Jake Busts Nuts
Jake Busts Nuts 175 Jake Busts Nuts At first I was unsure whether this site was a gay site or not, I mean with a site name like Jake Busts Nuts you can't really blame me for thinking so, anyway this site is all about Jake finding some h
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Jake Busts Nuts

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Jake Busts Nuts

Short Review

At first I was unsure whether this site was a gay site or not, I mean with a site name like Jake Busts Nuts you can't really blame me for thinking so, anyway this site is all about Jake finding some horny chicks in the mood for some good hard lovin. Sit back and watch Jake plough these amateur chicks in every way possible, come check this site out if you don't mind a bit of amateur action.

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To be honest I wasn't quite sure on what kind of porn this site had to offer, like I said in my short review I thought it was going to be a gay site, but arriving at the tour page I was greeted with some very hot looking women, which was a dead give away that it's not a gay site. The content on this site is actually amateur porn where the leading man Jake goes around town looking for an easy root from girls who'd do just about anything for some cash. I'd have to say that the girls starring in their videos are quite attractive for amateur chicks.

Anyway you'll find that the scenes on this site are your standard hardcore one on one porno, which I suppose is a good contrast to the other sites on the SEG network, as most of the sites tend to revolve around crazy fetishes like, fisting, pissing, bondage and many other crazy niches which are certainly not for the faint of heart. Currently there are 60 movies full of hardcore amateur fucking, which run for around 30 minutes each. All the videos are available in wmv and mov formats and the scenes have been cut into shorter equally sized clips in order to keep the file sizes down for their customers that are still on dial up. The quality of the videos slightly differ from scene to scene, but from what I've seen they're generally quite good, there are a couple of scenes that I wouldn't dare watching through a full screen due to the fact that it looks as though someone has smeared sex jelly over the camera lens, watching them through a smaller screen should fix up the blurriness a little, keep in mind that this is the case with only a few of their videos as most of them don't have this issue.

You'll be glad to know that the Jake Busts Nuts videos are only a small portion of the video content to be seen on this site, thats right members are treated to hundreds of bonus vids and all of the videos that can be found on the other sites that are on the SEG network cause the password members acquire on sign up allow them full access to their collection of sites. Needless to say there is a shit load of porn to go through because the SEG network is quite extensive. But don't forget that the other sites on this network are a little more extreme than what you'll find on this site and whether or not your up for it is up to you.

All of the featured videos on this site each come with a picture gallery, these galleries consist of video captures taken from the video file of the scene, I must say that they don't look to bad considering they're vidcaps they may be a little grainy but nothing too serious and sure you'll find the occasional blur or two but the media team have done a good job in keeping this to a minimum. It's a good thing that they decided to treat members with some bonus picture galleries with proper high quality still shots, cause like myself I'm sure that a lot of people tend to stay away from video captures.

There's certainly a lot of featured and bonus content on this site to keep members entertained for quite some time and even if they do some how manage to get through all of that porn, there are always those other crazy sites on the SEG network to check out.

Nav, Design & Features

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The first thing I noticed the instant the home page finished loading were the huge black borders on both sides of the page, you won't notice them in the screenshots I took of the site cause I cropped these out, but no they're huge and in my opinion a huge waste of space, cause you'll find that everything seems to be focused towards the center of the site making the site look a little cluttered. The dev team have opted for a dark color scheme with black as the main color and pink used for highlights.

You'll find the navigation menu bar on the left hand side of the home page, this menu obviously allows you to browse the different sections of the site. Just below the navigation bar you'll notice several thumbnails linked to all the different sites on the SEG network, clicking on one of these links will automatically take you to that particular site's home page which I found very very convenient, cause I've noticed that with other networks you are usually taken to the login screen of a site where you have to re-enter your user name and password, which ended up being very annoying, but transitions between sites on this network are pretty much instantaneous which is exactly how things should be.

Members can read up on information regarding the updates for the SEG network on the home page. The first thing you'll come across on this page is the link to their latest addition to their collection of weird and wonderful sites, at the moment their latest site is French Fisting which is obviously based around french chicks getting fisted. Just below this you'll notice a drop down menu which includes the update schedule for the network, which spans over the whole month so members can keep up to date with the newest videos and pics. Judging by their update dates it seems as though they update fairly frequently as they add a new movie to one of their sites every few days. Scrolling further down the homepage you'll come across SEG members favorite scenes, galleries and sites, this is a good feature to keep new customers informed on which sites and videos to look out for.

All the featured media on this site can be found in the models section. This section basically consists of numerous thumbnails which are linked and represent the scene. These thumbnails are video captures of the scene so you can pretty much tell what the quality of the video is going to be like just by viewing these thumbnails. Clicking on one of these thumbnails should automatically take you to that particular scene's video downloads page, from this page you can choose to stream the videos straight off the site or download them straight to your hard drive. You'll also find the picture gallery link for the scene on this page which is situated just above the video download links.

The bonus videos and picture sections pretty much have the same layout as the models section and they're pretty self explanatory anyway so I won't bother writing too much about them cause I do have a limited amount of space for my reviews. Anyway to round things up the site works quite well and what impressed me most was being able to go straight to the home page of another site without having to re-enter your user name and password on the log in screen.



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Well there's a good amount of great amateur content for members to enjoy not to mention that there are hundreds of other bonus vids and pics to go through and once members are well and done with them they can always check out all of those other crazy kinky sites on the SEG network, it's a great deal for those of you who like crazy sex.

Pros & Cons

  • + Good amount of featured content
  • + Loads of bonus content
  • + Access to various sites
  • - Featured pics are vidcaps