322 Geek Girls Online Geek Girls Online is certainly one of the more unique sites I have come across in quite some time.
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Geek Girls Online

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Geek Girls Online

Short Review

Geek Girls Online is certainly one of the more unique sites I have come across in quite some time. Members who have a certain soft spot for girls with glasses and ladies who don't mind playing a bit of dungeons and dragons now and then will certainly eat the geeky models right up. Geek online is heavily based on picture content there's not much in the form of video content but at least the photos are damn excellent and the niche is some thing out of the ordinary.

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I'm sure every body knows at least one geek chick. You know the one, they usually wear glasses can't last a conversation with out mentioning the lvl 10 elf mage they've worked years on to make the ultimate warrior. As conserved and geeky as they look you would think that geeky girls would probably pass out at the mere presence of cock but it seems as though we have these nerdy girls all wrong because they can be just as much as a cock tease and every bit as horny as the preppy popular girl. It looks as though Geek Girls has been around since the 12th of October closing in on a year of being live.

Still going strong as far as updates go with a new set of photos being uploaded every 5 to 7 days that includes photos and some video content. Which may not seem like a massive amount but in all respect the episodes are 100% exclusive to the site meaning you won't be able to find the unique content on this site any where else on the net. In total there are 33 geeky girls showing off their goods, I should state that not all the girls are for every one as some of them look a little homely to me however they've all got that geeky look whether they be wearing glasses, braces or playing around with geeky items like books, game controllers and basically just looking their part and I'm sure that's exactly what you geek fans were after.

So the photo galleries come with an approximate total of 50 images each. The poses which the models pose in are of very softcore nature though you will still being a few pussy spreads here and there to give them that extra ball busting edge. Seeing as Geek Girl Online is a photo based site it came to no surprise that the picture content is immaculate. The pictures are decently clear and are also relatively large some of the photos are of amateur standards by that I mean there's no professional lighting and the girls aren't done up to the fuck with make up and what not but at least I can say that the geeky girls are actual natural beauties.

Well there's not much else to say about the content on Geek Girl online as it isn't the biggest site around. However where this site does stick out amongst the rest would certainly have to be the unique niche the content covers I mean I have yet to come across a site which exclusively stars geeky girls so big credits to the developers for trying out something new rather than bombarded the net with the type of adult content we see day in day out.

Nav, Design & Features

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I have to say that the interface of Geek Girls online is very very basic, so simple in fact I don't have much to work with as far as writing goes but any way let me take a shot at it. The tour pages for Geek Girl is essentially the main members area of the site, you can browse through the content there is on offer though you can't actually enter the picture galleries because that privileged is obviously left for the members of the site.

To check out the featured content you will have to utilize the link within the navigation menu on the members area marked as Geek Girls. This will take you to a section which includes 35 thumbnails each one featuring a picture of the geek chick. On clicking the thumbnail you will be taken to that particular model's main page where you can access the various photo shoots she stars in. From there you will be presented with the various photo galleries which are represented in those dungeons and dragons type cards which really gives the site some character. Clicking on these thumbnails will open up the gallery and from there you can view the pictures through a flash viewer.

The Geekzine is pretty much like a computer games magazine however it includes pornography starring the cute Geek chicks that star on the site. There are some discussions about video games and what's new in the world of Geek, there's information on what games some of the Geek Girls play and a whole heap of other interesting stuff. The Geekzine looks to be updated twice a month with new things for fans of all things geek may find quite useful.

Other than that there's the forum where you can communicate with some of the Geek Girls, chat all things geek with other geek members and basically mingle online with other geek fans. The presentation of the site is also worth mentioning as it does look quite nice and the set up makes the site look very clean. So looking back the content is easy to access, the site looks great, and all the little extras give the site much character a big thumbs up on my end.



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Well Geek Girls does have it's rough edges and with very little video content this is a site I can't recommend to those of you who heavily rely on video content to keep them pleased. However the unique niche the great photos and the attractive Geek Girls will certainly be quite alluring to those of you who have a sweet tooth for nerdy girls. Great photos and great niche all they need now would be a few videos and the site will be geek heaven.

Pros & Cons

  • + Unique niche
  • + Great photo content
  • + Site is very easy to use
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Site has plenty of character
  • + Good site presentation
  • - Could do with more videos