Hot Military Girls
Hot Military Girls 7105 Hot Military Girls Hot Military Girls is a new site where you can get involved. In Fact, the more you do get involved, the better things will be as this is a file sharing members' area.
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Hot Military Girls

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Hot Military Girls

Short Review

Hot Military Girls is a new site where you can get involved. In Fact, the more you do get involved, the better things will be as this is a file sharing members' area. Upload your hot videos and pics, share them with other members, get involved in the forums and check out everyone's details. You will find some videos here already uploaded and a few galleries, plenty of discussions and all kinds of girls who are either forces, ex-forces or fans.

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Now then, I will have to put my hands up here. Not because there's a gun pointing at me, held by some horny, slinky, sexy and tough military lady, but because I am a little confused. I've been looking around the site now and trying to find information for you but got myself a bit lost. It's taken me a while but I think I am now getting used to the site and so this is what I've found:

I checked into the members' area and came across the home page, which was the same as the tour home page. The top menu told me to log in and below this was a note saying I already had logged in - and I had, or at least I thought I had. I then found 98 videos and four galleries to looks at - and a load of other things which I will get to in a moment. I checked some other reviews and found that colleagues were reporting over 10,000 videos. So, where were they? Click Galleries and a new tab appears with a link to videos and photos, and here I found my limited number (98 videos), but the page I had been on held all kinds of forum threads and posts, and I wondered if the extra videos that others had found would be here.

I found a blog style area called Articles, and there are certainly loads of pics here that would seem to be military girls. That is, girls in combats and uniforms, fit and trim, and looking like soldiers and the like. This looked like a good area to scroll down through, and you will find loads of posts and pics on it. The link in the menu to 'Recent' took me to more images of girls posing and showing off in and out of combats, and there was a load of them here. There were also two areas/categories to find from here, but they led me to the forum and a place to start a new thread.

I then discovered that the Galleries area of this part of the site was also about the forum and I suspect that within it, lie the thousands of pics and videos that I had been told I would find. I clicked a few links and then found lots of threads and discussions from members that no doubt contained some good images as well.

But I struck gold when I clicked the Video link, and here I found my 98 movies set out in a much more usual way; easy to find, and simply click to find the streaming page. These clips (as they were not very long) looked like they had been taken by members and sent into the site. They were sometimes small and a bit blurred but always sexy in some way. Girls posing, close-ups of a guy fucking a pussy (could have been anyone) and tattooed girls masturbating at home. They didn't always have a military ring to them, but at least I was able to find them. There were still not 10,000 of them, though, even though that's the number I have gone with n my content count; I have relied on the judgement of other reviewers there, as they were probably not as confused as me. These were, however, exclusive Hot Military Girls videos as sent in by members and the site has a strict policy of not accepting anything they see anywhere else, so, if you are going to submit content, make sure it's yours and original.

The images I found, four sets in this one area, were also varied and homemade looking in style. Between them, the four photo areas held seven images, so I guess this is a new area. As you can see, I was a bit confused as to exactly where the content lay, and it was a job to find it.

Nav, Design & Features

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The whole set up at Hot Military Girls is like a forum but with a couple of extra areas that open in new tabs. Actually, a lot of things opened in new tabs and after half an hour on the site, I had nine open, for some reason. I felt the navigation could be greatly improved, with some way of finding the images and videos more easily. It was rather confusing to start with; perhaps that's to deter the enemy. But after a while, I kind of got the hang of it and realised that it's more about sharing than it is about simply viewing videos.

This is a place for members to get involved with each other, discuss military babes, share pics and videos on threads and in forums and then generally hang out with the blog. In that respect, it works brilliantly and is very unique. But they could explain this a bit more on the tour which was really only one page and one image. They could also do with joining the site together so that we don't end up with multiple tabs open, I am up to 15 open now - each time I hit home, a new tab opens.

But, on the plus side, the sign-up prices are a steal. Well, the monthly one showed up at $12.20 recurring on the other reviews I checked with, but as 34.86 recurring (Euros note, and much higher) and there was also a one-off payment to see you through the rest of your life at 138.50, with no need to pay anything else ever again.



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I have to admit I came away from Hot Military Girls with my head thumping a bit. Apart from the time it took to open and close all those tabs, I was still unsure as to exactly what the site was. Navigation needs work, and we need an explanation of how to use the site. There is an excellent forum, and members do get very involved if they want, and it's is 100% on theme and encourages you to join in its community of like-minded, military babe worshiping guys and gals, so you're going to be fine.

Pros & Cons

  • + Great community site
  • + Exclusive content
  • + Members can submit content
  • + Discussions and threads
  • - Confused over sign-up prices
  • - No detailed instructions; left me confused
  • - Navigation needs work