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Girlfriend Orgasms 5962 Girlfriend Orgasms Here's a site that's going to blow your load, particularly if you love your girls amateur, natural and loud.
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Girlfriend Orgasms

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Girlfriend Orgasms

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Here's a site that's going to blow your load, particularly if you love your girls amateur, natural and loud. Girlfriend Orgasms is all about self-submit and homemade porn and it is just one site in a network of 20 where all the content is the same; well, similar. There are all kinds of girls in here and you've got more than just solo women working themselves to orgasm and squirting. You will find couples, hardcore, lesbians and all in streams and downloads.

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The first thing to note about the content here is that it is homemade style and so the quality is not going to be fantastic. Not all of the time, at least. These clips were taken on ordinary peoples home cams and phones so you won't get HD movies. But you will get 100% amateur looking shoots (excuse the pun) from girls who knew they were being filmed. Whether they knew their clips would then end up on a site like this is a different matter and, as far as I can make out, this content has come from all over the web. Its not exclusive but then nor was it meant to be seen by anyone other than the folk who made it.

So, voyeuristic, amateur, homemade and natural, exactly how many of these clips are there? When I called in recently there were 1,668 clips running for one minute up to 15 minutes or more, the runtimes do vary. There were also updates coming along every couple of days and there had even been one made on the morning of my visit. You log in and find the recent updates from all of the sites in the network, and then you select your site from a drop-down list at the top, or from the icons that you will see. The page changes subtly and you can then click to the movies area to see your stock.

Because this content is kind of mixed, you could simply start on the original home page and watch everything that the network has on offer. The content at Girlfriend Orgasms is not always about girls squirting. It is mixed up with all kinds of other hardcore and toy play, solo and lesbian stuff, which is nice. And, as you also have this kind of mixed content in the thousands of other clips; you're really getting a good and varied deal when you sign up.

Simply search the index pages and find a clip you want to see then click in to the viewing page. These are basic; there is one stream in whatever quality you get given, and there is one download. These were middle of the road, not too high quality clips for reasons stated above. But they are quick to buffer and download so they are fine for even slow connections. You can also collect as many as you like.

Then click to e photos area and you find 1,365 image sets. For some reason the images are often a much better quality than the videos, maybe people just have better stills cameras than they do video cameras. You've got thousands of pics to see here with each gallery holding a different number of images. Some are of one girl showing her pussy, opening up, masturbating and squirting, while others are a mix of girls doing exactly the same thing. The focus stays on the pussies and the fingering and toys and you get all the stills action you were hoping for.

Its a good stock of all amateur content here though the quality can sometimes be a bit rough. For extra content you not only have the other sites within his AmaLand network (which are more like areas than sites as they all open in the same window, work in the same way and have the same kind of content) but you then have a DVD theatre where you can stream and download hundreds of professionally made studio scenes in all kinds of genres. This extra is like a whole new site and worth the signup fee on its own.

Nav, Design & Features

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As you browse around the sites and network here you get to understand that you have all kinds of search and sort options. If you are looking for something specific you can use the detailed search page and really hone down into exactly what you like to see. There are also category lists and you can filter the categories further by Videos and Galleries. Or you can just throw in a search term into the search engine and see what gets thrown back at you. Index pages can also be rearranged if you are into doing that, and the whole thing is very easy to browse through.

The top menu stays with you even when you change sites so you can easily get home, or to another area, or another site. The design is kind of template led and we've seen this template in use in many other sites. Although that means it's not particularly original, apart from the various colour schemes, it also means it is tried and tested and we know it works well.

What doesn't work so well are the adverts for other sites, one of which has invaded what model index there might have been. And there is very little information about the clips or the girls; understandably, when the content comes from 101 other sites around the web. But there are some interactive options, you can rate content and add your comments and there is a place where you can add your favourite clips and pics to a certain area and come back to them later. Girlfriend Orgasms and the network it sits in have all the basic function you need to enhance your visit.



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Perfect for real amateur girls in hardcore and solo sex sessions, squirting ladies and toy play action, Girlfriend Orgasm has thousands of clips and thousands of images for you, plus a great DVD theatre extra and it is updating all the time. On top of that it is part of a larger network with even more real, home-shot amateur footage and galleries. Its not a huge price for what you get and you sure get a lot of it, and all natural too.

Pros & Cons

  • + Masses of content
  • + Lots of variety
  • + Good search and sort options
  • + Interactive
  • + Updates
  • + All amateur
  • - No information
  • - Varied quality