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Home Grown Creampies 6058 Home Grown Creampies This site is a way in to a good and big horny old network, but it is a path that is a bit disappointing to follow.
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Home Grown Creampies

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Home Grown Creampies

Short Review

This site is a way in to a good and big horny old network, but it is a path that is a bit disappointing to follow. However, when you are inside and into the network, rather than Homegrown Creampies itself, you are in for a treat. And along the way you will find some 400 + amateur style creampie scenes with hot chicks and pumping cocks, pus downloads and streams, some photos and some interactive functions as well so you can meet other members.

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  • Quality: 0/15
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My main issue with this site (and the others in the Homegrown series) is that design. Ill expand more on that later, and remember to keep that network access as the light at the end of the tunnel and you will do fine with a membership to this site.

You start off at a home page were the main video content is listed beneath some recommendations; from there you can then go off to browse the many index pages and find 440 galleries and videos. The videos and galleries are mixed up together when you start at the homepage; for galleries only you have the photos area and for videos only you need to go to the Latest Videos page. Here there were 352 videos here.

Each one is shown on the index pages with a sample pic and a title, there are also members' rates there. Click the one you want to see and you are in to the viewing page. Here you find three choices of Flash stream and usually three of WMV download, in more recent times there have also been Mp4 downloads to take. The resolutions I found were what Id call mid-range and went up to 2,000 kbps @ 640 x 480. That was also about the largest screen size I found for both streams and downloads, through there are smaller ones, say at 320 x 240 which means they should play neatly on mobile devices.

The quality was a bit rough at times I thought. The company film amateur girls and couples and make studio porn movies, but they do it in an amateur, home-shot kind of way. You will find some chats and interviews before things start and some roving camerawork, unlike true home style porn where there is often one static camera. So, in that respect things are fine, but the visual quality wasn't so good and full screen was never really an option. Of course, I didn't see every single video and I am not saying they are bad, but with amateur home-style shooting you can't expect sparkling HD filming.

Videos come with a description beneath them by way of an introduction, and the thing I though was good was the way the girl or couple got interviewed before things started. They may only be short chats but they set up the scene nicely.

For photos, go to the Photos area and you find similar looking index pages with 83 photo sets available. Numbers are mixed, as is the quality, but the action stays the same.

And is there enough creampie action for you? Well, yes. There is loads of all kinds of other hot hardcore along the way too. That's the nice thing about creampies, they tend to come at the end of a heavy fuck or suck session so you have loads of load-blowing stuff to watch before he blows his load (and you yours) across her ass, or tits, or face. Or even, from time to time, in her mouth. Yes, you get plenty of hardcore here in the videos, it's just not always the best quality.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

The problem I had with the site was the design. It looks a bit worn out and old fashioned, but that's ok, but it is very, very clunky. I found that index pages to up to three minutes t load and that really started to get frustrating. Clicking back to in index page from a video took forever so you are always hanging around. (And it wasn't my connection, I tested it.)

You are able to search the content using a keyword search, or by the various ways the pages can be arranged, and by the headings in the menu; Latest, Highest Rated, Most Viewed. There are also interactive options for you such as a comments facility and rates; there is a favourites function so you can build up your own store of pics and vids, but image galleries open with one image at a time, from their thumbnails, so that's also pretty cumbersome.

But, and here's the BUT! Head to the bonus network, using your current access details, and you have over 2,700 hot movies from the same company to view, in fact this is where the best part of your membership lies and this network or collection is well worth your sign-up fee on its own. It runs smoothly and well, the quality is fine, there are good viewing and interactive options and this is the site you are really signing up for.



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So, see Homegrown Creampies as a way into a hot and sizzling network of good, amateur style porn. The site itself is very slow and clunky and doesn't look very good, the videos are low amateur quality but there are lots of them, the photos too, and you can get involved in some interactive and fun things, but the network access is really what you are after. For that, you get good value and it makes for a very reasonable sign up for a lot of good stuff.

Pros & Cons

  • + Access to a good network that is modern and smooth
  • + Amateur creampie action as promised
  • + A good amount of videos and photos
  • + Interactive options
  • - Very slow to load pages
  • - Varied quality